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Chapter 61 (v.1) - Florida Hell

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014



.................. “Well this is it for a few days” Lukas smiled as we waited in the first class lounge at Berlin’s International Airport. “You guys have everything you need to get to Chad’s at the weekend?” he looked at the four of us


‘Jeez, you make it sound like were kindergartners” Alfie smiled “and you said you’d be there to pick us up when we land in Canada”


‘He will” Ryan laughed patting Lukas on the shoulder “Can’t have the four of you terrorizing our country”


“Ignore him, okay rules while not on tour… For god sake don’t get in trouble or go out to somewhere that you don’t know” Lukas preached “Yes I know it’s home to all of you but people that didn’t know you before now think they do and will come up to you”


‘We know” the four of us laughed


“Lukas why don’t you go back with them, if you’re worried” Chad suggested we all shot him a WTF look making him smile,


“I have meetings in New York that I have to be at…” Lukas said shaking his head “…Look, just go have fun with your families for a few days” the flight for New York was called “Right I’m off” He hugged me and shook all the guys hands “Call if you need anything my phone is always on” he hurried off to the gate. I sat down and rubbed my neck


“So are you going to see your Dad?” Mike asked sitting down next to me


“I don’t’ know… I’m going to go and see Jess, but she’s with my Aunt and Uncle when Dad’s working” I shrugged


“So is that where you’re stopping with them?”


“No I’ve booked a room at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa” I shook my head


“Are you a glutton for punishment with more hotels?” Ryan laughed “Damn all I want to be able to do is sleep in my own bed for a few days”


“Well I’m not going home and I’m not going to intrude on these guys families when they haven’t seen them since Spain” I smiled weakly “So a few more days in a hotel won’t kill me”


“But in a bed a zillion people…” Ryan started


“Ry, forget it we’ve tried to talk her out of it” Alfie sighed “Oh, you’re seeing Kellan aren’t you?” they all looked at me


“No. His family is visiting him on set In Toronto for the holidays” I laughed “I’ll be fine, I swear to all of you” the Vancouver flight was called


‘That’s us” Chad got up “Call if you need us and we’ll see you in four days” he hugged me tightly “Damn it’s going to be weird not seeing any of you guys you’re like the irritating new puppies that you think are pains in the ass but you miss them”


“Oh god, now were dogs” Pete groaned as our flight was also called.


“You guys watch out for her” Dan called out pointing to me as they grabbed their stuff


“I’m not a baby” I groaned


‘No but shit happens Chris” he smiled warmly. I sighed and watched as they walked away. We went in another direction and boarded our flight with the cabin crew grinning when they saw who we were. I curled up in the seat as soon as we took off, I was more nervous about going home than going on the stage. I’d tried to call Xander after getting back from Afghanistan but I kept getting his voice mail.


“I can’t believe no shows for just over two weeks” Kerion laughed nudging me “It’s going to be so strange”


“Tell me about it, we can’t even go into the school it’s winter vacation” I looked at him “I wonder if Dimitri went back to Tampa”


“Oh god don’t you even go there Chris” He looked pissed “You’ve worried too much about that ass you’ll be telling me next Arron’s not that bad”


“Out of line” I snapped “Way out of line”


“Chris he’s got Reba knocked up… he cheated on you within hours of telling you he loved you, so don’t you tell me I need to feel sorry for him” Kerion pulled his I-pod from his bag and stopped to take a deep breath “I’m sorry for the Arron comment” he looked at me “But don’t ask me to apologize for hating Dimitri Carpov” he pushed his ear phones in and closed his eyes, Alfie leant over the back of my seat


“He didn’t mean it” I looked up at him


“You all think the same about Dimitri I know you do” I shrugged “I’m not about to fall back in love with him or forgive him, but I guess it doesn’t stop me worrying about him Elena screwed him over like she tried to screw all of us and he’s flesh and blood at the end of the day”


“I know… Look come and stay with us My Mom’s already said you’re welcome she doesn’t like the thought of you in a hotel on your own”


“I can’t, I’m picking up my Christmas gift to myself I’m just waiting on the call about it and I don’t want to get there and be like… Oh sorry I have to leave, but I’ll pop in and see her” I smiled at him


“Okay, what is your gift to yourself by the way?” he frowned at me


‘You’ll see” I laughed “I’d never ever dreamt of spending that much money in one purchase… that was a little intimidating”


“A house?” He fished


“Wait and see” I winked at him.


