Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 79 (v.1) - Relief

Submitted: February 13, 2014

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Submitted: February 13, 2014



….. Lukas wrapped his arms round me as I broke down, I felt him moving me out of the elevator my heels clicking on the cement floor of the parking garage my vision blurred with the tears.


“You did it Chris” he said softly as he lent me against my car. He wiped my eyes on the sleeves of the Armani suit he was wearing “You stood up to them, and showed them you weren’t going to be pushed around” I looked at him “You shut them up and you took control” he smiled, I wrapped my arms round myself and shuddered “I think you need you guys don’t you?” He rubbed my arms and kissed my forehead “but you’re going to have to trust me to drive” he looked at my car and smiled.


“I might be a wreck right now but hell no” I pulled the key from my purse and took a deep rattling breath before looking back at him “Thank you”


“For what?”


“Not being the total Dick you were when we first met you” I hugged him “Thank you for having my back in there”


“Hey no need to thank me… I care about you and the rest of NeverWest as much as I do for Nickelback…” he walked me round and opened the door “… there was no way in hell, I was going to see your parents try to destroy you… and are you sure I can’t drive”


“I let Chad drive because, well he needs a better car then the one he’s got, and two… well I’m not telling you the second reason” I got in, Lukas got in the passenger side. “I do have one more thing to ask?” I pushed the engine button sending life through the car in a surge of noise.


“Anything” Lukas was grinning at the interior of my car like a kid in a candy store


“What you heard in there… what I said at the end… I don’t want people knowing… Chad knows but it’s embarrassing and personal” I pulled out on to the street as he directed me to the Seahawks Stadium.


“About not being able to have a baby?” He became serious


“Yeah…” I nodded “it hurts so much I don’t want to think about it”


“Okay…er… we might have a problem with that” I skidded the car to a halt at a red light and looked at him… fear gripping me what if mom had already found out somehow and it was in some interview I didn’t know about


“Lukas?” I narrowed my eyes at him


“You know how all the guys hated not being there…” I nodded “my phone was on, Chad had asked me to call him so they could hear what was happening… I’m sorry Chris” he ran his fingers through his hair “They just wanted…”


“Its okay” I pulled away from the lights, part of me felt better knowing that they’d been listening to what happened, the other part of me dreading facing them feeling incomplete. I flicked the gear and weaved in and out of the traffic


“You’ll get a ticket at this rate and it’s the next exit” I eased up on the gas and pulled down the ramp


“Why are we at a stadium?” I asked pulling up with a bunch of limos and trucks that were being off loaded a sight I was used to seeing.


“The guys are using what’s happened today to take in a Kid Rock show” Lukas looked at me and put his hand on the door handle “so I can guarantee we that there is a poker game going on somewhere round here and the whiskey is flowing” Lukas opened the door “You okay or do you want a few minutes?”


“I’ll take a minute” I rubbed the back of my neck. “I’ll find you all”


 He patted my hand and got out. I watched him walk away before I put my head on the wheel and broke down again. I felt the cold draught of air as the door opened and the pull as Chad pulled me up into his arms and held me tight. He had one hand nestling my head into his neck as the sobs shook me his other was wrapped tightly around me. I think the realization finally hitting me; I had stood up to my parents face to face and said things that needed to be said. Chad moved and took my face in his hands and kissed away the tears that stained my cheeks.


“I’m so proud of you” he smiled at me. “We heard everything that happened”


“I know” I managed to get out


“None of the guys are going to say anything about how it ended” he reassured me “I did tell them the story, they needed to know…” I tried to look away but he wouldn’t let me “Chris it doesn’t change who you are to any of us none of them will look at you any differently” he rubbed his thumb along my jaw


“You think it’s over?”


“All the crap?” I nodded “I hope so because you need a break from it”


“I just want to get back to singing, get back to dealing with just the press trying to get pictures of the two of us and I want to laugh again”  I sighed


“Well we can make all of those things happen” he kissed me with more urgency and passion than ever, leaving me gasping and wanting more. He pulled back there was fire in his eyes that made me feel safe “Come on, Alfie is wiping the floor with everyone at poker… Bob’s pissed about it and there’s a bunch of guys that are dying to give you a hug” He put a protective arm round me and held me tight as we walked back to the dressing rooms. Lukas was talking to Pete and Mike as we walked in.


“Way to kick ass Chris” Ryan got up and walked over and hugged me “Proud of you




“Yeah Chris, I think anyone needs to think twice about messing with you” Kerion laughed and high fived me and kissed my cheek “Oh and the girls want you to call them and tell them what went down” I nodded


“So can we get back to doing the album now the drama’s done” Alfie called over the guys all looked at him “She knows I’m kidding”


“Yes we can” I smiled at him


“Chris, there’s someone I want you to meet” Chad turned me on the spot… OMG, OMG, OMG… I was face to face with Kid Rock, and my makeup must have looked like shit… no wait it was waterproof thank god.


“Finally” he laughed “This guy has been biting his damn nails while you were gone, and you’re parents suck” he poked Chad in the ribs I started to laugh


“Oh you have no idea” I smiled


“Hey Chris, you have to do it” Mike walked over


“Do what?” it felt so good to be back here with them, and nothing was different I shouldn’t have doubted it. Mike held out a pair of black rimmed glasses


“Dude” Chad groaned


“Oh come on, we had the debate on the plane.” Mike held out his hands “The stages of hot”


“Dear God” I shook my head “you guys are warped”


“We all know you’re hot as hell when the FMB’s come out on the stage” Pete laughed, I looked at him “And I think the entire Marine Corps will vouch for that” I looked at Chad who just nodded so no help there


“And then there’s the whole ‘Damn she’s hot she’s wearing my shirt’ kinda hot” Kid Rock laughed sitting back down and picking up the fat cigar from the ashtray


“Don’t encourage them” I begged


“Yeah, but then there the whole hot Secretary PA hot… and Chris you’re wearing that today” Kerion laughed


“This is disturbing you guys are looking at me like this” I laughed; I looked round at the grinning faces “Give me the damn glasses because you won’t shut up till I do it will you?”


“Nope” they all laughed, I put the glasses on.


“See” Mike looked at Chad “Told you”


“No… that’s Sexy school teacher” Chad bit his lip; I turned on my heel and looked at him. I raised my hand and pulled the pins from my hair “Oh Damn I owe you a grand” he groaned glancing at Mike. “If you’ll excuse us for a while… I need to get my girlfriend alone” Chad pulled me from the room. “I have the key to the room where Mikes staying tonight… we can go…” I stopped and pushed him against the wall and kissed him, I needed to push back what had happened that morning and feel like me again……………………..

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