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Chapter 70 (v.1) - My Grizzly

Submitted: February 10, 2014

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Submitted: February 10, 2014



........... I felt the warmth of his body as he wrapped his arms around me. Chad pressed his face into my hair as he rocked me in his arms


“Damn you’re getting good at getting me to tell you things” I sniffed trying to get away from the ache that was forming in my chest, my throat was constricted and hurt like I’d swallowed acid.


“Wow your friends are good for not ripping that Arron guy to pieces” he murmured as he pressed his lips to my temple


“They don’t know… you’re the only one I’ve told” he turned me to face him “No one other than the doctors knew”


“Chris you can’t keep thing bottled up that are this bad” he started to shake his head


“I wasn’t seventeen and I’d had, any chance of having a baby stolen from me” I shook my head “what guy is going to want to have a true future with someone that’s not complete… tell me that?” I knew I shouldn’t be lashing out at Chad but I couldn’t help it he was right I’d bottled it up to long and it had eaten away at me “Guys say they don’t care about kids, but come on, you even said that you want a family at some point” I pulled out of his arms and sat on the couch “I’m always going to be the girl that was just for fun” I put my head in my hands “I haven’t thought about it for a long time and…”


“And I bring it to the front” Chad sat on the table in front of me “Chris look at me” I lifted my head, he held my face in his hands wiping the tears away with his thumbs “The guy that falls in love with you and wants you forever won’t care as long as the two of you are together. There is other ways of having a baby… don’t think that you’re not perfect the way you are because I’ll spend the night arguing with you” a smile danced on his lips before he moved to me and kissed me a cough made us jump and look toward the doorway.


“Well I can see this time you’re not messing with the Press” Lukas sighed throwing a pile of newspapers on the counter he looked at me as I wiped my eyes “Everything okay?”


“It’s fine” Chad and I both said together


“Lukas, I want to be there on Monday when you meet my Mother” I got up and walked over to him “I’m finished with being pushed around”


“Okay” Lukas nodded “You’ll probably throw her off if you turn up anyway” he smiled I looked back at Chad


“Any chance of you pointing me in the direction of the Mall so I can make sure she has no ammunition with how I look”


“You’re not going on your own” Chad and Lukas both said shaking their heads


“Okay, does one of you want to spend the next few hours shopping?” I looked from one to the other I wanted to put the intimate conversation between Chad and I behind me for now.


“I think the two of you don’t need to be seen together today” Lukas said putting his laptop on the counter. The buzzer went for the gate, Chad picked up the phone and pressed the button letting the gate unlock and swing open


“Damn I think we’re being invaded” he smiled pushing the button a few minutes later Mike and Dan walked in.


“Dude thank god Chris was there to stop you from beating that guy” Mike laughed as Dan high fived me while Ryan walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer.


“I’m going to get dressed and my jacket and boots” I walked out of the room


“Was it something I said?” Mike looked round


“No, she’s a little on edge” Chad sighed and pushed his hand through his hair


“Do you know what you’re doing?” Lukas looked at him


“I know… we both know” he nodded “can we get some huge security guy here to go shopping with her” Lukas waved his phone and smiled at Chad


“He’s going to be here in ten minutes with a car” Lukas nodded


“Good but she’ll want to take her car” Chad smirked “She’s a little possessive over it”


‘Hey, she let you drive it last night” Mike laughed “I’ll go shopping with her if I can drive it”


“Hell no” I smiled walking back into the room “I heard what happened with the Porsche you had” I patted him on the shoulder


“Okay it was icy and the gate didn’t open” he groaned holding out his hands


“You hit the gas instead of the break” Dan laughed “and Icy my ass it was June” I picked up my purse from the table


“Er… you’re not going anywhere till security turns up and Ryan brings the phone” Lukas tapped his fingers on the counter


“I know I heard” I zipped up my jacket “I need to make a few calls and talk to a few people” I chewed my lip Chad rubbed my shoulders as the buzzer went again.


“Ryan’s here” Dan shouted pressing the button “Oh and some guy that looks like he could bench press Kellan” he pushed his tongue into his cheek, I flushed he was one of the people I wanted to call.


“Heads up Miss. Sommers” he threw a phone to me as he walked in “all numbers have been transferred apart from your Mom and Dad” hugged him.


