Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 68 (v.1) - Different feelings

Submitted: February 07, 2014

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Submitted: February 07, 2014



……. Everyone else in the club seemed to disappear as we danced, I was sure my heart was thudding in my chest louder than the music. The air in the club was heavy and thick the beat doing nothing but igniting a fire, more than it had in Rome. The song changed and we kept on moving, I'm sure if we stopped the music would die and the night would end.


I wanted to look at Chad but I couldn’t because I didn’t trust myself not to recreate what happened in the Elevator in Spain. The heat was getting intense his shirt was sticking to him as my hands worked independently of my mind moving up his sides and across his chest and around his neck. His hands were on the working up from my hips one of them twisting my hair in his fingers, I moaned and I swear to god I was more turned on dancing here than I’d ever been in my life.


“Duuuuude” the sound of Mikes voice carried over the noise, I felt Chad stiffen his stance his hands loosened their hold on me without letting me go.


“Fuck” Chad muttered, I took my chance to look at him now. I wasn’t going to do anything in front of his brother and whoever was with him “I’m sorry” he looked at me, there was a hunger in his eyes that pulled at something inside of me.


“Finally someone teaches you how to dance” Mike laughed putting his arms around the two of us


“Bar crawl by any chance?” Chad asked stepping back from me a little but still keeping one hand on my waist


‘Yup we’re on a roll” Mike laughed pointing to where he was with some guys


“We we’re just getting ready to leave” Chad smiled a tight smile “We had to deal with Paparazzi before”


"They’re outside of here now, they we’re asking about you guys?” Mike picked up a beer “So I gave them shit”


“Thanks Bro” Chad nodded “See you tomorrow”


"Sure, we’ll be round after dinner” Chad nodded; I reached for my purse as he grabbed his jacket. I was half way down the stairs my heart still racing I felt like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Mike caught Chad’s arm “Look after her… there’s at least twenty guys outside and they want something” Chad nodded “Chad… you know what you’re doing?”


“No” Chad shook his head and hurried down the stairs and caught me up. “It’s going to be crazy out there” He said pulling me to him


‘I guessed it might be…" I couldn’t look at him properly, I was a little embarrassed, was I imagining what was happening in there, Why would he even think of me in that way. He put his Jacket round my shoulders as the doorman opened the door. I stepped out in to what seemed like a million flash bulbs going off.


“Chad are you and Chris together?” Someone shouted


“Christine, are you trying to get back at Kellan for hooking up with his co star?”


“Guys come on” Chad tried to sound relaxed but it didn’t work


“Chris, have you only got a gig like you have because of your Mom’s books?” I pulled Chad’s jacket tighter round me and began to cross the street to the parking garage.


“Chad is the engagement back on? Have you forgiven Chris for seeing Kellan?” Chad stopped walking


“You guys truly are idiots” he laughed “You don’t even know when you’re getting played” he held out his arms


“At least we know why NeverWest are touring with you” A reporter laughed “I wouldn’t kick that out of bed either” he gestured to me; I stopped and looked round to see Chad squaring up to the guy. Crap why did I not have my sneakers on


“You really want to go there?” Chad barked in his face giving him a push “Don’t question the bands talent... record sales are enough to show they have talent”


“Well Chris has some obvious talents” the guy smiled a sickly smile that turned my stomach. I watch Chad ball his fist I ran over and grabbed his arm


“Chad no…” I tugged on his arm “…Thick skin, remember?’ He looked at me and relaxed, he turned away from the reporter. I linked his arm and we walked back across the street, he handed the Valet the ticket, the rumble of the McLaren again a comforting sound.


“You can drive if you want” I finally looked at him anger and annoyance etched on his face, the nerve in his cheek was twitching


“You sure?” He relaxed as he spoke to me I nodded and rubbed his arm as the car pulled up. I walked round to the passenger side and opened the door and got in. Chad pulled out of the garage almost taking out three or four of the paparazzi in the process. The Car tore up the street with little effort “Well, we can guess what’s going to be in the press tomorrow” He sighed settling back in the seat as if he was getting a massage from it


“I’d rather read the crap that’s going to be written in there, than reading about you getting bailed from jail for beating the crap out of one of them” I looked at him


“Yeah… Thank you for pulling me away” he glanced over “I owe you for that one” A silence fell between us, neither of us wanting to bring up what was happening in the club. The street outside of Chad’s house was lined with cars and people with cameras were milling around. He opened the gate and drove inside “Oh well looks like we have to close all the drapes” he turned off the engine after pulling into the Garage.


