Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 66 (v.1) - Night out

Submitted: February 07, 2014

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Submitted: February 07, 2014



................ Chad was right the long soak in the tub had been relaxing, things did keep running around in my mind but I was in a place where no one could reach me unless it was through Chad. I curled on the couch reading I’d re made the fire and it lit and warmed the room in the late afternoon light.


“Hi Honey… I’m home” Chad laughed as he walked in with a bunch of bags he put them down in the coffee table “How you doing? And nice fire you got going there”


“nothing like a good fire on a damp afternoon and I don’t’ know, I just keep wondering how it ended up like this” I looked at him “and thanks for the suggestion the bath helped a whole lot”


“Good did anyone call?”


“Nope” I shook my head


“Damn, I thought you’re stuff would have been here from the airport by now” he sat on the edge of the table


“I have jeans and a couple of shirts and some underwear with me” I put the book mark in the book “I can go shopping for some other stuff tomorrow if you point me in the direction of the closest Mall”


“Okay” he nodded “But for tonight” he got up and picked up three of the bags from the table “I brought you something”


“Tonight?” I frowned at him


“Dinner remember…” he laughed “you’re not going to sit here and let it eat at you” he walked away from me “I hope I got the right sizes I had to call a few people on your size”


“You could have asked?” I smiled


“I didn’t want to disturb you” he called from the kitchen “So I think between Miranda and Heidi we got it down” he came back with a beer and flopped on the couch and turned on the hockey he stretched his legs out across the table “and I sent pictures of the things to Miranda before I got them for her approval so don’t blame me”


“Oh way to throw her under the bus” I pulled the dress from the bag “Or not this is beautiful” I stood up with is “Damn my best friends good” I whistled


“Hey… I gave her the option of two” Chad chuckled “So it was all me really” he took a drink and watched me


“Sorry” I smiled at him. I put the dress down and pulled the shoe box from the next bag “Oh these are Hot” I laughed at the Strappy heels “Damn” I turned them over in my hand and looked at him, Chad was grinning


“I didn’t know if you’d got any of your jewelry with you so…. I just got something that I thought looked good with the dress”


“I do have it, with me” I smiled sitting back down I pulled out a jewelry box from the third bag and opened it. I felt my breath hitch as I looked at the earring and ring in front of me “You picked these without Miranda’s help”


“I’ve been told I have good jewelry choices” he pulled a face “I was the one that picked the stuff out when we went to the Awards”


“Well thank you and I bow to your taste” I smiled “and you didn’t have to do this”


“I know but I ain’t going to sit in a restaurant with you in jeans and a hoodie” he laughed. “Oh and Ryan’s gone to get you a phone, he was getting a new one because he dropped his down the toilet at the bar yesterday”




“Yeah, he didn’t even try to get it back” Chad looked to the screen and then back at me he reached for the remote and turned off the sound and sat forward  “the lawyers have arranged a meeting with your Mother and hers on Monday in Seattle” My face fell “You don’t have to be there Lukas can handle it… Lukas just wanted me to tell you what was happening”


“I should face her” I picked up my new things from the couch “I faced up to Dimitri and survived right?” I tried to sound convincing.


“Yes you did” he nodded “and you definitely told him… but this is your Mom and after what she…”


“Dimitri did basically the same thing to me with the Arron comments” I shrugged


“True… but sleep on it at least before you decide” he sighed “We’ll be right there to support you what ever you decide”


“Thank you… When are we going out?” I stopped at the door to the hall


“An hour” he looked at his watch “Because I’m hungry”


“Me too… I haven’t eaten since the flight from Tampa” Chad’s phone rang “I’ll go get ready” I walked out and up the stairs…


Chad * hello

Kellan * hey, I hope you don’t mind me calling

Chad * no… how’s filming?

Kellan * cold… really, really cold standing in water for an hour in Canada in January sucks

Chad * the pay had better be good

Kellan * it is… How’s Chris doing?

Chad * rough, she’s having family problems and we’re doing everything we can to help her out, but I don’t know if it’s enough

Kellan * she loves you guys

Chad * good… because we love her as well


There was a chuckle from Kellan at the other end of the line


Kellan * look I know this sounds crazy but get her to go dancing, like I said yesterday

Chad * Dancing?

Kellan * Yep… I know from the way she can move she’s had some training, but I took her to a club in Rome that was all Latin stuff… you know where you get close and dance and call me corny but it was as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

Chad * She gets like that on stage as well, but now I understand the message you asked me to give her

Kellan * yup, I just thought while she’s with you that maybe…

Chad * I’ll see what I can do but I’m no dancer…

Kellan * someone in the club will be, and try it, it’s easy you get close hold each other and dance end of story

Chad * you really care about her don’t you?
Kellan * yes, but I’m not going to stand in the way of she meets any one. If someone wants to be with her then as long as they don’t hurt her I’m all for it, we both have crazy lives and I like waking up with the girl I’m dating not just getting busy in the back of a limo as she drops me at the airport

Chad * okay TMI


Chad ran his fingers through his hair


Kellan *sorry don’t tell her I called though because she’ll give me so much crap

Chad * I won’t

Kellan * okay I have to go stand in the water again

Chad * take care


He hung up the phone and put it down on the table and walked up to his room to get ready. I walked down the stairs to the sounds of our single playing.


‘Don’t you hear this song enough on tour?” I laughed he turned round and looked at me “Damn I forgot you scrubbed up well” I teased, I was putting everything bad to the back of my mind.


“Oh thanks” Chad smiled “and I have to say it you look beautiful”


“Thank you… now I take it I’m driving” I pulled the key for the McLaren from my purse


“Or I could” he whistled innocently


“It’s Flappy” I laughed


“Excuse me” He stopped as he pulled on his jacket


“The gear shift is on paddles on the wheel” I laughed “and I thought you liked hot cars”


“Okay you drive and you can show me how it’s done” he put his hand in the small of my back “And then maybe I can take it for a test drive later”


“Deal” I nodded…

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