Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 72 (v.1) - Only tears of laughter

Submitted: February 11, 2014

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Submitted: February 11, 2014



................ “Make love to her in the shower did you? Its one of your favorite things to do isn’t it?” She picked up my earrings from the vanity, that I’d worn to go shopping and had been a gift from Miranda and Heidi “No diamonds” She ran her tongue over her highly glossed lips “Chad you’re slipping” I felt my eye brows raise


“Get out of my house” Chad growled


“You know still sounds strange when you say that, I helped you decide which house to buy” She smiled at him “and furnish it”


“Marianne you need to leave” Dan said shaking his


“Why the hell would you come back here after you left and dragging my wife into this is fucked up” Ryan was now in the door way. Great four guys, one crazy blond and me in a bathroom


“I had to see if things had changed” she put the earrings down “If I should just…”


“Er… excuse me…” I coughed “…Naked in the tub here” they all looked at me and I scooped at the bubbles and tried to keep covered


“Yeah sorry” Chad smiled a tight hard line smile. He grabbed the blond by the arm and pulled her from the room, I looked at Dan and Ryan.


“Who the hell?” I mouthed Ryan made he sighed and made an X with his fingers “Oh wonderful… Can you hand me the robe please” I pointed to where a thick white robe hung on the back of the door. Dan took it off and put it on the side of the tub “Thanks” they walked out and closed the door behind them.



………….. “You have no right coming back in here” Chad yelled “No right at all” He paced the floor “You packed and left and all you did was leave a note”


“Oh and here was me hoping for one night for old times’ sake” She smiled and swung her hips as she moved over to the bed and trailed her fingers over the comforter


‘Like hell” Chad laughed as Mike handed him a towel “Thanks… why would I even want you in my bed again?”


“You want him to give you one more night” Mike laughed “What you trying to do get knocked up so you have some hold over him?” She didn’t answer Ryan and Dan looked at each other in a shocked way


“There is not enough alcohol on the damn planet to get me drunk enough to even think about going back with you” Chad paced the floor “I wouldn’t do it to Chris, at least I’m with a woman now that has some morals” I walked out of the bathroom.


“What a new young plaything?” She laughed shaking her head “Damn Chad what are you doing with that thing? I know what you are like in the bed room only a real woman can handle you” She bit down on her bottom lip “And you need a real woman to deal with what goes down on tour” she tossed her hair and looked at him through her eyelashes. Chad opened his mouth to say something


“And you know a real woman has the balls to tell someone to their face that they’re leaving, and don’t want to be with them… not take the bullshit chicken way out and leave a note” I smiled walking from behind Chad “Oh and honey believe me… I’m the one going down on tour” Chad, Mike and Ryan looked at each other as Dan turned to me and raised his eyebrows.


“What pole did you pay her to get off?” she snapped at Chad her face beginning to turn red


“Not the one that’s shoved up your ass” I bit back “I’m sick and tired of dumb assed people who haven’t got a fucking clue” I held my hands out.


“Oh you really don’t want to go there with me Honey” she started to walk over to me “I’ve heard all about the drinking the screwing and the heroin Stephanie”


“Oh My God you’re quoting a book” Mike groaned as Chad moved to get in between us “Chris I take it back when I said no one will believe the book and your life are separate”


“It’s okay, I’m kinda getting used to it” I shrugged


“Get the hell out, before I have the cops arrest your ass for trespass” Chad almost growled at her. I swallowed hard and took a step back, I knew he wouldn’t do anything like Arron but it was an automatic defense when I was nervous.


“Call me when you’re tired of banging that thing” she sneered at me one more time.


“GET OUT” Chad snapped again taking her by the arm and basically frog marching her from the room. Mike stood behind me and rubbed my shoulders


“Chris, I swear I didn’t know Treana would bring her here. Hell I didn’t even know they still spoke” Ryan looked at me. I chewed the inside of my cheek, Chad walked back into the room.


“Guys can we call tonight a bust” he sighed shivering a little in the wet clothes he was wearing, he pulled off his t-shirt.


“Yeah” Mike nodded “Call us later” the three of them walked out of the room


“I’m so sorry Chris” I leant on the bathroom door frame and pushed my hands into the pockets of the robe


“I would say it’s okay, but I’m still shaking” I looked at him as he walked over to me “Am I such a bad person that this sort of shit keeps happening. I get one good thing that makes me happy and then something has to come along and kick it in to touch” I walked back into the bathroom and started to drain the water from the tub I stood up and let my hair down


“I really don’t know what to say…” He took a deep breath “she threw me for a loop walking in here?” I sat on the edge of the tub and pinched the bridge of my nose


“Are you still in love with her?” I regretted asking as soon as the words left my mouth, because I wasn’t sure I was ready for the answer.


“No”  he said without hesitation he lent on the vanity “I stopped loving her when she walked out on me” I looked at him “do you trust me?” I nodded, there was something about Chad that I knew I could trust him, and had trusted him with everything. He came over and crouched down “Please can we try to get past this, because all I want is to be here with you” he touched the side of my face


“Do I get to kick her ass if she comes back?” Chad started to laugh as I leant into this hand


“Sure” he nodded “and by the way, way to go with the quick comments” he stood up “You’re impressive”


“Yeah, well after the one minute ten comment…” I smiled “she derived a verbal bitch slap”


“Come here” Chad pulled me to him “it’s going to hard’


“I hope” I laughed


“Oh you’re a smart ass aren’t you” he chuckled pulling me to my feet


“Chad, if I don’t laugh I’ll end up crying, and I think in the past few months I’ve cried enough” he wrapped his arms round me and bent his head kissing me taking my breath away


“No more tears unless it laughing” he winked at me



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