Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 67 (v.1) - Into the night

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Submitted: February 07, 2014



........... “You think there’s the slimmest of chances that we won’t be seen?” I asked as we drove into the city, Chad was looking at the interior of the car and smiling like a little kid


“None what so ever” Chad laughed, he looked at me “But it’ll shock them that you’re here and not in Seattle and with me not Kellan”


“Oh it’s like Europe all over again” I shook my head “The press are going to have a field day”


“You’ll be fine and it’s nice to see you smiling” he nudged my arm


“I swear you were a girl in a past life” I laughed


“How do you work that out?” he pulled a face


“Well there was the getting me to take a hot bath with a view like you have from your house, and then going shopping you picked out some amazing things an… hold on you’re not gay are you” I teased


‘I’ll ignore that comment” He groaned “Oh and that’s the restaurant over there by the way” he pointed to a place across the street from where we were.


“Oh good directions from the navigator” I sighed, I flicked the car round in the street and pulling up at the valet booth


“Okay that’s scary” Chad held onto the door jamb “who the hell taught you to drive?”


The valets almost fought to get to the car, one of them opened the door and the guy offered me his hand to get out. I took it and watched the expression on his face change to shock when he realized who I was. Chad walked round the car and put his hand in the middle of my back walking with me inside.


“It never gets old” he chuckled as we were shown to a table.


“What doesn’t?” I asked as I sat down


“Seeing the face of people when they’re just expecting a normal person and then it’s you getting out of the car or stepping off the elevator” he took the menu he was offered “So after here are you up for me taking you somewhere else?”


“Okay that depends” I smiled “I heard some of the stories about you going out with the guys and you all ended up in the ass end of a town in some really bad strip club” he hung his head “See you guys think I’m sleeping half the time I am but the other half I’m listening and taking it all in”


‘Okay that was years ago and Dan was driving” Chad held up his hands and ordered wine for us


“And that’s your defense? I’m shocked it’s so lame” I grinned


“Yep, and I’m sticking to it” He shrugged “So do you trust me?”


“Of course” I nodded


“And I get to drive?” he offered me his hand over the table


“Yes you get to drive” I laughed shaking on it. We ordered and sat talking about the album and how we’d make a start on it. It was a whole new experience and it was exciting to be able to get going with it. He handed me his phone and played a song for me “sounds good”


“If the others like it, then we can make it the twelfth track on the album for you” he nodded putting his phone on the table


“Send it to them, then at least the three of them can listen to it and get a feel for it before they get here” I suggested


“Already did… and by the way, we have photographers outside of here right now” he pointed to the window with his glass “You ready to run the gauntlet”


“Hell yeah” I nodded “I’m enjoying tonight” Chad smiled at me


“Well it’s not over” he got up and put on his jacket he waited for me to get up and handed me my purse “Answer no questions okay?” I nodded, I handed him the valet ticket and the keys “And like you said it’s like Spain all over again” he squeezed my hand before he let go “ready” I nodded. Chad walked out in front of me and handed over the ticket to the valet, while I tried to keep my head down


“Christine why are you in Canada?” here come the questions


“Chris, does Kellan know you’re here with Chad?”


“Guys how about you give the girl a break” Chad said looking at them as the valet went to get the car


“Chris are you a heroin addict like Stephanie?” I caught my breath


“Okay Dude, I asked nicely” Chad got in between me and the photographer “We’re here for a night out after busting our asses on tour”


“People want to know… Music’s hottest young star sells magazines” the reporter held up his hands as my car was brought around


“Yeah… and we want to be left alone for tonight at least” Chad opened the door of the car for me and closed it after I’d got in.


‘So is there something between you two?”


“Night guys” Chad walked round to the driver’s side and got in with a smile on his lips. He fired up the engine and pulled away


“Well that was rough” I sighed


“Yeah well I’d like to see them keep up with us” he laughed “You okay?”


“It’s starting isn’t it? The whole comparison with the damn book” I rested my arm on the ledge of the window


“We can do a press conference and lay it all out” he suggested


“All?” my voice hitched


“No, not everything but the whole Character versus you thing, hell even take a drug test to prove it” He kept his eyes on the road as he wound his way through the city streets


“It’s a thought” I nodded “I was really enjoying tonight as well”


“Well the nights not over, it’s only… okay where’s the damn clock in here” I laughed and  pressed a button on the console “see ten thirty” he smiled “and you did say I could take you somewhere else”


“Okay I’m in your hands” I laughed “unless it’s the strip club”


“It’s not the strip joint” he groaned. He pulled into a parking garage again with a valet service “Come on” we walked across the street, I was expecting photographers but there was none. The sound of Latin music came flooding from inside the building.


“Really” I stopped and looked at him, trying to control the smile on my face


“Yes really” he laughed “a little bird told me you sort of let lose when you dance so..” Chad grabbed my hand and pulled me with him


“Oh I’m going to kick Kellan’s ass for this” I laughed as the Doormen let us in and we were shown to a VIP section, with memories of dancing in Rome flooding back to me


“See you’re smiling already” Chad said leaning close to say it in my ear over the sound of the music “You want a beer?” I nodded,  


I walked over to the rail that over looked the dance floor. I watched the people move and dance together, hands were trailing across bodies, looks exchanged between them was as passionate as the music. I closed my eyes and let the music take me, my hips were moving with the music I felt a tap on the shoulder and looked round


“I saw you dancing alone and you can’t do that here” A guy smiled at me “and to dance with Christine Sommers would blow my friends out of the water” I looked back at Chad, he smirked at me and Mouthed two left feet and pointed to himself


I let the guy take me to the dance floor, people stopping and pointed when I was recognized. The music changed as we started to dance. Dancing was something I’d loved as a kid but I didn’t get to do it on stage with our show.  I looked up to the balcony and Chad was leaning on the rail watching there were a couple of girls next to him trying to get his attention. I looked at the guy I was dancing with and made my excuses and walked back up the stairs, Chad looked at me


“You say you have two left feet” he nodded


“I do ask my prom date” he laughed


“Well, you can’t come to a place like this and not dance” I took the beer from him and put it on the table as the song changed to ‘Into the Night’  Chad broke out in to a huge smile, “This has to be one of the hottest songs you’ve done”



“Well with a compliment like that how can I say no” He laughed “So what do I do?” I raised my eye brow at him “What?” he bit his lip, I took his hands and put them on my hips I rested mine on chest


“Okay now, I know you feel the rhythm” he nodded “Close your eyes and just move with it” I laughed. He pulled me closer to him and moved with me “See I told you” I breathed.


The two of us danced the heat seemed to become intense, I swallowed hard as I almost laid my head on his shoulder, I was getting the same elevator feelings that I’d gotten in Spain, as I realized he was singing along with the song as we danced………

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