“I can leave and go and stay at a hotel” I looked at him


“Like hell you will” he answered quickly “You’re safer here with me, come on” we both got out and walked into the house. We both closed the drapes and the blinds so no one could get a clear view into the house. I walked into the kitchen Chad was leaning against the counter; I took a deep breath… come on girl all or nothing, I had to find out if I was imagining things or if the feelings in the club were from both of us…


“So what happened to not being able to dance?” I smiled putting my purse down and leaning on the island


“It suddenly became easy when I had a good teacher” I watched his grip on the counter get to the point that his knuckles turned white


“Shame we had to stop” I couldn’t believe I was saying this to him,


“Yeah… well my brother has this really bad sense of timing” he smiled lifting his head and looking at me “Or I think we’d have still been there”


“Dancing?” I asked biting down on my lower lip


“Maybe” he reached across the counter and pressed a button on a remote, and walked round to me as ‘Into the night’ started to play making me smile “it doesn’t have to stop” his voice was ragged like he’d been running for a week “So how does it work again?” he reached for me, I felt  butterflies explode in my stomach as I stepped closer to him.


“You have to hold me close and let the music move you” I almost couldn’t get the words out.


“Like this?” he asked, one of his hands moved to the small of my back the other tracing tiny circles on my back.


 I nodded as we moved across the floor; I could still feel the dampness of his shirt from the club the heat of his body underneath as my hand rested over his heart. It was racing almost as fast as mine. Chad lifted his hand from the small of my back and it brushed away the hair from my shoulder. The sensation sent shivers up and down my spine my eyes closed and my back arched as the song came to an end.


We stopped moving but didn’t move apart. His fingers trailed back down my arms, I opened my eyes and looked at him. He hesitated for a second before he touched the side of my neck and kissed me lightly a soft fleeting touch that made you wonder if he’d actually kissed me at all. Instinctively my arms circled his neck, he moved closer again this time in a deep kiss  that had me feeling like all the oxygen had be sucked out of the room, it mad the memory of Spain seem like nothing special at all, a moan filled the air but I wasn’t sure if it came from Chad or me.


“I need to shower” he murmured his thumb lazily stroked the side of my neck “I feel like I’ve been on stage” I swallowed hard and took a step back trying to calm down


“I’m sorry… I…” my voice was shaky


“It feels like you’ve gotten heated, and may need to cool down” he drew me back to him “Damn Chris” he groaned as I ran my fingers down his chest over his shirt.


 He stepped back and linked his fingers with mine nothing was said as he led me to his room and into the bathroom. I thought the bathroom in the room I’d been in the night before was nice but this was something else. Chad reached into the shower and turned on the water; he moved back to me and stroked the side of my face, I’d never seen him look nervous before


“If you want to walk away right now then I understand” I reached up and took off my earrings and put them on his vanity along with the ring. He watched me as I bent and took off my shoes


“You’ll need to help me with my zipper” I turned away from him and moved my hair. I felt his fingers shaking a little as he pulled down the zipper and I let the dress fall to the floor, it didn’t take long until both of us were naked and under the steaming water.


This was so different to anything I had done and felt before. Arron had been out to hurt me physically and get what he wanted. Dimitri had made it okay for me to feel again but the mental abuse I’d taken from him had demoralized me. Kellan had made me feel like I was the hottest person on the planet and it was okay to let loose and laugh, But Chad was making it feel like we were the last two people left as if there was only the two of us and his focus was me and only me. His body was pressed against my back as his fingers worked the soap in my hair. He hadn’t kissed me since we we’re in the kitchen and my body was screaming for more.


I was aching for him to touch me, I felt so hot I was terrified it was going to spontaneously combust. Chad’s fingers left my hair as the water washed the soap out and his hands moved slowly down my neck and my arms


“You’re beautiful” he murmured against the wet skin just below my ear, that tipped me closer to the edge and I gasped. I turned in his arms and my mouth searched out his, our tongues waged an all out war. The coolness of the tile against the hot skin on my back made me moan and arch in to him. There was a low chuckled as my leg hitch over his hip. He shuddered and moaned as my teeth grazed his throat and he pushed against me. I hate it to sound Cliché but it was like someone had let off fireworks behind my eyes and I gripped him as he pushed into me, both of my legs wrapped round his waist  as I lost control and the orgasm rocked through me harder than I’d ever thought possible…….

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