The flight seemed to take forever we were shown off the plane by security care of Lukas to help us get out and into the car. We were each dropped off me being the last one. The limo pulled up at my Aunt and Uncles house and the driver opened the door for me.


“I’ll call when I’m ready to leave” I said taking in a deep breath of the Florida air


“Yes Ma’am” he nodded as I walked up the front path and knocked on the door.


“I got it” I heard Miranda’s voice from inside, the door opened


“Hey” I smiled at her, her jaw fell and her eyes got wide


‘CHRIS” she squealed before hugging the life out of me “OMG why didn’t you call… We could have met you”


“Er… I did, and I told you guys I had a few days off” I laughed as she hugged me again, Xander appeared and huge smile spread across his face as he pulled me from Mir and hugged me “I’ve left you four voice mails”


“Sorry, I dropped my phone in the ocean Christmas day” he pulled me into the house “We forgot you were coming” He looked down and then at Mir “well with everything that’s been happening”


“What?” I looked at both of them “I was in Afghanistan for the past week; I’ve struggled with my phone” Xander pulled out one of the stools at the breakfast bar and patted it for me to sit


“Your Mom showed up two days before Christmas and got in to a huge argument with my Mom about Jess” I sat down and felt the color drain from my face “Then your dad showed up, he started to argue with your Mom” I shook my head as Miranda sat next to me “He yelled about her not being a good mother and that he’d had to deal with all the shit when you got yourself knocked up” My head snapped up and looked at Xander. “His words” Xander held up his hands


“My Mom knows this now”


“Yeah, sorry Chris” Miranda rubbed my back ‘But she didn’t seem too shocked either” I pinched the bridge of my nose


“He told her he wants a divorce and he was done playing Mr. Mom” I raised and eye brow  Xander leant on the counter “So my Mom went lost the plot with both of them and laid the papers on the table for custody of Jess” She and Dad had had them a while and were waiting for the best time but this sort of…”


“And no one thought to tell me” I got off the stool and paced the floor


‘We tried to call but how do we tell you this over the phone… and like you said you were in Afghanistan” He walked round to me and hugged me to him “You know what is the worst?”


“There’s more?” I moaned, he nodded


“They both signed the papers kissed your sister and left” That stopped me in my tracks


“They just left” I stammered “They walked away from her”


“Yes” Xander fought back his own anger


“Where is she? She can come on tour with me this isn’t right” I pulled away from Xander and blindly walked down the hall to the bedrooms “Jess… Jess”


‘She’s on a Disney cruise with my Mom and Dad” Xander and Mir chased down after me “we forgot you were due back Chris I’m sorry” I slid down the wall and put my head on my knees “This sucks… this really sucks” I got back up “I need your car?”




“I’m going to chew my parent’s asses” Miranda shook her head and put her hand out to stop me


“Your Mom left for Brazil apparently, and your dad is away with the Gators in Texas” she sighed “Chris everything happens for a reason right? you always say that” I nodded slowly  “This sucks but you know Jess will be loved and looked after while you’re not here” Xander put his hands on my shoulders


“I like having a little sister around” he chuckled. “She is just like you wee at that age”


“Come on lets go out” Miranda picked up her keys “I want to walk into school with you now”


“But schools out” I said picking up my purse


“No… they’re giving us an extra week at spring break… some new policy” she grinned. I let them take me out to the car everything running round in my head; half of me hated the thought of Jess being thrown away by our parents basically but the other half of me knew she was in the best place.


