Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 74 (v.1) - Love

Submitted: February 11, 2014

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Submitted: February 11, 2014



...........  “Damn” one of the delivery guys muttered as I leant on the door “Chris is fine in person” he nudged his friend Chad looked up and in my direction making my stomach do flips.


“Hey Sweetheart” he smiled “and there’s a true mid west girl its twenty degrees and you’re in shorts”


‘Yeah… I didn’t really think it through” I dodged out of the way of the two guys carrying a piano “Is that new?” I pointed at it because you have one in the house


“Yup, Lukas told us we might need it and the one in the house is an antique” He moved his guitar and reached for my hand “I’m sorry I didn’t get back to the house before you woke up… I was hoping to sneak back into bed and recreate last night” he kissed me as I sat down, I felt the silly grin appear on my face as I thought about what had happened at the dinner table, on the stairs and in the shower again.


“I’d have still been asleep if you hadn’t called…” Chad took the coffee from me and took a sip and pulled a face


“Okay that’s strong” he moaned


“Oh you girl” I laughed taking the cup back and wrapping my hands around it


“So what did Lukas want he wouldn’t tell me?” Chad pulled my legs over his lap, he let his fingers slowly slip up the outside of my thigh to the edge of my shorts


“You’ll have to wait and see. I have to talk to the guys first before I show you” I said trying to focus and not gasp for air


“Chris, I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t seen” he laughed, I shook my head at him


“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, so I asked Lukas to help make it happen” I shrugged


“What dating me?” I looked at him “Oh thanks”


“You know I don’t mean it… the guys are going to be here after five so I was sort of hoping…”  I moved forward and let my fingers slide under his shirt and a smile spread across his lips. “That if I get dressed we can go grab some lunch together”


“I like that sort of lunch I’m hungry…” he laughed pulling me on to his lap without a care for the guys working round us “And I owe you for leaving you naked in bed alone”.


“As in one of us drives my car” I laughed “and we point out to people that see us we’re together” his face became serious


“You sure?” I nodded “Why don’t we go in my car?”


“Because mines cooler?” he rolled his eyes as his fingers held my hips


“You’re not going to let it rest are you?”


“I’ll drag race you down the street” I laughed getting up from his lap “My McLaren against your Lamborghini. I’ll give you a head start to make it fair”


“Hmmmm I lost my license once I’m not risking it again” he shook his head “Go get ready, I know a bar that we can hit but I’ll drive”


“Okay” I nodded, I bent and kissed him.





 “Hey Baby” Chad called out as he walked into the bedroom, I came out of the bathroom


“It feels funny when you say things like that” I smiled “But in a good way”


“Sorry” he winked “you look hot” He took my hand and turned me round.


“If I didn’t know better I’d say you were trying to get me into bed Mr. Kroeger” I laughed as he caught me around the waist and pulled me to him


“Okay so I’m busted… and I was thinking more of on the hood of my car, but its a little cold” he let go of me and held up his hands “You ready to go?” I nodded he picked up his keys and mine and shifted them behind his back “Pick a hand”


“Oh not fair” I groaned


“Come on pick a hand” he smirked


“Okay Left” I picked up my purse and pushed my phone into it


“See, you’ll have to lower those standards you have and ride in my car” he walked to the closet and walked in coming back out with the keys in his teeth as he put his Jacket on. We headed away from his house and into the sort of landscape I was used to in Wisconsin with the backwoods vibe.


“You know this car being bright red isn’t really inconspicuous” I smiled


“I thought that was the idea” he glanced across at me “And your car doesn’t exactly blend in either” He reached across for my hand. I felt my cheeks flush “What?”


“I think it’s beginning to sink in what’s happening?” I suppressed the giggle that threatened to spill out of me


“What the singing and touring stuff?” he pulled up at a bar with pickups and snow mobiles in the parking lot and turned off the engine


“No, the fact I’m with you” I opened the door  and got out, Chad got out and walked round to me as cars seemed to fill the parking lot behind us containing guys with cameras


“Hey” I looked at him “How do you think I feel” he put his hands on my waist “I’ve woken up with Christine Sommers for the last two mornings, and not like when we were on the USO and we were all in the same tent” I laughed, He moved a hand and stroked my face “I get a little star struck myself sometimes when I look at you”


“With me, I wasn’t anyone when you met me” I put my purse on the hood of his car and let my arms go round his neck “I had to sing in front of you and the others” he nodded “Do you have any idea how intimidating that is”


“Good job… I love you” he bent his head and kissed me. There was a flurry of camera’s clicking, but I was lost in the kiss. He pulled away and hugged me “and I’m not just saying it as a friend now” he murmured in my ear. He took my hand and we walked inside the bar. I felt my heart beating like it was about  to explode from my chest


