Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - We need to party like rockstars

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014




…………………. I leant on the rail of the balcony and looked at the three of them in front of me “So do we try to hang out for more money?” Pete laughed


“Dude really with what we’ve been given and what we’re getting paid don’t you think it’s enough” Kerion groaned. “And if we ask for more money they might decide we’re not all that after all”


“Yeah but I’d kill for a Ferrari” he smiled “A guy has to dream”


“So we’re all in” I asked shaking my head with a smile.


“All in” Alfie nodded, I put my hand on the door handle and opened it everyone looked round. The four of us came back inside


“So if we do this do we get an up graded room with a view like that?” Pete smirked jerking his thumb to the view over Paris


“Only when you’re headlining and we’re supporting you” Dan laughed “So do we have to find some other band or…”


“We’re in” I nodded “one in all in” I felt butterflies in my stomach


“Hell Yes” Chad threw his head back and laughed “Lukas I told you they would and before you say anything yes we’re happy” I looked from one to the other Lukas just nodded and looked a little defeated.He held out the contract to us and the pen. Alfie took it and leant on the table and signed it followed by the rest of us.


“Okay we’re all going out to celebrate after the gig tonight” Ryan rubbed his hands together “So kick ass on stage and get dressed up we’re on the town” He pulled Elena to him and danced round with her making her laugh like I’d never seen her laugh before.


“I need to talk to NeverWest” Elena smiled as she stopped dancing “So gentlemen if you will excuse us” she walked to the door and waited for the four of us to come out. We were bundles of energy right now as she walked down the hall to her room and opened the door for us “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it but Lukas was the stumbling block over all of this he wanted some already known band” I leant against the couch, well didn’t that just put a pin in the balloon “But Nickelback all wanted you and as you’re my band then I wanted for you all to get the best deal and experience” her thick Russian accent hardly noticeable when she talked business “So after Nickelback threatened to stop tonight gig until it was settled” we all looked at each other “You all have endeared yourselves to every member of the band and crew” she touched the side of Pete’s face  and literally glowed with pride “So Lukas was going to have to make the right choice in the end”


“Are you going to talk to our parents?” I asked, I’d rather she spoke to them and broke the news to them because I didn’t want them to tell us we had to come home “I know you leave tonight”


“Yes I’ve arranged a meeting with them for Saturday and you” she walked over to me “don’t worry about Dimitri I will handle him” she looked at me “I know this is going to be hard but…”


“It’s okay I’ll talk to him after we’ve sound checked” I shrugged she looked at her watch. “That wasn’t a call that was going to end well I had a feeling He wasn’t going to like losing his girlfriend for another ten months


“I have to fly I have one meeting left before I leave” she hugged each of the guys before hugging me “I love you like my own there’s a little gift for each of you in your dressing room for tonight” she opened the door and  breezed out of the room leaving us looking at each other.


“Er… we have sound check in 20 minutes. We can go see what she’s left for us” Pete smiled edging to the door.


“Hmmm that could be a plan” I nodded “so Race ya” I took of past him heading for the stairs instead of the elevators and racing across the foot bridge with the three of them hot on my heels, all of us needing to let out some of the energy we had. Members of the crew looking at us like we were crazy as Alfies’ long legs strode past me and to the dressing room door. Four boxes were lined on the table each with a fancy label


“You think they might explode” Kerion laughed “Or there might be a hot girl inside” we all stopped and just looked at him “Okay not thinking properly over here leave me alone” he laughed I picked up one of the boxes and handed it to him before undoing the ribbon on mine and lifting the lid.


“Holy crap” I whistled pulling out a dress, purse and shoes and small box was to the side with jewelry. I pulled out the note


You need to dress like a rock star if you’re going to party like one

Have fun my darlings you deserve it

? Elena



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