Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 60 (v.1) - a gift

Submitted: February 05, 2014

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Submitted: February 05, 2014



…… I linked Alfie’s arm as we walked across the compound toward the stage to sound check.


“Excuse me” there was running footsteps behind us “Ma’am” I groaned at the use of the Ma’am again I turned and Kellan’s brother skidded to a halt.


“Please it’s Chris” I smiled


“Sorry force of habit” he chuckled “I won’t be around tomorrow I have patrol, but I have something for you” he pulled a small package from his pocket “Kellan sent it to me and asked if I saw you to give it to you, and tell you Merry Christmas”


“You’re kidding” Alfie laughed “are you sure you guys are…” he paused to do quote marks in the air “FRIENDS?”


“Yes I’m sure” I smiled “Thank you”


“You’re welcome, and I’d better let you go it looks like they’re waiting for you” He pointed to where Kerion and Pete were already on the stage “See you later” he hurried back to the mess tent


“I’m still not convinced” Alfie said pulling me to the stage “I think you and he like each other more then you’ll admit”


“Alfie, yes if we were in the same city hell if we were in the same country, maybe just maybe it could work but he’s away filming and I’m never in the same place longer then what 3 days” I shook my head “I like the fact I can call him and talk to him without the relationship crap getting in the way… without the possessive what are you doing? Where are you going? Who’s going to be there?” I put my head on Alfie’s shoulder as we walked “Is it wrong I’m trying to have fun?”


“No” he sighed “I’m sorry we keep getting on your case… hey if you guys are good with it then we can handle the way you smile when he’s been around” I walked up the steps of the stage


“Ahhh now that smile is down to the pure animal sex” I laughed Alfie hung his head and groaned………….



…………..“So did you open it yet?” Pete asked as he zipped up the back of my top for me


“No it’s on the bunk over there. It’s Christmas eve not Christmas day” I said shaking my head


“Oh come on Chris” Ryan was throwing and catching a ball as he was laid on his back “How the hell can you wait when there’s a gift sitting there?”


“Yeah Chris it rattles” Chad Smiled “And nice move not packing the corset this time” he pointed to the top I was wearing


“You’ve shaken it?” I looked at him and he nodded “and it’s easier with the zipper… no chance of bumping into another Reba” I laughed


“You guys must be the ones that open the gifts and then wrap them back up” Kerion laughed


“Yep” Ryan and Chad laughed at the same time. I walked over to my bunk and sat down and took off the paper.


“Okay so if you’re anything like my wife, then that has to be a least a blow job just for the Tiffany box alone” Mike butted in


“Okay I’ll pretend you did not just say that” I screwed my nose up at him “We’re friends that’s it”


“Sorry” he chuckled, I lifted the lid on the perfect blue box


“Damn” Kerion whistled as he lent on my shoulders, and looked at the diamond star earrings nestled in the satin lining. “You think they’re real?” I lifted one out



“Well if they are from Tiffany then hell yeah they’re real” Lukas whistled “Nice gift Chris” I nodded as the diamond caught the light in the tent and flashed a little.


“What else is in there?” Chad had moved bunks and was sat next to me. I put the earring back with its partner and lifted out a simple necklace with a silver disc hanging from it. “I like that” I looked at him “Live your life with no regrets” he read holding the pendant between his fingers “We all need to do that”


“There’s a note?” Alfie pointed to a small blue card that was under the lid of the box



 The pendant says it all, and the stars for a star

Kellan XO

Oh and Merry Christmas


“Do I have time to make a phone call before we go on” I looked at Lukas, he nodded. I grabbed my phone and walked out of the tent.


“You think he’s in love?” Chad asked looking at the others


“Have you ever bought diamonds for a girl you’re not in love with?” Mike looked at his brother and tipped his head a little


“Yeah” Chad nodded


“Yeah right who?”


“It doesn’t matter who I have that’s all” Chad grinned


“Dude, that’s called paying for it?” Pete smirked


“No… what’s wrong with buying a special gift for girl you think a lot of”


“Er… I’m not about to spend thousands of dollars on someone that’s just a friend” Dan held out his hands.


“Spending Twenty thousand dollars isn’t really going to break the bank for any of us is it” they all looked at him “Okay I’m going to go get a drink” Chad got up and walked out of the tent.


“You think he’s getting back with his ex?” Ryan looked at Mike


“I hope to god not, not after the way she just left” Dan shrugged.


“He did get Mom a bracelet for Christmas” Mike got up “but he plays his cards close to his chest when he likes a girl these days, so you never know if he wants to be with someone”…..





…………. I dialed Kellan’s number



Kellan * hey, I wasn’t expecting to hear from you while you’re out there

Me * well I have to say you have a cute brother

Kellan * you’ve met him?

Me * we were eating together earlier and I gave him your messages and he laughed and said you were crap at beer pong

Kellan * did he give you anything?

Me * well that’s the other thing I was calling for. Thank you for the earrings and the necklace

Kellan * we’re they okay I mean I can take them back

Me * no I love them, they’re beautiful

Kellan * yeah well I thought with some of the crap you’ve got going on, with your family you could do with a friend to make you smile

Me * and you did, but I’m getting so much crap about there being more to us

Kellan * hey me too

Me * no one believes me when I tell them we’re friends

Kellan * yup same here… I’ve been told a ‘friends with benefits’ thing by a couple of the guys

Me * our friends have the same way of thinking


It was relaxing talking to him, like when I was talking to Heidi and Mir


Kellan * not that I mind being your booty call

Me * Oh my god did you just say that

Kellan * you’re probably about to go on stage right

Me * Yeah

Kellan * not as nervous now are you… because your mind is now in the back of the Limo going to the airport

Me * okay my mind wasn’t there but damn it is now


I was laughing now


Kellan * sorry I had to do it

Me * what that thing in the limo or reminding me about it?

Kellan * both… friends?

Me * friends… oh and by the way your gift should be arriving with you at some point today

Kellan * you got me a gift?

Me * yep I saw you looking at it in Rome in the store so keep watching for Fed Ex

Kellan * you rock girl

Me * I plan on it and Merry Christmas

Kellan * Merry Christmas Chris say hi to the guys and my brother

Me * I will.


I hung up the phone as the guys walked out of the tent


“Ready to rock the troops” Kerion smiled……………..

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