Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 73 (v.1) - Next step

Submitted: February 11, 2014

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Submitted: February 11, 2014



….…. “You want to go eat?” Chad asked tucking my hair back behind my ear “There’s Pizza downstairs”


“Sure” I nodded, “I’ll get dressed and you should get out of the wet jeans, you’re making a puddle on the floor” we both looked down at the water dripping off of his jeans.


“You have a point” He laughed, I reached round him and picked up the earrings from the vanity


“Did she have any idea who I was?” I looked at him


“I don’t know, I thought everyone knew who you were by now but Marianne has had her head up her ass for a long time” he shrugged “all I wanted was to make sure she was out of the house, the codes are being changed on the gates tomorrow” he pulled off his belt “well you can’t say the life of a rock star is dull” he chuckled as he un buttoned his jeans


“True” I nodded “who wants a normal life” I pulled a face


“Exactly” the phone started to ring we both looked at each other


‘Hey, it’s your house” I held up my hands and walked out of the bathroom and pulled on some Shorts and a tank. “I’ll go sort out the food” I walked down the stairs to the sound of my phone ringing in my purse on the hall table I grabbed it and fished it out



Alfie * you okay?


I smiled I’d missed hearing his voice and Kerion and Pete’s as well


Me * I’ve been better, I take it you guys have seen what’s been going on, and I’m sorry for not calling but I kinda have a new phone again

Kerion * we know and we’ve seen it online, we’ve called Lukas and we’re heading in tomorrow instead of Sunday

Me * any chance Heidi or Miranda can come with you?


I actually crossed my fingers


Alfie * they’ve both got finals

Me * okay… oh you guys should know that…

Pete * you and Chad are together

Me * yep


There was laughing at the other end of the line


Kerion * finally… I said it before the sexually tension was killing me when the two of you were anywhere near each other


I stood up right and felt my eyes get wide at his statement


Me * yeah right

Alfie * Chris everyone could see it when the two of you were in the same room or each other’s names were mentioned

Pete * and hey age is a number right


There was a muffled thud and a groan


Miranda * take no notice of the idiots… so come on Chad or Kellan? Because we know Dimi can’t measure up to either of them

Me * Miranda


I hung my head


Heidi * come on he’s got to be a wealth of knowledge, and skills

Me * Alfie… will you control your girlfriend


I put my head on the counter and put my phone down on speaker next to me


Pete * and I really don’t need to know the details of my boss Heidi

Miranda * boys you need to leave the room this is girl talk

Me * will you guys stop

Heidi * nope because we love you

Kerion * I do have one question and then I’ll never ever mention it again


Oh I dreaded to even think what it could be from him


Me * what?

Kerion * I know, I’m good at almost my age and have hell of a lot of stamina, but does Chad need a little blue pill


There was laughing at the other end of the phone


Me * Oh you did not just ask that…


Chad * no I don’t need help Kerion, and Heidi with age comes experience


I looked at him


Me * don’t encourage them

Miranda * Chris we love you and we’ll let the two of you…

Me * eat pizza

Pete * well okay then… that’s a new thing to call it but whatever floats your boat

Me * I love you guys… see you tomorrow


I hung up and looked at Chad


“I’m sorry about them, we sort of have this thing when you get with someone that’s really hot you have to tell your friends how hot they really are… but then again we never expected  any of us to find really hot guys” Chad reached into the cupboard and brought down two plates, and shook his head “But then somehow you and I…”


“So I’m really hot” he winked


“Well I’m a little bias on that” I smiled pushing my phone across the counter toward my purse. I picked up the pizza box and followed him into the dining room.


“Ah that’s avoiding the question” he laughed pulling out a chair for me, I smiled as I sat down


“Well personally… I’d do you in a heartbeat” I smirked at him as I ,took a slice of pizza from the box


“It’s a good job I love you” he grinned walking back into the kitchen to grab two beers, I fidgeted in the chair. There were those three words again it’s so easy to say them as a friend but now it means so much more


“So did you get crap from the guys?” I asked as he came back and put the beer down in front of me and sat down


“For what?” Chad reached for a slice of pizza


“Us… I mean me and you… I mean what we did?” I looked at the plate and closed my eyes at how flustered I sounded


“I got crap…. But just guy laughing and joking crap” he sat back and looked at me “they seem to like us together” I felt the color rise in my cheeks “Are you up to face people as a couple?”


“A couple?” I looked at him


“Well I’m done with messing with the press, dealing with rumors” He sat forward again “If you’re not ready then we can wait. But if I’m asked about the two of us I’m going to tell them that we’re together” my face must have been a picture because he started to chuckle “Is it so bad to be with me?”


“No… not at all, you just took me by surprise and I can’t believe that this is happening” I smiled I got up and walked over to him he pushed back his chair and I sat on his lap “I’ve tried to convince myself that I was good, I didn’t need a guy because all they want to do is hurt me or use me so I was just going to have fun”


“We can still have fun” he trailed his fingers down my arm making me shiver “Just you get me being a little more protective than I was before”


“You know I don’t think I’m hungry anymore” I bit down on my lip and tugged off my tank “because I know I need you in more ways than just a friend”…… 



……………. The sound of my phone ringing pushed its way into the sweet dream I was having about Chad and a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries…. I opened my eyes and reached for the ringing spoiler of dreams from the nightstand


Me * Hmmmm

Chad * you have a call

Me * yeah, it’s you


The rumble of his laughter made me feel all warm and fuzzy


Chad * no on the house phone


I sat up, and looked around the room


Me * okay where are you, and why am I naked alone in bed?

Chad * you know when you put it like that I must need a two by four to the head for leaving you like that, and I’m in the studio we were getting some stuff delivered and I forgot to tell you. I’ll be back up to the house in about 20 minutes just take the call

Me * who is it?
Chad * Lukas and he was being secretive

Me * alright…. I’ll take the call


I hung up my cell and rubbed my hands over my face and reached for the phone on Chad’s side of the bed and hit the answer button


Me * hey Lukas

Lukas * okay the small favor you asked me to do is done, as long as and I quote ‘that chick carries on kickin ass’

Me * so we can use the song for the album as a cover


I sat up wide awake now


Lukas * yes you can and she was flattered that you wanted to do it

Me * you rock you know that

Lukas * I know I do, but it’s nice to hear sometimes…

Me * awesome… what time do the others get in

Lukas * five… I’m picking them up and bringing the right to there

Me * Okay and thank you again

Lukas * you doing okay?

Me * better than okay



I hung up and got out of bed, I pulled on a pair of shorts and one of Chad’s t-shirts and hurried down the stairs. Nothing could knock me off how happy I was right now; I was excited for my guys to get there and to gt started with the album.


 I poured a coffee from the pot and slipped on my boots and grabbed my jacket and stepped out into the icy wind. I lifted my head into the wind, it felt like there was a winter storm brewing or at least in Wisconsin this is how it felt before we got hammered with snow. I wrapped my hands round the cup and walked toward the Studio. Maybe the shorts were a good idea in the house, but the wind stung my legs, I groaned inwardly as I pushed the door open. There were guys bustling about installing something Chad was sitting on a couch his guitar on his lap. Damn could that man look any hotter right now…….

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