Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 80 (v.1) - Home and Away

Submitted: February 17, 2014

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Submitted: February 17, 2014




................ “Everything packed?” Chad slid his hands round my waist and kissed my neck


“Yeah” I nodded closing my eyes and leaning back into him ‘Asia here we come”


“It’ll be good to get back on stage” He murmured nipping at my neck making me shiver.


“I’m going to miss this bed” I laughed running my hands over the comforter “and my Car”


‘It’ll be fine tucked up with my car in the garage” He moved round me and sat on the bed, keeping his hands on my hips


“You don’t mind storing it?” I chewed my lip


“You need to stop asking things like that” He smiled and looped his fingers into the belt loops of my jeans


“Yeah well till I have a garage of my own” He fell back and pulled me on top of him. I landed  with my knees either side of his hips


“Alright” he sighed as I sat up and smirked at him and bit my lower lip


“Yes” I grinned, His breath hitched


“Moving your hips like that will only distract me” he planted his hands on my hips stopping me from moving, but his pupils had already dilated


“That was the idea” I laughed he tipped his head


“I need to talk seriously to you”


“Okay… I’m sorry” I leant forward and put my hands either side of his head. He closed his eyes and chuckled


“And wearing a shirt I can see right down the front of will have the same effect” he moved and flipped me so I was on my back


“And who’s doing the distracting now?” I felt the ache between my legs for him; the last few weeks had been more than amazing. Chad and I had found a level of a relationship that was still blowing me away; he let me be me and seemed to still love me regardless.


“Okay” he got up and sat down and pulled me to sit on his lap “Right… when we have a break, and when we get done with the tour” He looked at my hands and played with my fingers almost like he was nervous

“I want you here… I want to wake up with you” he kissed my shoulder “I don’t want you to look for a house… I want you to move in here”


“Are you serious?” I frowned at him


“Totally serious” he nodded “I love you and you love me right?”


“Yes” I smiled and felt a blush rise on my cheeks, I had known him for almost five months, three and a half of those on tour but I was still sometime having to pinch myself I had Chad Kroeger telling me he loved me and he was in my bed. Chad took a deep breath


 “We basically live with each other now just moving from place to place with our best friends” He stroked his thumb down my face.


“You told me once, that you didn’t want me living next door and being the neighbor from hell” I laughed


“I know… and you won’t be next door so I think it’ll be good” he wrapped his arms round me “so what do you think?”


“Have I told you this morning I love you?”


“Twice” he nodded “Not that I’m keeping track or anything”


“Then I’ll be saying to you every morning in this bed as soon as the tour is done” I kissed him. “I’d love to move in here with you”


“Hey, Knock, knock” we both looked round at Lukas standing in the doorway “Sorry to interrupt but we have to get going guys”


“We’re coming” Chad nodded. I got up from his lap “You go to the car” He patted my butt “I just need to get something from the safe” I nodded and grabbed my purse and walked out of the room Feeling like I was on top of the world.




…………….. I opened the dressing room door and stepped inside


“I forgot how rough this is” I groaned the wave of nerves and nausea washed over me, my hands were sweating and trembling like it was the first night of doing this


“Tell me about it” Pete groaned walking out of the bathroom and swigging from a bottle of mouthwash. “I’ve heard that the crowds here are so much more reserved to what we’re used to” the chattering from him another sign of nervousness as Kerion’s incessant beating with his drummer sticks had me itching to shove them up his nose the door knocked and the stage manager put his head round and smiled at us


“Two minutes guys” I took a deep breath as he held the door open for us.


“Are we going to do your song tonight?” Alfie asked as he put his arm round my waist while we walked. The three of them had been been bugging me to do it since we’d done it the first time in the studio.


“Yeah” I looked at him and nodded “What the hell let’s do it”


“Awesome” he dropped back to tell the others, I reached the bottom of the stairs and I lifted my arms to make sure the tape was working and holding everything in… last thing I wanted was a wardrobe malfunction


“Ready?” Kerion grinned as he took the stairs two at a time to the drum riser and disappeared into the darkness I looked over my shoulder MTV Japan had got Nickelback cornered for an interview. Chad looked at me and winked.


I took a breath and climbed the stairs, the nervousness vanished when the music started and I stepped out into the spotlight. It got to the part in the show where it was the slow songs turn only tonight Love song was taking the place of the one we normally did.


 Pete sat on the stool while I walked up and down at the front of the stage talking to the audience. There was a sudden roar from the crowd before stopping me. I felt an arm slid round my shoulder, I looked at Mike who was smiling from ear to ear


“You guys have to wait your turn” I laughed “we weren’t done”


“Oh we know you weren’t, but we have something that can’t wait” Alfie Pete and Kerion were brought forward by Ryan. “You guys agree that NeverWest rocks right” a huge roar went up, I looked at my guys and they looked as confused as I felt “Well so does most of the planet” Mike grinned “You guys have managed to get number 1 in fifteen different countries with your first single which is a record but also it means you’ve gone way past triple platinum”


“We’ll be opening for them soon” Ryan laughed “Hey Chad, Dan you have something for these guys” Chad walked on to the stage with Dan each holding two frames with the single and the cover and 5 platinum discs in them.


“Congratulations” Chad handed one off to Alfie and hand one to me “I told you that you guys were going to rock the world” he bent his head and kissed me on the cheek “And I think it’ll look good on the wall next to some of mine” I started to laugh as Dan took the frame back from me and hugged me. “Alright, we’re going to let these guys finish doing what they do best” he shot me a look “well sort of” he held my hand. Alfie groaned as he and Kerion walked of the stage again “So you guys be good to them” Chad tugged on my right hand ring finger and walked off the stage, I looked down my ring was missing. I shook my head and walked to the stool next to Pete and sat down and held my hand up to him making him smile and look around me and shake his head at Chad.


“I’m hoping that Nickelback aren’t running right back to the dressing room because, the song we’re going to do is something special that means a lot to all of us…” I was starting to get a little emotional, I took a deep breath I felt Pete rub my back in support. “But we love the people that love us unconditionally, and make us what we are” I looked over all the guys were standing there. “This is for you” Pete began to play Love Song and the entire arena seemed silent…….


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