“Chris… Hey Chris” Xander threw a empty bottle at me “Your phones ringing” I pulled it from my purse, and ran my fingers through my hair


Me * hello

Chad * hey just checking with you guys. You all got there okay?

Me * Yeah, I’m with Xander and Miranda

Chad * I heard you and Kerion got into it a little on the plane


He’d obviously called one of the guys first to find out if we were alright


Me * not really, we’re all good now it was dumb

Chad * okay as long as you guys are good to start the album

Me * sure

Chad * are you okay you sound like you’re not happy.

Me * something’s happened… Look I’ll call you later

Chad * okay but do I have to send Lukas there for anything? Bail money? A shoulder?

Me * no… it’s family stuff that’s all

Chad * okay

Me * bye


I hung up


“Was that Kellan?” Miranda giggled


“No Chad” I shook my head


‘Chris, Jess is fine and we’ve changed our plans for spring break and we’re bringing her out to see you for a couple of days’ Xander looked at me through the mirror as we pulled into the parking lot of the school.


 It was lunchtime and everyone was milling round on the field or outside of the school. I spotted Alfie and Kerion surrounded by people


“See they have the same idea” Mir laughed as Xander turned off the engine, we got out and headed across the lot


“OMG its Christine” some freshman squeaked as we walked past “OOOO NeverWest is here”


“Wondered how long it would be before you got here?” Alfie laughed seeing me


“I was dragged here” I put my arm around them “I’m glad to see you” I whispered


“Dahlings… Oh my babies have come home to me” Mr. Sorrenson pushed his way through the crowds to us and embraced each of us “And where is Peter?”


‘I’m here” Pete walked over with his sister “You didn’t think we could stay away do you?” I felt like I was in my comfort zone with my guys around me, I loved Mir and Xander but I lived with my three guys and in the last three months we’d been through hell of a lot.


“Hey Chris” I looked round at the sound of Niko’s voice I moved away from the others and hugged him


‘So you’re not in Russia?” I smiled I still had no issue with him


‘Nope” he pushed his hands in his pockets “Mom’s so pissed with you” he tipped his head and looked at me


“She’ll get over it” I shrugged


“Christine… a performance for us” Mr. Sorrenson called over


“I’ll be there in a minute” I nodded, I took Niko’s arm and we walked round the side of the school.


“Did… Did Dimitri come back?” I asked he looked at me with a look of hoppe in his eyes


“Yeah, he’s dropped out of school and is doing it online so he can work and get money for the kid… Mom and Dad won’t give him anything” Niko shrugged “He’s not happy with Reba, Chris”


“Why you telling me this Niko? I don’t care” okay this was going wrong


“You and he are right together… he is missing something without you”


‘We were good together, not right. How the hell can I trust him now, and believe me my head would roll if I let him back in my life”


“He still loves you Chris”


“Nikolai stop…” I took a step back from him and held up my hands “I’ve grown up and I’ve realized that Dimi and I weren’t going to be forever. I’ve met people that have taught me there’s more to life. There’s more to being young, you’re supposed to go and learn by your mistakes and that’s what I’m doing… Letting Dimitri hurt me the way he did was a mistake” Niko looked down “I’m sorry… I want to feel like I’m special to someone, I want to learn from people how things can be and should be”


“You’re still with the vampire guy?” he snapped a little


“No we’re friends Jeez… I sleep with a guys and you lot can’t let it go” I laughed “I’m free to have fun and live Niko and that’s what I’m going to do”


“While Dimitri suffers?”


“Hey I didn’t force him to sleep with Reba, and if he wasn’t prepared to be a dad then he should have kept his dick in his pants… he made his bed he’s gonna have to man the hell up and deal with it” I turned on my heel and walked back toward the school. This was going to be the last time I was in Tampa round these people. I knew who my real friends were and they would be the ones that I’d keep close right now, everyone else could go to hell…….

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