Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 78 (v.1) - Showdown

Submitted: February 12, 2014

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Submitted: February 12, 2014



……. The elevator door opened directly into the window lined meeting room, a long table with seats each side in the center looked so intimidating, I took a deep breath Lukas squeezed my hand.


Well thank god we’re the first ones here, So find a seat and stop looking so green”  He smiled


“I’m sorry” I smiled weakly at him and took off my coat. I picked a chair with my back to the window Lukas took his seat next to me with the lawyers on my other side. My phone beeped I pulled it from my purse and swiped my finger across the screen


New Message***Alfie***Breath remember to breath xx***


New Message***Dan*** you’re the one with the dignity and truth kick ass***


New Message***Kerion***I heard you have to drive a steak through her heart to kill her or a silver bullet… I’ll have to ask Kellan on that LOL?***


I had to smile at the spelling of stake he was always thinking of his stomach


New Message***Pete**Hateful Hag from Hell is something Heidi and Miranda kept calling the bitches from school it just seems to fit your Mom***


New Message***Kellan***okay the Cullen’s you can’t kill the traditional way, but why does Kerion want to know?***


New Message***Mike***Still think my brother would be a puddle on the floor if you had Secretary Glasses as well as the outfit… Keep smiling girl XO***


New Message***Kellan***Showdown with your Mom DAMN… Chad just let me know Love ya stay strong girl xxx***


New Message***Chad*** I love you and nothing she can do or say will change who you are… what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger XXX***


The door of the elevator opened making me jump. Mom walked in with a guy that reminded me of a weasel and my Dad, my grip tightened on the arm of the chair, and I struggled to control my breathing this was the first time I’d seen him since the call


“You didn’t say she’d be here” Mom looked at me like I was a beggar on the street.


“And you didn’t say that you’d be bringing Mr. Sommers” On of the Lawyers said not lifting his eyes from the papers


“Yes well… you need to understand that she’s still our daughter, and we know what’s best for her” Dad butted in I felt my eye brow raise “You’ve changed Christine…” he bit at me hatred on his face made my stiffen my resolve “the fame and the money have changed you” he shook his head


“We’re not here to get into a slanging match” Lukas said sharply “We’re here to make sure that the defamation of Christine stops”


“Defamation my ass” Oh great mom was on her happy pills “I made that character… yes with my daughter in mind, but when the first was published she was sixteen…”


“And you took a lot of what was happening in her life and used it to make the story” Lukas fixed her with a stare that could melt ice.


“So” my mother waved her hand dismissively


“I want to know how you knew so much?” I added everyone looked at me “some of the things you said about the feelings she had when she was being abused I never told anyone… until the last few weeks”


“You should take more care where you keep your diary” Mom laughed and turned her attention to me, her Lawyer groaned and whispered something to her “I don’t care” she glared at him “It was like a wealth of knowledge, into the mind of a teen girl” I swallowed hard “And Arron seemed such a sweet boy when he used to come and mow the lawns for me” she licked her lips


“Oh… I think I just threw up in my mouth” I groaned, glancing at Lukas, my Dad shot her a look


“What… come on you were all football, football, football a woman needs attention” she snapped at him


“Okay, I think I just threw up as well” Lukas murmured to me, making me smile “Is she drunk?”


“That and happy pills probably” I whispered back to him


“We need to get back on track here” One of our Lawyers said “We aren’t trying to stop the publication of the books, but you have to add a disclaimer that in no way are Stephanie Sanders and Christine Sommers the same person” he looked at her and handed a paper to her lawyer


“Oh Sweetie” Mom waved her hand “They are the same person” I felt my temper flare


“I’ve never touched drugs” I got up and slammed my hands on the table “And I don’t want everyone and there damn Grandmother knowing I had a guy that beat the living hell out of me. And as for bring in Dimitri it’s out of line” Lukas put his hand on my arm I sighed and sat down


“He’s knocked someone up you know?” Mom laughed “You got lucky ditching him for that actor, it could have been you dancing on stage with a baby bump” I flinched as she mentioned it and looked down, I heard her move and she smirked. “Oh, but I forgot you did get knocked up didn’t you Christine”


‘ENOUGH” Lukas slammed his hand down making everyone jump “Put it like this you either do what we say with regards to Chris, or there won’t be a court on the planet that will allow your books to be sold anymore” Mom blinked at him “No Movie, no more interviews where you talk about your relationship with Christine and no more using her life” He didn’t give anyone time to say anything else “When your next novel had been edited it will be sent us for Chris to review and any slight similarity between it and her life and it won’t be published” He pushed the papers across the table “I have the ways and the means to make this drag out so that Christine and Jessica get every dime you’ve made from the books and believe me, I will do what it takes to makes sure that my Client is safe” he looked at me. Damn Lukas was good Mom looked at her Lawyer, he murmured something to her she took the pen he offered and signed the papers and pushed it back


“I want to talk to Christine without you all butting in” She got up and glared at Lukas “I’ve signed the damn papers so now I get something”


“I’ll only leave if Chris is comfortable with it” Lukas said calmly as the lawyers pulled the papers together and put them away quickly “Chris?”


“Lukas stays, I don’t trust you” I looked at both of my parents “Either of you”


“Fine” Mom waved away her lawyer as Lukas spoke to ours, the three of them left in the elevator.


“Nice message to leave for your little sister to hear” Dad spat out “The money and the fame has changed you Chris”


“Me ,yeah I was able to get a car and do things I’ve only ever dreamt of doing, like going to a warzone to support the military” I laughed “You guys did the fucked up things that hurt me. People I trusted used me and broke me” I leant forward “But I’m done with it… I’m done with having to be some doormat or goody two shoes… I’m done with having to try to hold together a family that was beyond repair before I became a teenager… I’m done with people like you that think their children are tax breaks and disposable” I stood up “You make me sick, you signed Jess over like some dog in a shelter”


“You don’…”


“I wasn’t done” I growled “At least Jess is in a better home, and she can see me when she’s wants” I smiled “This is the last time; I’ll ever see either of you. Stay out of my life”


“You’ll get pregnant by some other guy and you’ll fuck up” Dad spat out “how many guys have you been pictured with? I never thought my daughter would lie on her back to get on in life”


“Screw you, I’m only sleeping with one of them… and I love him and I wish I could get pregnant” I walked to the elevator with Lukas “Because I know I wouldn’t make the same mistakes with my own child... but thanks to your fuck buddy I’ll never get to do that”


“What?” Mom spluttered as the doors opened. I took a deep breath and turned on her as Lukas poressed the call button for the elevator


“Thanks to Arron’s beating having Children is something that won’t ever happen to me” I stepped back into the elevator as Lukas pushed the button for the garage. I held it together till the doors closed and then I couldn’t hold it any longer and I broke as soon as it moved…………………

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