Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 58 (v.1) - More heartache

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Submitted: February 05, 2014



............ I wrapped my arms round myself as we watched Niko and Dimitri get into a cab, Chad rested his hands on my shoulders and rubbed them.


“You’re one hell of a person Christine Sommers” he sighed “I don’t think I could be that good to someone that’s hurt me as much as he has with you” I smiled and lent back into him for a moment


“I bet you wouldn’t turn away your Ex” I looked at him


“I would and I have” he shrugged, letting go of me and pushing his hands into his pockets as got off the tour bus and we walked back inside. ‘You can hurt me once, but never come back and try to do it again” he looked across at me “hard faced I know but it’s the way I am”


“Better not piss you off then” I teased pushing him a little


“You know,  I think you could get away with pissing me off and I’d still be there” he broke out into a huge grin “ kinda like when my mom pisses me off” he laughed


“Oh Great…. I remind you of your mother” I groaned pushing open the dressing room door “I’m a sexy youg woman” I laughed wiggling my hips “and you compare me to your Mom what is she about ninety”


“Hey she’s not that old” he laughed


“You are” I ducked behind Lukas and poked my tongue out at Chad


“Children stop it” Lukas moaned “manage to get a gift” Chad and I looked at each other both looking like kids caught stealing cookies


“Er… we… er” I stumbled


“No we didn’t” Chad said quickly “So my turn on rock band” he turned on his heel and picked up a guitar, Pete walked over to me


“Are you and he…? you know”


“No” I laughed “I went to see Dimitri and Chad came with me” I pulled him aside


“You went to talk to him, Chris are you stupid?” Pete held out his arms


“He didn’t know about Reba. Elena took him away when she found out and she threatened Niko that he would live in Russia as well if he told his brother” I looked at Pete “Dmitri’s a mess over this”


“ And you weren’t a mess…. do you think he gave two flying fucks about your feelings when he was screwing her” Pete shook his head “Stop being so nice Chris… we love you, but seeing people walking over you is killing us”


“They’re not anymore” I felt my lip quiver “I swear to you, I’m cutting people from my life” he narrowed his eyes and put his hands on his hips


“Who did you call before going to bed last night?”


“My dad… all I got was the answer machine… when you guys go home I’ll be staying at a hotel” I said quietly, Pete dropped the defensiveness and it was replaced with worry


‘You can stay with any of us you don’t need to do that”  He shook his head “All of our parents love you”


“None of you has seen your family for almost six weeks and I guess you’ll all be having some sort of Christmas deal… I’ll see Jess it’ll be okay” I smiled at him, he sighed “you think I can get a hug?”


“Sure” he nodded pulling me to him “We’re as good as family you know that?”


“I know, but I’m not going to intrude and anyway I’m going to give myself a gift”


“What?” he laughed letting go of me


“Something I’ve dreamt of since hearing it” I patted his cheek “Hey Lukas can I borrow your Laptop?”


“Sure as long as you don’t go changing the screen saver for one of someone’s ass again” he sighed “I still want to know who it was”


“Kellan’s ass” Mike called out


“How did you get a photo of Kellan’s ass?” Chad laughed looking at him “Do I have to tell Mom you’ve been experimenting again only this time it’s not pot”


“Shut up” Mike swatted his brother “Blame Chris” he looked at me


“What did I do?” I looked at him


 “You sort of sent a picture of his ass to me as well as Miranda and Heidi” I groaned and flushed beet red


“Please don’t send it to anyone else” I begged “you didn’t get the other one as well did you, because I swear I didn’t send it”


“No just the one of his ass and I really don’t think I need to see the other one” Mike pulled a face; I walked out of the room with the laptop and went and sat on the stage leaning against the drummer riser. My phone vibrated in my pocket, I smiled as I saw the picture on the screen


Me * hey Jess

Jess * hey

Me *  how was school?

Jess * good… Why did you yell at Daddy?


She didn’t sound happy at all



Me * I didn’t

Jess * I heard you shout at him, I heard the message on the machine


Oh god that had been the last thing I wanted. I put the laptop down and pinched the bridge of my nose


Me * Jess, I’ll explain one day I promise, but right now you won’t understand

Jess * I’m not a baby Chris


She yelled it at me and it hurt to hear


Me * I know that, but sometimes adults have to keep things to themselves for a while

Jess * Daddy’s gone to work away for the week… I’m stopping with Xander

Me * you’ll have fun with Aunt Marie

Jess * Chris I don’t’ want to live with Dad anymore he doesn’t come home from Wednesday till Sunday and when he does he’s too busy with football stuff to take me to cheer practice and dance and swimming


Oh that hurt more than when she yelled at me, the same pattern was happening as when I was little, work take precedent over us


Me * Oh honey I’m sorry… I should be there

Jess * no you’re a star… and I’m sorry for yelling at you… I love my sister is a star none of the kids pick on my anymore

Me * Oh Jess

Jess * I don’t think Mom and Dad love us anymore Chris


I wanted to cry for her right now


Me * they do they just don’t show it very well.

Jess * did you have a baby?

Me * What?

Jess * I heard Dad talking to Aunt Marie and say you were pregnant… and that means you’re having a baby right?

Me * No I didn’t have one, but that’s why we don’t talk to Arron anymore

Jess * when can I come and see you again?

Me * Spring break… Heidi’s coming out here so I’ll ask her if she can bring you with her

Jess * will you talk to Daddy and see if I can live with Aunt Marie

Me * I’ll talk to Aunt Marie okay

Jess * Okay you still can’t come here for Christmas

Me * No sweetie I can’t

Jess * okay… I love you and I miss you

Me * I love you too


The phone went dead


“Here you are” Alfie sat next to me “We have a sulking rock band back there” he laughed “We wiped the floor with them with their own songs…” he trailed off “What?”


“My sister doesn’t want to live at home anymore because she thinks our parents don’t love us” I looked at him “What can I do?” I tipped my head back and forced the tears back


“I don’t know she could come with us we have the tutor” he suggested I shook my head


“I can’t drag an eight year old round with us come. It’s rough on us the traveling and the hours the constant go, go, go” I ran my fingers through my hair “God” I lay down and put my arms behind my head and looked up to the rigging over the stage  “Talk about a damn roller coaster ride”……….


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