Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 59 (v.1) - Marines and friends

Submitted: February 05, 2014

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Submitted: February 05, 2014



................ “Okay I don’t know how the hell you do it” I laughed as I was helped into a Kevlar vest “these things are heavy”


“You get used to them Ma’am” the Marine laughed as he fastened me up “There”


“Looking hot Chris, like that can be the next magazine shoot” Lukas laughed


“Thanks” I smiled “So where are we going?” I looked at the Marine, now helping Alfie


“To the place you’ll be performing at tonight” he smiled “There’s a lot of Guys that are dying to meet you… Ma’am”


“Okay I love the politeness but it’s Chris” I held out my hands


“Yes Ma’am” he smirked “Ryder said you we’re normal not stuck up” I looked at him


“Ryder… Ryder” Damn what was his last name “Tanner” I blurted out Pete looked at me


You remembered that one” Pete laughed


“Yes Ma’am” the Marine nodded ignoring what Pete had said “He was a class above me in boot camp my sister and his are good friends”


“So what’s your Name Marine?” Chad asked walking over I tried not to laugh at him in the Kevlar


“Marek… Marek Parker Sir”


‘Okay now I feel old” Chad groaned


“You are dude” Kerion chuckled walking behind him and Alfie high fived him


“Sorry My Momma raised me to respect people” Marek smiled “the Sir and Ma’am thing is something that I do without thinking”


“Parker… ready to roll” Another Marine put his head round the door Marek straightened up


“Yes Sir Gunny” He nodded “Ma’am this way” I walked out after him


“We can’t take her anywhere without her getting hit on” Mike groaned


“True” Ryan agreed “But it is funny watching guys round her… especially a certain one we could…”


“You two are warped” Chad shook his head as he moved around Ryan and got in the Humvee. We traveled for at least an hour before stopping at a camp, there was a stage set up surrounded by tanks, humvees and sand bags


“Wow gives Kuwait a whole different feel” Alfie whistled as we got out


“This is an active warzone Sir” Marek said looking at him “But we’re far enough from the front line to be okay” he added quickly


“Good to Know” Dan sighed walking past us “Oooo I smell food”


“God you and your stomach” I moaned “I’ve never seen someone eat as much as you and I know some real hogs” I laughed


“Well you guys can eat with some of the troops if you like” A tall older Marine walked over “I’m Col Richardson… Phillip” He offered his hand to Lukas first  “Welcome to hell” he smiled “Thank you Marine” he looked at Marek who saluted him before walking away “If you’d like to follow me we have something that at least tries to pass for coffee”


“Oh heaven” I blurted out he looked at me and smiled, He opened the door to the noise filled mess tent


“Marines” He shouted above the noise everything went quiet “Thank you ladies and Gentlemen, we have guests for dinner tonight” All eyes were on us and smiles and were beginning to spread over faces “I don’t have to ask you to remember who you are and how to behave” he laughed


“Wow he’s a bit different from the last Col we met” Pete whispered to me


“Yeah not as cute” I smirked


“She’s a sex crazed woman” Kerion threw up his arms and rolled his eyes making the guys look at him


“No I’m not… I just like to window shop, it doesn’t mean I’m going to buy” I laughed “And come on, I think I should get to look at more guys then just you eight”


‘Okay… ego just took a real digger there” Chad groaned and hung his head


“I’m ignoring you” I laughed as I squeezed his arm; we were shown to some seats. Chad and I were sitting on a table with a bunch of guys Mike and Alfie across the table from us.

“Oh high five on getting this table” A Marine laughed to his friend “Dude we get Christine Sommers” he nudged to a guy behind him.


“And again watch for the numbers” Chad whispered to me making me snort water down my nose “Classy” he burst out laughing “See she’s just a normal girl” Chad looked round


‘I think, they’re nervous” I smiled wiping my face looking at the faces in awe when he spoke “You guys have to realize something” I said leaning on the table “Chad’s really bad at rock band”


“Hey” Chad looked at me


‘What, you are horrendous even at your own stuff” There was a ripple of laughter across the table and people started to relax “And admittedly Ryan is worse but still”


“You snore” he fired back


“How do you know?” I looked at him


“Ahhh baby come on” he smiled as he ran his fingers down the side of my face, my breath caught in my throat, it must be the desert dust


“Okay… will you guys knock it off” Alfie grinned “and Chris you do snore”


“No she doesn’t…” we all looked at a Marine leaning back in his chair across the table from us, I tipped my head


“Christine something you’re not telling us?” Mike laughed


“I don’t know…” I looked at the Marine there was something really familiar about him, but I just couldn’t work it out.


“Well actually, I don’t know if you slept” he laughed “I forgot to ask” I was lost and drawing a real blank


“I’m sorry” I shook my head the entire mess was silent and listening


“All I’m going to say is my little brother knows how to pick girls” he thumbed his chin making the light bulb glow


‘Oh my god” I got up “I have to give you something”


“Okay are you lost?” Mike looked from Alfie to Chad and back again “Because I’m really not following this”


“Oh yeah lost without a GPS” Alfie watched as I walked round the table and the Marine got to his feet. I put my arms round him and hugged him tightly. He put his arms round me and hugged me back


“I can’t believe, I’ve got to meet you” I grinned “Your brother told me to tell you he loves you and something about he’s still the beer pong champ and he’s working hard to get off for when you get home” he threw back his head and started to laugh


‘Yeah he can dream on he’s not good at beer pong… and I’ve seen the pictures from the photo shoot he ain’t working that hard… But nice to meet you as well” there was a cough I looked round.


“Sorry guys, this is Kellan’s brother” I explained


“Okay so how come you get a real job and he gets to walk around in his underwear?” Dan laughed


“He’s good at it” I said quickly as a female marine at the table nodded in agreement “See” I high fived her


“He’s got his job he loves and I have mine” his brother nodded “I’m still proud of him and come on I have to bunk with 15 other guys he gets to sleep next to her” he pointed at me, I felt my cheeks redden and there was some mutterings from some of the guys at the tables


“Okay you do know I haven’t seen him for 2 weeks and we’re friends?” I asked


‘With benefits” Lukas called across the tent


“Best sort when it’s Kellan” the female Marine laughed “Hell he’s hot” I opened my mouth to say something


‘Chris, I shouldn’t you’ll say the wrong thing” Ryan laughed. I walked back to my seat and sat down the conversation flowing easily across the table now…………

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