Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 76 (v.1) - Love Song

Submitted: February 12, 2014

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Submitted: February 12, 2014



................  The room was in utter silence as I finished and Pete quieted his guitar


“Okay, that just gave me goose bumps” Lukas nodded, he picked up the phone.


Lukas * Hey you guys want to come down here

Chad * sure… are we going to find out what you’ve been up too?

Lukas * I think so and I think it’ll be worth it


“So are we all heading to Seattle to kick your Mom’s ass?” Kerion asked handing me a bottle of water


“Yeah we think she needs it’ Pete agreed


“If you all come, you can’t be anywhere near or you’ll end up with restraining orders slapped on all of you… and that will ruin, any chance we have of putting a stop to the movie” Lukas looked round at all of us. “When we meet, the only people in the room will be Chris and myself, and two of our lawyers and Chris’s Mom with her lawyer”


“So who’s going to be there to support her?” Kerion poked me with one of his drum stick


“Oh gee thanks for the vote of confidence” Lukas Gibbs slapped him “Chris will be fine”


“I don’t think Lukas will let her get away with much” I smiled trying to re assure myself, I looked round at the guys that were closer to me than if they’d been my own family.


“We can’t be here while she’s there… We’re all worried about her, can we be down the street or something at least” Alfie looked from me to Lukas


“Yes you can” Lukas nodded “From the sounds of it all of the guys are heading down there and catching a Kid Rock show that night as well to round off the day”


“Oh Sweet can we go as well” Pete bounced up and down on the stool, I smiled and shook my head at him


“I’m sure we can get more passes” Lukas nodded as the sound of stomping feet and a blast of icy air raced up the stairs.


“We’re here” Ryan beamed walking up the stairs with a huge bouquet of yellow and white roses “And these are an apology for last night from my wife” he handed then to me


“Aw she didn’t have too” I sniffed the roses and smiled “It wasn’t her fault she got played”


“I know, but she felt really bad bringing the thing here because I’d sort of forgot to mention that you and he we’re… well you know” he rubbed the back of his neck


“I’ll call her in while” I nodded.


“Okay what did we miss?” Pete frowned


“Well there was Chris naked in the tub with the four of us and a mental blond in the bathroom” Mike laughed; my guys all looked at me with open mouths


“I’ll explain later” I groaned


“Okay next time we stick with you guys and not go home. You have way too much fun without us” Kerion pouted


“Right, come one I thought we were hanging out and beginning to plan this album” Mike rubbed his hands together.

“Well Chris called me to see if she could cover a song” Lukas explained


“You already have the nod on ‘No apologies’” Chad looked at me


“I know but it’s not that, that song was a screw you to Elena” I shook my head “and this is sort of a me laying it out there” I felt my face flush. Chad linked his fingers with mine and let his thumb rub over the back of my hands


“You okay?” I nodded


 “Just listen to it okay” I looked at him and squeezed his hand. I walked over and sat next to Pete and he winked at me before he started to play, I closed my eyes and began to sing




I’ve never written a love song

That didn’t end in tears

Maybe you’ll rewrite my love song

If you can replace my fears

I need your patience and guidance.

And all of your loving and more


When thunder rolls through my life, will you be able to weather the storm

There’s so much I would give baby, if I’d only let myself

There’s this wall of emotions I feel I must protect

What’s the point of this armor, if it keeps the love away too

I’d rather bleed with cuts of love then live without any scars


Baby can I trust this or do all things end

I need to hear you’d die for me again and again and again

So tell me when you look in my eyes can you share the all pain and the happy times

Cause I will love you for the rest of my life


This is my very first love song, it didn’t end in tears

I think I re wrote my love song for the rest of my years

I will love you for the rest of my life




I looked up at the faces Alfie and Kerion were grinning like idiots


“That was better than all the other attempts” Lukas laughed high fiving both of us.


“Wow” Ryan rubbed his hand over his jaw “not what I was expecting… at all”


“Okay good or bad?” I pulled a face I wrung my hands


“What’s behind it?” Chad looked at me


“You guys, doing everything… going above and beyond to love me and deal with everything” I fought with the lump in my throat. “Too me the song…” The emotion took over “Excuse me” I got up  and hurried down the stairs……

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