Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 75 (v.1) - Memories

Submitted: February 12, 2014

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Submitted: February 12, 2014



……. “You think I can drive?” I asked as we stepped out of the bar, Chad’s fingers were linked with mine holding me close to him, he stopped walking and looked at me


“You want to drive my car” he feigned shock with a smirk playing on his lips


“Guys so are you together?” one of the reporters called out to us


“Yes we are” I nodded as Chad handed over his keys “Now you know it, any chance you all could leave us alone for a little while?” Chad stood behind me and rubbed my arms


“We’re trying to get their album done in the break we have from the tour, and all this is way too stressful” Chad smiled at them “Yes Chris and I are a couple, no we’re not getting married, yes I’m older than she is, and us has nothing to do with how NeverWest is storming the world right now they’re just that damn good” He opened the door for me “and see I’m still a gentleman” the reporters started to laugh he walked round and got in the passenger side, I fired up the engine and pulled out of the parking lot. I had to admit it was a smooth ride and had he sexy purring engine kinda like it owner


“You think that will keep them away?” I asked as I put my foot down, I actually giggled a little as the car dip when it hugged the road with the down force it created.


“Probably not, but we were polite so they can’t say anything bad about it” he looked at me “and you do realize you’re touching ninety on these roads?”


“What you want faster?” I laughed and wiggled my eye brows at him


“Er… not in my car” he shook his head and tried to relax


“I grew up with roads like this, and my friends Dad had a corvette we used to take it out when he wasn’t there” I shrugged


“Wonderful I’m dating a Car thief” He teased


“Oh that’s something from the guy that was caught breaking and entering”  he started to laugh and hung his head “and technically I wasn’t a car thief, his son knew we had the car” I smiled


“How old were you?”


“Fourteen, fifteen” I shrugged


“So you didn’t even have your license… whoa” He flinch as the back end skipped out a little on some gravel on the road, I caught it before it spun out


“Nope, but I was driving farm stuff on my grandparents land when I was old enough to see over the wheel and touch the pedals” I smiled at the memories of summers without a care in the world, when things were easy and life hadn’t slapped me in the face and stabbed me in the back.


“Hey, why the tears?” I put my hand up to my face, I hadn’t even realized I was crying


“Memories” I sighed wiping my eyes, I took a deep breath and slowed to a normal speed as we pulled back onto Chad’s road “My family wasn’t always as messed up as it is now. Things used to be awesome, Mom was a third grade teacher at my elementary school and Dad worked at the high school as a Gym teacher and football coach. I use to have something on every day of the week between Dance, soccer, gym, swimming, piano…” I pulled into his driveway “My Mom used to take me to everything and Dad would change practice schedules to be there for meets, games, and recitals. I can’t work out where it all went wrong” I turned off the engine


“Chris it will have had nothing to do with you or anything you’ve done” Chad turned in his seat to look at me “Come on I think you need to get a long soak in the tub before the others get here” he squeezed my thigh


“You want to share the tub with me?” I smiled at him


“Oh I was going to” he chuckled “I’ve still got images of you dancing in the bar in here” he tapped his head as we both got out of the car. “And I want to see that body move without the clothes


“I’m sorry for getting emotional again” he looked at me and smiled


“Never apologize” He put his arm round me and kissed my forehead “I like finding out more about you” he linked his fingers with mine………………




………… “Chris they’re here” Chad shouted up the stairs as he walked to the open the front door, I ran down as Kerion was the first one in


“Damn are you guys under siege or something?” he laughed as Chad hugged him “It was like that back in Tampa as well” he looked toward the Photographs at the bottom of the drive and then looked at me “Hey you” he hugged me “I hope you’re ready to work because, we need to play it’s killing us not playing” he groaned


“Yeah… we’ve been in his mom’s basement playing but it’s just the same anymore” Alfie grinned he pulled me to him and hugged me tightly “Miranda and Heidi said to give you a hug from them and to tell you they miss you”


“So you didn’t manage to smuggle them here?” I laughed as he let me go


“Nope sorry”


“How the hell do you live in cold like this?” Pete walked in “damn it’s freezing” he shivered


“Light weight” Chad laughed “Chris was in shorts this morning”


“It gets colder in Wisconsin than it does here… I do need to talk to the three of you about something” I looked at them


“Okay that sounds ominous” Alfie frowned.


“No… it’s not” I smiled “Is it okay if we go to the studio” I looked at Chad


“Sure” he nodded “I’ll be down there when the others arrive” he kissed me “will we get to hear what you and Lukas have been cooking up?”


“If these guys agree then maybe” I smiled. I linked Kerion’s arm as we walked out of the house and down to the studio, I turned on the lights  and closed the door behind us and lead the guys up the stairs


“Nice… okay we need to bust ass on this album, I want one of these” Pete whistled as he looked round


“Amen to that” Kerion nodded “So come on Chris, what do you need to talk to us about?” Kerion sat on the couch and looked at me. I pulled up one of the comfy office chairs from the desk and sat down facing the three of them


“Right for a while, I’ve wanted to do this song I heard a while ago” I took a deep breath “I’d forgotten about it until I was digging through my I-tunes and found it again


“So not one of ours… or Nickelbacks?” Alfie grinned as he saw his guitar sitting in a stand waiting for him to play it


“No it’s a Pink track” I shook my head and pushed over to the desk as Lukas walked in


“You told them yet?” he asked


“I was just about to play it for them” I pushed a button and turned round to look at them, as the words and music filled the room


“Different” Pete nodded


“From what we normally do, I agree but it’s…” I sighed  and chewed my lip a little “I don’t know there’s something about it that says a lot about things that are going on in here with me right now” I tapped my head “We all have our own songs that we love and are personally that we want to put on the album” I braced my hands on my knees and looked around at them.


“True” Kerion nodded rubbing his hands over his face “and we agreed that was what we wanted this to mean something to all of us”


“So can I?” I smiled sweetly and batted my eyelashes and got bombarded by pillows as the laughter rose in the room


“Why don’t we try doing it” Alfie picked up Pete’s acoustic guitar and handed it to him “I’m thinking just you and Pete would sound better with your voice”


“Yeah it’s a song that needs nothing really but you” Lukas added…………

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