“DUDE YOU BRING ALL THE PRESS WITH YOU” the guy behind the bar called out laughing “THAT’S WHAT I CALL FREE ADVERTISING” Chad pulled off his jacket “Damn get all the hot girls”


“Okay Joey….” Chad hung up his jacket and lead me through the mismatched tables to the bar. “Chris… meet the Joey from Photograph, he runs the recording studio when I’m not around and I grew up and got arrested with this idiot more than once” Chad pulled me to him “Joey, play nice this is Chris”


“Oh I know Chris” he pointed to the wall behind the bar, I started to laugh at the picture of me in the under wear add with Kellan “You are the official bar mascot now” he held out his had to me “Nice to meet you and giving up him” he pointed to Kellan and then to Chad “…for him, My wife thinks your insane”


“Your wife is insane she married you” Chad groaned


“Nice to meet you too” I giggled at the easy of conversation between the two of them


“So you want the press kept outside I take it” Joey said reaching for two beers and handing them over


“Oh yeah, they got something in the parking lot that should keep the wolves at bay for a while” Chad nodded “You want to take me on at pool” he hip checked me


“Oh you think you’re lucky because you won the car thing” I smiled “What’s the bet?” I walked over to the pool table and took off my jacket, this place felt relaxed and comfortable there were people in there playing pool watching the game and just having fun. “So come on” I walked over to Chad “What’s the bet?”


“Alright, you beat me at pool and you get to open this” he smiled pulling out a box from his pocket wrapped in silver paper and set it on the side of the table


“Alright what if you win/”


“You stop giving me crap about my car” he grinned


“Is that it?”


“Wow Dude…. you have no imagination? One of the guys on the next table laughed looking at Chad


“Will believe me when your girl looks like that” he pointed to me standing with the cue in my hand “Your imagination works over time” Chad laughed  as I racked up the balls “Ladies first”


“Okay since when was I a lady” I smiled leaning over and breaking


“I don’t know, I’ll get back to you on that” Chad grinned “Miss Sommers you’re going down” he laughed putting the chalk down and taking his turn


“Chad, seriously there are children in the bar” Joey called over


“Yeah… mental aged ones like you” I watched one of the guys say something to Joey who started laughing and looked at me


“Hey Chris” Joey called me over “You want to beat him?”


“Yeah, I forgot he was this good” I nodded “Shame it’s not rock band” I looked over as Chad sank another ball


“Don’t think of me as some weird guy but I think you can get him with this” pointed to the Jukebox and pulled up a song, I started to laugh


“Do it” I nodded I walked back over to the table, Chad looked up and licked his lips


“You’re not going to win this you know” he smiled “And I think there’s still some royal…” he trailed off as the music flooded from the speakers in the bar almost everyone laughing and singing along.


“I like this song” I teased as My Darkest Day’s ‘Porn star dancing’ came on


 Chad stood up and shook his head, I moved my hips and didn’t take my eyes off him. He threw the pool cue on the table and held up his hands as I danced in front of him trying to think of it as being on stage… well not that sort of stages… you know what I mean, stage as in working.


“That’ so unfair” he groaned pulling me against him and holding my hips


“You didn’t say that no dancing was a rule” I smiled


“No... but Damn Chris I wish to god I was at home with you right now” he rubbed his thumbs under my shirt


“I’m sorry” I smiled stepping back from him as the song ended “that was cruel” he nodded but reached behind me for the gift


“After that dance you get this regardless” he took my hand and we went to  one of the booths and he sat down across the table from me


“I don’t have to....” I looked at him “it was unfair what I did”


“No it was hot, what you just did and I guess I never thought of using your body for underhand tactics” he stroked the back of my hand “I’ve had this for a while I just never… I mean I wanted to… See I’m getting all tongue tied” he laughed “Just open it, please” I pulled off the card taped to it and opened it



Shoot for the moon

And even if you miss

You’ll still land

among the stars





I lifted the lid of the box my hand going right to my mouth


“It's the jewelry I picked out for you at the awards well  the earrings are different becasue the originals had been soldme as the stuff you wore at the awards, because well someone else had brought the earrings and the necklace” he smiled “But the ring and the bracelet is the same, so I hunted round to find something that looked good with it” he looked at me “ It’s okay isn’t it”


“It’s… wow... I... thank you” I slid out from behind the table he smiled and moved to stand up “I love them… Damn thank you so much”


“As long as you like them” he smiled “You want to go home, I want to get you alone for a while before the others get there” I nodded he picked up the box “Chris, I meant what I said earlier... I love you” he rested his forehead against mine………………..



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