Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Something is going on

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014




……………………… I showered and pulled on jeans and a t-shirt I pulled the brush through my hair and walked out in to the dressing room. I smiled at the sight in front of me at the guy’s all talking on their phones excitedly telling family how it had gone for us. I picked up My phone and dialed Dimi.


Dimi * ??, ??. (hey you)

Me * hi

Dimi * so come on we’re all here and we’re all dying to know how did it go?
Me * amazing the only thing missing was you guys being here. And thank  you for the flowers they were amazing

Dimi * What flowe…


There was a slap and some muttering in the background making me smile and realize it was all down to Miranda and Heidi the guys were still really on the caveman level where gestures like flowers were concerned


Dimi * school sucks when you’re not here it was rough today everyone knows you were doing your first show and kept asking me about it.

Me * I’m sorry… You’re Mom told me you’re going to fly out here next week

Dimi * well that was the plan but my grades have slipped and I can’t miss school.


Okay why was it sounding like he was making excuses


Me * you’re kidding right?

Dimi * come on Chris I had to take time out when you were in trouble in Wisconsin and I’m struggling to catch up

Me * why didn’t you say some thing

Dimi * because the last thing you need to be worried about is my grades when you’re out there

Me * no but ever think that seeing you is what I want

Dimi * Chris let’s not fight

Me * I’m not fighting… I’m just… I’ll call you in the morning… I love you

Dimi * yeah you too


I hung up the phone and pushed it onto the counter and rubbed my neck the chatter around me was like Charlie Browns teacher with the WAWAWA kinda drone


"Okay you should be on top of the world right now” Kerion threw an M&M at me letting it bounce off of my head


“I’m fine” I shook my head and chewed my lip


“Liar” Alfie looked up and tipped his head “What’s Dimi said or done now?”


“Why do you think it’s him?” I snapped a little defensively

“We know him remember” Pete held out his hands, I pushed off the counter I was leaning against and walked to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water


“His grades are heading for the toilet right now with the school he’s missed chasing me to Wisconsin what Arron did.  I thought he was going to come and visit next week but now…”


“Well he’ll have to work his ass off to get his grades back up maybe stop being such a jock and put his nose in his books for once might work” Pete looked at me and shrugged


 “Chris please don’t even think of giving this up to run back to Florida” Kerion walked over to me “It’s your big shot hell it’s our big shot”


“I’m not this is my dream… our dream...” I smiled at him as best as I could “I know it sounds selfish but he’s either on board or he’s not” I was angry with Dimitri, yes I was grateful that he had come to Wisconsin after what happened with Arron but using it as a way to blame someone other than himself for his grades dropping felt a little wrong to me. I didn’t ask for Arron to do what he did.


Silence fell on the room as we all went into our own thoughts of the night and how it had played out, the sounds of Nickleback doing what they did filtering through the walls let us know it wasn’t a dream. The door opened and Lukas walked in with Elena behind him


“So how you all feeling?” He said looking around at us and clapping his hands together


“I don’t know” Alfie looked at him “It’s surreal”


“Let’s see if you guys will be thinking that after the European leg of the tour is done” Lukas stood by the bank of mirrors on the one side of the room


“What when we wake up in our own bed and getting up for school” I chuckled “Wow finishing high school is going to be a little…”






“Not like this”


Everyone started to laugh as the guys filled in some blanks


“All of the above” Elena sat down “We have a tutor joining us next week to make sure the four of you graduate on time if not sooner. You are all in advanced classes unlike my boys” she seemed irritated at the mention of her sons… They is talk of you being able to be done with school in a few weeks” she glanced at Simon who nodded “So you’re all going to have to juggle studying hard with traveling and performing and rehearsing”


“Okay…” Pete nodded “But if we graduate in a few weeks then what are we going to do?” Lukas walked round the room


“If you guys want to go to the hotel the car is waiting for you” he got to the door


“Yeah I think we will” I narrowed my eyes as I looked at him. Something was going on but what we had no idea. The guys grabbed their things and Alfie handed me my jacket as they headed out of the door.


“Christine” I looked round at Elena “You know I told you that Dimitri…”


“It’s okay I know I called him before… his grades are in the pan” I shrugged she sighed and nodded


“He has to get his studies in you understand he can’t get by on his looks and Athletic skill alone in life”


“Yes Ma’am” I nodded “I guess four weeks isn’t really that long I can wait till we go home to see him” If we weren’t still fighting that was


“We’ll see” she patted my cheek “You go sleep and get ready for tomorrow”…………………..




…………….. The next couple of weeks were a made ride of Flights, hotels, venues, rehearsing, performing, studying and sleeping. Dimitri and I were talking but avoiding talking about seeing each other and with how studying was going especially since the four of us had discussed it and we had managed to finish all of the school work and it had almost killed us but it felt good not to have to worry about math or English. I closed my book I was using like a diary.


“You done already” Pete scratched his head with his pen “And what are you writing in there?” He peered at the book and smiled


“Yep, and it’s a diary I don’t want to forget anything that’s going on and I’m going to grab some coffee you guys want some?” I got up from the bed


“You really have to ask” Alfie for some reason was lay on his stomach under a table writing in his song book “Oh and hey if you’re going out into the streets watch these French guys” I looked at him “Well I think they might be as bad as the Russians” he pushed his tongue into his cheek as Kerion snorted to try to cover up his laughter


“Okay smart ass water for you” I laughed shaking my head at him


“Oh you can’t do that to a guy” He moaned, I grabbed my jacket and walked out of the hotel room and headed down the stairs and walked toward the meeting rooms, Nickelback were in a press conference in one of the rooms I pushed open the door and walked over to Elena and Lukas who were standing at the back watching them charm the French press.


“I’m going to go out for a while” I touched Elena on the shoulder she looked round at me.


“I’d take someone with you one of the security guards can go” Lukas looked at me and then looked around at the security guys that flanked the doors


“I’ll be fine” I forced myself not to roll my eyes at him


“Chris Paris is a huge maze of a city and you have sound check in a couple of hours and we have a meeting set up” he looked at his watch “in the band’s suite in an hour” O-Oh what the hell


“Have we done something wrong?” I felt a little panicked, you could never tell with Lukas he always had a poker face where business was concerned I still couldn’t work out if he actually liked any of NeverWest.


“We have a meeting in an hour you should actually go back and wait with your band” He looked back at the band Elena walked me out of the room


“He freaks me out when he sounds like that” I frowned at her “We’ve let someone down haven’t we?”


“No honey no… it’s a big meeting” she smiled at me “Don’t forget I have to go back home for a while Anastasia is due to have her baby in a few days and it’s my first grand baby” My eyes got wide I forgot about that part and the fact we had two weeks left and doing it without


“Who’ll have our back?” I ran my fingers through my hair


“Don’t worry you’ll be looked after and I’ll be at the end of the phone” she smiled and did her usual pat on my cheek “and I need to go make sure that boy of mine is working on getting his grades up” she moved out of the way as someone walked by us with some equipment “I’ll be back in a few weeks”


“But we go home in two” I frowned She lifted her chin


“You go and sit with your boys and Lukas will come get you when it’s time for the meeting” she pushed the door back open and was gone. I slowly walked back to the elevator and got inside the nerves were amped up now what the hell was this meeting about………



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