Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 71 (v.1) - Two tattoos and a vistior

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Submitted: February 10, 2014



...................... Shopping had been interesting to say the least, but Corey was amazing and I think he’d managed to block any shot a photographer had tried to take. I’d had questions shouted at me asking me about What I was doing out with Chad…  if I thought it was alright to cheat on Kellan that one actually made me laugh… thank god being seen out with Chad had made then for the moment back off from questions about my mother and her books.


I walked back into the house to the sounds of shouting and yelling. I put my bags at the bottom of the stairs and followed the noise, all of it created by five guys all watching a hockey game, I leant on the wall and smiled.


‘Okay, can anyone tell me the appeal of Hockey?” I held out my arms “Soccer players then I get it, they have the legs and asses that I can see” they all looked at me


‘Typical girl” Ryan rolled his eyes


“That’s no typical girl ask her about the car” Chad took a drink of his beer, his eyes fixed on me making me want to blush “I got its entire specs and what it can and can’t do and the last 6 Canadian Grand prix results over dinner last night” I shook my head a little


“Oh yeah, Formula 1 drivers now there’s a lean body” Chad looked at me and tipped his head raising one of his eye brows at me.


“Can we throw things at her” Dan laughed, “Please” I squealed as a pile of cushions were launched in my direction.


“I’m going to take a bath and leave you all to it” I walked away from them smiling this was my family all be it a little short without Kerion, Pete and Alfie, I picked up my things and headed up the stairs.


“Hey, was everything okay?” Chad caught up to me and took the bags from me


“Yeah, we had a few problems but Corey stood his ground” I nodded “I like him”


“We’ll have to see what we can do about offering him a job on your security detail” he lifted the bags in his hands “Do you want these things in my room or in the guest room?” He asked stopping at the split in the staircase the right hand one went to the master bedroom and the left went the to the other bedrooms and the game room


“Do you still want…” he dropped the bags and pulled me to him crushing his mouth to mine, in a kiss that felt like a kiss of relief


“Yes I still want you…” he smiled “I was wondering if you’d changed your mind… you know having the day to think about last night”


“Is it okay if I take a bath in your tub?” I asked biting my bottom lip, I wished that there wasn’t anyone else in the house, because I’d seen the size of his tub and it was a little too big to be just for one person.


“Of course” he nodded picking up the bags again and walking taking the rest of the stairs up to his room. He put the bags on the bed, I stopped and saw my missing luggage cases sitting next to the couch across from the bed and looked at him “I just kinda hoped” he chuckled


“Good job, I love you” the words fell from my mouth and I’d said it to him so many times, only this time the connotation was so much more. The two of us stood there looking at each other for what felt like an hour but must have only been seconds “Er… I’ll go start the bath”


“Yeah I’d better get back to the game” He sort of walked round in a circle and rubbed the back of his neck before heading for the door. I walked into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bath groaning to myself ‘Way to go girl, way to go’.


Chad walked down the stairs as his phone rang


Chad * hey

Kellan * so I told you the dancing is like a drug to her didn’t I?


Chad sat on the kitchen counter


Chad * yes, you did, and I have to say thank you for it

Kellan * its okay, and I’ve already spoken to her and got a few things cleared up, and I have to say something

Chad * okay?

Kellan * about Damn time dude
Chad * excuse me?

Kellan * you and Chris it’s about damn time… just take care of her, I think she’s more fragile than most people think


Chad had to smile to himself


Chad * I will, and you’d better keep in touch with her. I know how she feels about you; she does care a lot for you

Kellan * oh I’m going to but as a friend only, the big brother she never wanted kinda friend

Chad * thanks

Kellan * one thing I do have to ask about

Chad * okay?

Kellan * the tattoo she has


Chad started to laugh making the guys all look at it


Chad * hot as hell isn’t it… I was surprised I’d never noticed them before

Kellan * well they are pretty far up on her thigh but gotta be one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen

Chad * you know what it the notes are don’t you?

Kellan * no, I didn’t do too well in music… well in fact I sucked at it

Chad * it’s the opening to Pink’s ‘Fucking perfect’

Kellan * well it sums her up

Chad * yes it does… but then so does the ones on the other leg as well

Kellan * What I missed some?

Chad * it looked fairly new

Kellan * damn


There was a whistle on the other end that made Chad feel a little smug at being the one to discover it


Chad * Oh and it gets even sexier when it’s a song you’ve written

Kellan * okay you win


They both laughed


Kellan * good luck with her Chad she deserves a good guy

Chad * thanks, talk to you later


He hung up


“Okay what was so funny?” Lukas asked looking over


“Nothing” Chad walked to the fridge and pulled out a beer “I’ll be back in a few minutes”


“A few minutes my ass” Ryan laughed “she’s naked in the tub and he’s going to join her”


“We know him too well” Mike leant over and knocked beer bottles with Ryan


“Well I draw the line if they start to sound like wild monkeys” Dan didn’t take his eyes from the screen “I’m stealing her car as compensation to my hearing and mental imagery”


“You think we should warn the wives” Mike smiled “They’re going to be here in a short while they can run for the hills while they still can”




Chad ran back up the stairs and knocked on the bathroom door “I thought you might like?” he held up the beer I smiled and nodded


“I thought you were watching the game? I sat up a little in the water


“I got a call”


“Okay?” I took the beer from him as fear gripped me had my mother gotten a hold of Chad’s number from somewhere


“From Kellan” I choked on the beer. Chad sat on the edge of the tub and smiled at me “So when did you get the ‘Burn it to the ground’ Tattoo?”


“Just before we left for Afghanistan” I smiled as I put the bottle on the ledge around the tub


“You do know I have copyright on that?” he laughed rubbing his hand over his jaw


“Really then I guess you’ll have to take payment won’t you?” I grinned at him


“Oh, I’m going to Miss Sommers” he bent and kissed me. I caught his t-shirt and got him off balance one tug and I had him in the steaming water with me.  “Oh you’re in trouble” he wiped the water from his face laughing I wiggled my eye brows at him. There was a cough making us look up


“Hey will you stop for thirty seconds the others are here and the pizzas have turned up” Dan was leaning on the doorframe “And thank fuck I wasn’t two minutes later”


“Yeah… well if it’s Chad then you’d have been safe after what a minute ten” Chad’s face dropped. Dan’s eyes got wide looking in our direction; I struggled to stay covered under the bubbles as a petite blonde walked into the bathroom


“What the?” Chad choked


“How the hell did you get in?” Dan grabbed her arm.


“I came with Ryan’s wife” she smiled “Bit young isn’t she Chad?” she sneered at me


Chad scrabbled to get out of the water as Mike skidded into the room looking flustered, I scooped the bubbles round me Dan offered Chad a hand and pulled him out of the water………..

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