Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Meeting about????

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014



................  I Walked passed our rooms and headed for the foot bridge that lead from the hotel right into the concert hall, I didn’t want to be the one to tell the guys we had a meeting about god knows what. I walked up and onto the stage where the roadies were setting up, it was like a never ending process it was up one day and down the next rolling on to the next place and they were amazing.


“Hey Chris, you want to sound check” Joey walked over to me with a folder in his arms “Because we’re not quite ready”


“No I’m wandering round that’s all” I shook my head, he nodded


“Okay... hey Chris, by the way you’re doing good” he winked and smiled as he walked away. I sat down and picked up Pete’s guitar and started to hum and pick at the strings absently.


“You taking to writing?” Mike sat down next to me and smiled


“I’ve tried but Alfie seems to have the flair for it” I put the guitar down “I thought you were in a press thing?”


“It just got done” he shrugged “So the constant moving driving you insane yet?”


“No… I know it might sound crazy but this is the closest thing to a real family I’ve had for a long time, the crazy close knit feeling that everyone has right down to the crew” he tipped his head and looked at me.


“But your Mom’s that popular author isn’t she… my wife loves her books” He smiled “Can’t keep her nose out of them when a new one comes out” I looked down


“Oh yeah like half the world…” I sighed “…if she’s at home 3 months a year that’s about it” I hugged my knees to my chest “My dad tried his best but he worked his ass off to get his dream job with the UF football team and moved us there from Wisconsin because he was born and raised in Tampa” I looked at Mike “I had to be a part time mom to my little sister… I just used music was my way to escape… I mean I love my sister but sometimes”


“Wow do your guys know about this?” He looked worried, I Looked up as more people walked up onto the stage I put my legs down


“Yeah they all know everything” I moved over as Chad sat down with Alfie


“How can we make sure she’s okay unless we know it all” Alfie smiled Nudging me with his elbow


“Okay… Something’s been bugging me” Chad rubbed his hand over his face


“What?” I asked, he took a deep breath before letting it go in a huge huff


“You said something to me when we were sitting on the stage in Manchester about this time last year being a knocked up and knocked around band kid” of all things for him to remember it had to be that, I looked down


“The guy that attacked me…well when we were together he got me pregnant and then beat me till I miscarried” I looked back at him “Because he didn’t want the kid”


“I’m sorry” Chad fidgeted uncomfortably mike rubbed the back of his neck and looked at his shoes


“It’s okay; I’m okay with it…” I stopped and looked at them “Oh no this is what the meetings about isn’t it?” they all looked at each other  and then back at me “Arron’s bring up crap… I’m sorry I’m really sorry” I was in full out stress mode if Arron had screwed things up for us I was the one people would blame


“Whoa” Alfie caught my hand as I got up He got up with me Mike looked at me


“Chris… No the meeting’s about the tour and believe me we’ve already got our lawyers on his ass to stop him from doing anything” Mike stood up “I know he thinks of you like… well he thinks a lot of you” he nodded in Chad’s direction “but so do I and we’re not going to let some jumped up screwed up jerk try to fuck with us or you” I laughed a little at the defensiveness of Mike


“So why’s Lukas and Elena covering up something?”


“Come on lets go and get this sorted out” Chad got up and headed off stage, we all walked back to the hotel and into the Chad’s suite. Lukas and Elena were sitting at the table in there already looking over paperwork with Dan and Ryan


“Lukas I think we need to tell these guys what we have planned” Mike said sitting me down on the couch “Your poker face is starting to freak out some of them” Lukas got up and walked to the bar.


“Fine” Lukas poured himself a whiskey and sat down in one of the arm chairs across from me on the couch, Alfie Sat on the arm next to me and Kerion’s sat on my other side with Pete next to him “You guys are getting better every time you step out on to the stage” I looked at the guys and then back at Lukas “We’ve talked about it. We’ve argued about it, but at the end of the day my priority is those guys” he pointed across the table to Nickelback. “And getting what’s best for them at the end of the day” Oh here we go we were going to be let off after two weeks. I heard a groan and looked at Dan as he shook his head.


‘Lukas will you knock it off” Chad leant forward “We want you guys to stay on through the end of the tour” Okay all the oxygen seemed to have been sucked out of the room as I gripped Kerion’s leg


“Do what?” Kerion choked out as he tried to pries my fingers off his thigh


“We want you to support us for the next ten months” Dan smiled “We love the passion you put into everything you do when you are on stage and you actually listen when we pull you aside and try to show you things”


“Did they say ten months” Alfie muttered under his breath


“Uh-huh” I swallowed hard thinking about everything that we wouldn’t be doing. No senior prom, no graduation ceremony now walking, but then again after this would they seem too Blah…..


“Earth to Chris” Pete snapped his fingers in front of my face


“Sorry… you want… rest of the… just…” I stammered


“I think we surprised them” Lukas’s poker face broke Elena sat down in the other chair and pushed paperwork across the table in front of the four of us. “Elena’s already been through this and she thinks it’s fine” he explained putting a pen on top of the contract “So you guys want to rock the rest of the world instead of just  Europe?”


“Can we… er can we talk for a few minutes” Kerion got up and walked toward the balcony and opened the door and waited


‘Sure” Lukas nodded Pete got up pulled me with him as Alfie took a last look at the contract before he came to join us.


“They want us for the entire tour” Alfie giggled excitedly as he closed the door after us the sounds of the city filled the air “What do you think?”


“I’m in a dream… I’m blown away by this” Pete nodded “how much have we learnt over the past five weeks since getting this chance”


“Hell of a lot” I chewed the inside of my cheek “What about people back home we all have familys and we have other halfs I looked at Alfie and he nodded as he thought of Heidi”


“They’ll understand they can visit us” Alfie shook me laughing “Come on I’m in”


“I’m in let it roll” Pete laughed


“Me too” Kerion nodded they all looked at me


“Hell yeah all in or nothing right” I laughed. I don’t know how my little sister and Dimi were going to take it but I couldn’t throw something like this away I had to chase my dream and I had a really good group of people around me to help it all come true…………………



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