Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 65 (v.1) - Hateful message and another new phone

Submitted: February 07, 2014

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Submitted: February 07, 2014



.............. I stretched and rolled over looking at the clock and sat up quickly twelve thirty five. It was afternoon, crap. I pushed back the covers and got out of bed, I walked into the bathroom and splashed water on my face and pulled my hair back in a bun. The views from every window were amazing of the mountain shrouded in cloud. I walked back into the bedroom and smiled at the coffee that on the nightstand that felt like it had been there a couple of hours, but it meant someone cared to check on me. I picked up the cup and walked down the stairs, Voices drifted to me and I could hear talking coming from the Kitchen. I leant on the wall to listen… okay eaves drop…


“You still look like crap” Dan laughed “you look like you pulled an all nighter”


“You think it was easy trying to sleep under the circumstances” Chad sighed “My damn mind was in overdrive… and I had two showers for god sake” there was some laughing “And if you’d seen Chris last night…”


“We’ve got calls in to her lawyers to try to force a meeting” Lukas was there, that meant he’d taken the first flight he could from New York


“This is getting beyond a joke” Mike added to the mix “I’m ready to pay someone to get these ass holes out of her life, as a parent I couldn’t ever dream of not being there for my kids if they are hurting”


“I think we need to take more that the next twelve days off” Chad  moved around the kitchen and I heard him fill a cup “Lukas any chance of getting at least another week… hell tell them I’ve got a throat issue. We’ll tagged the four dates on at the end or squeeze them in somewhere… she’s going to crack and nothing we can do is going to stop it. She needs time, hell for that sake Kerion, Pete and Alfie need time as well, last thing we need to do is burn them out”


“I’ll make some calls” Lukas tapped away on his laptop.


“Have you seen TMZ this morning?” Dan asked “They were trying to track her down and even we’re trying to get in Kellan’s face about her”


“So who knows she’s here” Lukas questioned


“Just us. I don’t know if she told the others but as far as I know they think she’s holed up in Seattle” Chad answered “Her purse is still on the table and it’s been ringing and beeping most of the morning” I took a deep breath and pushed off the wall


“You could have answered it” I walked into the room Ryan jumped and almost fell off the stool. “And why didn’t one of you wake me up it’s almost one”


“You needed to sleep” Ryan laughed “and it’s his house… he was supposed to get you out of bed” he pointed to Chad


“So did you sleep okay?” Chad asked taking the cold coffee and throwing down the drain before getting me a fresh cup and filling it.


“I can’t remember getting into bed” I smiled.


“We’re discussing…”


“I heard” I wrapped my hands round the warm coffee cup and leant against the island “We can carry on we don’t need to changed any dates” I glanced at Chad and then looked at Lukas


“Chris we do, we’ve lived this crazy assed life for years, we forgot how much it takes out of you” Mike said shaking his head “Just an extra week to work on the album and not have to deal with crap… it’ll make a lot of difference”


“It’s happening Chris” Lukas smiled at me his phone started to ring “Lawyers” he got of the stool and walked out of the room as my phone beeped in my purse. I walked over to my bag and pulled it out and sat on the couch and began scrolling through the messages. Mike got off the stool he was on and walked over and stood behind Chad


“Okay isn’t that the t-shirt I got you for Christmas?” Chad nodded and looked back at his brother “So?”


“So what… there stuff’s stuck in Toronto, she needed something to sleep in” the others all looked at each other and laughed “Oh knock it off… you think I was going to let her sleep Naked…” he groaned. I walked back over to them and put my phone on the counter and hit play on the voice mail and put it on speaker.


***Pregnant at 16 did you even know whose it was… I’m ashamed to call you my daughter… and the fact I even used you for a character makes me sick tarnishing Stephanie with a reputation of a little slut like you… and what did you do with the baby? Did you go to some back street clinic to get it removed so you could move onto the next waiting guy… And as for a law suit don’t make me laugh Christine, I can bury you if you try to put a stop to my work… why I ever bothered being such a caring mother to you and Jessica is beyond me right now you’re both ungrateful bitches at least Jess stands a chance not like you whoring yourself to anyone to get where you are***


The message ended and the room was silent apart from the tick of a clock. I chewed the inside of my cheek trying to keep myself from crying, I looked down at the granite of the counter tops the flecks blurring in front of my eyes.


“Chris” Mike moved away from Chad and had come behind me he put his hands on my shoulders


“That woman is supposed to be my mother” my voice sounded hoarse “Maybe things like this are genetic… Her Mother turned her back on here when she met my Dad. There’s a pattern starting” I roughly wiped my eyes on my hands “I should thank Arron for the beating he gave me” I looked round at the guys “At least I’ll never be able to hurt my child like that” Lukas walked back in the room and looked round as I broke down. Mike pulled me to him as Chad threw my phone to Lukas


“Listen to the message and tell me we’re going after this bitch” He snapped Mike put his hands over my ears as the message played again. Lukas got wide eyed as he listened


“Oh we’re going after her with all guns blazing now” Lukas nodded “Chris looks like time for another new phone honey” I looked up at him.


“Again?” I sniffed


“Yep” Ryan nodded.


“Hey, Why don’t you go and take a long hot bath” Chad suggested “there should be a robe on the back of the bathroom door” I nodded, I didn’t know what I wanted to do right now I felt worthless yet again. “This is going to end”


“Chris we’ll sort it out” Lukas assured me as I walked out of the room and made my way back upstairs. I sat on the window seat that looked over the mountain in the distance and hugged my knees so my chest.


“Hey” I jumped and looked at Chad as he walked into the open door


“I’m going out for a couple of hours” he stopped at the end of the bed “Treat the house like your own. No one can get in unless it’s me or you let them in” I nodded “Call me if you need me… Lukas has stopped incoming calls for now till we get you a new phone”




“We’ve called the people that need to know where you are and Kellan said to give you this” Chad walked over and dropped a kiss on my head “and said something about go and dance” I had to smile at that “Oh good I’m glad you got what he meant” he walked back to the door “go soak in the bath it’ll help” he closed the door leaving me with my thoughts.


 I got up and walked to the bathroom and started to fill the over sized tub as I pulled the t-shirt off over my head my underwear following it as I stepped into the steaming bubble filled water I put my I-pod on the side and turned it one drowning out any chance of a thought in my head……

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