“Thank you”


“You’re welcome” he smiled, I walked over to Mike and hugged him


“That’s for last night” I pushed, my phone into my purse as Lukas talked to the security guy


“Last night why… shit what did I do?” I glanced at Chad who was smiling


“Kept me out of trouble” I laughed “I’ll see you all in a while” I walked over to Lukas


“Chris, this is Corey Williams” He said introducing me to him “Corey, this is Christine Sommers”


“Nice to meet you Ma’am” Corey smiled his eyes had a wicked twinkle to them that reminded me of Kerion


“You too” I nodded


“Chris… you don’t go anywhere without him” Lukas instructed


“Okay, but I draw the line when I need to pee” I smiled


“You know what I mean smart ass” Lukas groaned “Corey do not let anyone near her and Chris answer no questions”


“That’s my job Sir” he nodded


“Okay Chris call if you need anything” Lukas said taking a deep breath


“Hey Chris” Chad walked over to me and handed me a remote for the gate. “Stay close to him please” he stroked the side of my face “and don’t give them anything” he pulled me to him and kissed me, the entire room was silent enough to have heard a mouse fart in the field


“I won’t” I smiled “Oh I made the bed and cleaned the bathroom” I called over my shoulder as I pulled the keys from my pocket. I closed the door behind me Chad turned back to the kitchen all the guys were standing looking at him




“You ask us what?” Dan smiled


“I thought there was something last night” Mike laughed


“Are you and Chris…?” Ryan tipped his head making Chad grin and just nod


“About damn time you’ve been fawning after her since we met her” Mike patted Chad’s face “You going to get her to meet Mom”


“Oh I’m not going to put her through that just yet” Chad laughed “So want to watch the Game?”



………. “Nice car” Corey smiled as I pulled down the drive and opened the gate out on to the street


“Thank you my first treat” I sighed as the camera flashes went off before, I could pull onto the street Making Corey frown. “So it has to suck babysitting people like me”


‘No Ma’am it’s a good living” he shrugged looking at me


“It’s Chris… you sound like a few Marines I met” I laughed


“Well Once a Marine Ma’am always a Marine” he smiled


“You’re an Ex Marine?” I laughed


“No such thing as an Ex Marine” he nodded “d but after busting my leg on my last tour falling off a humvee I decided to retire”


“Wow so how long were you in the Marines?” I asked “If you don’t mind me asking”


“sixteen years… from graduating high school”


“Wow… we did some USO stuff over Christmas and just before” I settled in as the car ate up the roads easily


“I know you made quite an impression on my friend’s son” he had such a warm friendly smile I was at ease with him already




“His name is Ryder and he’s driving his sister made because he’s met you and she hasn’t” he chuckled


“Small world” I smiled as my phone rang I pushed the answer button putting it on speaker through the car it threw the car.


Kellan * okay another new phone Chris?

Me * yeah, I down side to the job

Kellan * I hear you… so how was the club?


He laughed in a sing song voice


Me * you told Chad to take me there even after I said…
Kellan * I suggested it  and you can’t tell me you didn’t have fun

Me * no it was good…

Kellan * good… yeah right Chris it got you dancing with him didn’t it?


I actually blushed


Me * what?

Kellan * Chris are you blind?

Me * I hope not I’m behind the wheel of $200,000 car right now.

Kellan * oh yeah about the car I hope you’ll take me out in it

Me * of course

Kellan * awesome so back to “the are you blind?” thing


I shook my head and smiled


Me *Kellan spit it out

Kellan * I trod on toes and I knew it… it was so obvious how Chad felt about you, but I wanted to see you

Me * you knew?

 Kellan * Chris it’s written on his face when he looks at you it’s a respect and love thing, I’m not the only one that could see it

Me * You… I…

Kellan * I love ya and I love being a bear to hug you when you need it but no more stepping on toes, I’m your friend and…

Me * I’m sorry

Kellan * Hey did we have fun…? Yes… did we look insanely hot together in the photo shoot…? Hell yes and by the way we have two more of those to do, but didn’t we say we weren’t going to go there with a relationship

Me * Yes

Kellan * I’ll always pick up when you call, and I’ll bug the ass off you because well that’s the sort of thing I do to my best friends

Me * I love you

Kellan * Good, hey what did he think to the tattoo?

Me * I never asked

Kellan * Hmmm, I’ll have to call him and we can compare notes


I groaned


Me * don’t you dare and how do you know anything happened?

Kellan * sorry going through a tunnel Love ya Bye


The phone clicked, I smiled to myself before I realized that there was a stranger sitting in the car with me that had heard me talking openly to Kellan I looked across at him.


“Don’t worry I have a confidentiality clause in my contract and I’m Semper Fi” Corey laughed as if reading my mind……………….

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