Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 63 (v.1) - New toy and more crap

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014



.......... I walked out of the airport there was a chill in the air and fine mist fell around me. I kept my head down and got into a cab. I gave him the address of the car dealership and settled back and pulled out my phone and sent out a mass text message to stop them all bugging the life out of me.


***I’m in Seattle and off to have a hot steamy session with something sleek and with power***


I had to laugh to myself because I hadn’t told anyone about my first big treat to myself, and I knew all of these guys to well as to what they were going to think. The driver looked back at me as my phone began to beep like it was going to explode


***New Message***Xander***Okay I don’t need to know that much info…. EW XO***


***New Message***Kellan ***aw you’re still thinking about Rome ;P you got a B.O.B?***


***New Message***Lukas***Oh god… I’m going to have to do damage control aren’t I?***


***New Message***Heidi***Oooo Kellan’s hot ass… you go girl love ya***


***New Message***Ryan*** For once girl behave lol***


***New Message***Alfie***Er… please tell me it’s not a strip joint***


***New Message***Dan***Please don’t send pictures***


***New Message***Kerion***LMFAO have fun***


***New Messages***Miranda***Oh you have to send pictures***


***New Message***Mike***Chris…I know we wanted you to have a good time but we DON’T need details***


***New Message***Pete***No wonder you hauled ass from Tampa***


***New Message***Chad***I’m scared to ask and you know you’re only 2hours south of me right?***



I was laughing as the cab drew to a halt, I handed over the money and stepped out into the damp night air I zipped up my jacket and walked into the dealership


“Can I help you Miss?” an overly made up middle aged woman walked over to me looking like there was a stick up her ass


“Yes… I’ve come to collect a car” I smiled, she looked me up and down and raised an eyebrow


“Are you sure you’re in the right place” I put my bag down on the highly polished desk and pulled out the paper work and handed it over to her, she looked over it and narrowed her eyes at me“I’m going to need to see I.D.” she snapped


“Sure” I handed over my driver’s license “See it’s me…. now I’ve paid for my car, I want my car not attitude” she was taken aback


‘Miss Sommers” I looked round “We spoke on the phone earlier I’m Jon” and young guy hurried over “I’ll take care of this Miss Jones” he looked at the older woman, she drew her mouth into thin lines as I took back my paperwork from her and watched as she turned on her heel and huffed and walked away


“Is she always like that?” I looked at her slide in behind a desk and start killing a computer keyboard


“No but she has this thing that only middle aged business men should own a Mercedes and take her for dinner” he chuckled


“Really so working my ass off, and doing things like going to the troops in a warzone means, I’m not good enough for a car” I scoffed making sure I was loud enough for her to here “Some people amaze me” I turned back to Jon. “So did it arrive?”


“Yes it did” he nodded “This way” I followed him into a pristine garage that I swear you could have performed surgery in there it was so clean “And there she is” he gestured to the shiny silver car sitting in the middle of the floor “Beautiful choice of car if I do say so myself”


“Oh yeah…” I smiled and walked over to it, I slowly trailed my fingers over the paint work “Damn this is sexy as all get out” I murmured as I opened the door and looked at the carbon fiber inside and giggled


‘Excuse me” I jumped remembering where I was


‘Sorry… I have a thing for Formula one and well this is as close as I can get to one of those” I laughed. I got in relishing the new car smell


“This is the key don’t lose it or you’ll have to wait for a new one from Germany to be coded” I nodded as my hand touched the wheel. I took the key and hit the ignition button the engine growled to life…. I let out a sigh. “The tank as you requested has been filled” I nodded “and she’s is now all yours… well as soon as you sign the documents we have” I turned off the engine and got out.


“Let’s go and get them done” I smiled “I want to get out in it” I was itching to take the car and let it run for a while even if it was just around town before going to the hotel. I followed him back into the office and signed the papers that I need to sign, the door opened and a group of paparazzi pushed their way in


“Christine over here” camera flashes went off


“What are you doing in Seattle?” someone called out


“Are you upset after the break up with Kellan?’ the questions were shouted at me


‘You’re trespassing” Jon tried to fend them off, I looked round at the old witch who was smirking at me


“I’m picking up my car” I smiled sweetly inside I was seething “And Kellan and I are fine no break up, no relationship, we’re friends”


“So where’s the rest of NeverWest?”


‘In Florida” I picked up my things


‘What’s about you and Stephanie Sanders being one and the same?” I froze at that question “We heard that your Mother is the author?”


“I’m late” I spluttered


“So is it true to your life? Are you a Junkie Chris?” Jon Put his hand on the small of my back and moved me to the garage door closing out the press.


“If you turn right as you go out of here, it’ll lead you to the highway” Jon said quickly “and I’m so sorry about that”


“Part of the job” I got in the car and closed the door Jon hit a button and the steel door rose and I put my foot down and left the dealership my heart thudding in my chest… Damn my mother, she’d opened her mouth it was going to become a shit storm. I jumped as the phone rang I hit the call button on the console


Me* what

Chad * sorry… didn’t mean to disturb you


A friendly voice thank god for that


Me * I’m sorry… I just had a run in with the press

Chad * oh not good

Me * nope

Chad * I was going to see if you wanted some company and I’d come down there tomorrow


I needed to be safe and sane


Me * I’m actually going to head up to Canada. With what’s just been said I think Seattle’s not going to work for me… Can you find me a hotel or something?

Chad * No… you can stay here. The press tend to find you in a hotel you know that

Me * you wanted time with your family
Chad * I’ve seen them, and I was settling down to watch a hockey game with a beer

Me * okay I know men and sport… I’ll stay at a hotel.


I smiled as I hit the highway and put my foot down further, the car seeming to seize the moment and shot forward


Chad * don’t’ be dumb… It’ll be over when you get here and are you taking a cab?
Me * no I got a car

Chad * really

Me * Yep… I need to program the GPS

Chad * awesome I’ll have one of the beds ready… rooms… bedrooms

Me * thank you

Chad * no problem and drive safe Chris



I hung up and pulled over taking Chad’s address from my phone and setting the GPS. My head was pounding from everything I’d tried to take in and I was running on little sleep for the past 48 hours I just wanted to curl up in bed for a while…..

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