Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 81 (v.1) - Ink

Submitted: March 13, 2014

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Submitted: March 13, 2014



 ……………… We walked off the stage Lukas was waiting with the stage manager who handed us towels and bottles of water



“Nice job guys” Lukas smiled as we headed back toward the dressing room “MTV want to interview you guys as well, and Chris you have to be quick I got a guy coming to the hotel for you in an hour”  he winked at me making all the guys looked at me


“Chris?’ Alfie poked me “Something you want to share with us?”


“It’s a surprise” I smiled pecking Lukas on the cheek “Thank you”


“You’re welcome… you guys need to go to crash the others interview other they will never get out on time” I knocked and waited for the usual abuse before I pushed open the door to Nickelback’s dressing room, the camera crew were still in there and the interview still going on.


“Hey you’re next door in the broom closet” Dan laughed the Japanese guy interviewing them looked at me and broke into a huge smile.


“I know, it sucks being the opening band we get the small dressing room” I smiled; the guy chatted to the camera in Japanese. Ryan moved up on the couch as Alfie and the others walked in behind me


“You guys are due on stage in 10 minutes” Pete smiled Alfie squeezed in between Ryan and Mike on the couch totally crashing their interview.


“See what we have to deal with” Chad laughed to the camera “Chris pull me up” he held out his hand to me I groaned and pulled him to his feet “If you will excuse us” I walked to the door of the room and stepped out into the hallway “I love when you sing that song” he pulled me to him


“Well you know I mean every word of it but…” I held up my right hand “Do you have something against that beautiful ring you gave me?”


“No” he smiled digging into his pocket and holding it in his fingers


“So why do you keep taking it” I tipped my head “You know I wear it every day”


“I know and I love that you love it so much” he linked my fingers with his “I like doing this” he lifted my hand and slipped it back into place before he kissed it. “I love you”


‘Love you too” I put my arms round him and kissed him as the door opened


“Oh might have known, thank god there’s no tour bus our it would be rocking” Mike teased 


“I’d better get out of this stuff” I looked at my stage gear.


“Keep the boots” Chad murmured in my ear making me blush.


“Call me when you’re done” I called after him as they walked away


“Why, where you going?” he shouted back


“I have something I have to do” I walked into the room and sat with the others to do the interview. Lukas walked in.


“Okay, we have to wrap it there NeverWest have things to do” he smiled at the film crew “Chris you have to go as you are, car is waiting for you”


“We cutting it that fine?” I frowned




“Hey Chris can we come with you” Pete shouted.


“Sure” I nodded we all piled into the waiting car and were driven back to the hotel. “You need to stall the guy Lukas I have to shower first” I said as Alfie unlaced the back of my corset


‘Are we getting massages” Kerion grinned “I could do with a hot woman with her hands all over my…


“No” Lukas and I laughed together as Pete Gibbs slapped Kerion


“I’m getting more Ink” I smiled as Lukas unlocked the door to mine and Chad’s suite give “me 5 minutes”


“She’s getting a tattoo” Pete croaked


“Third one apparently” Lukas shrugged as he called the guy that was coming over to do the Tattoo…………




…………… I walked up to the side of the stage as they were playing their last song smiling as it was “if today was your last day” Lukas walked up to me


“Sore” he laughed


“A little but that stuff he poured on was amazing took the sting right out of it” I looked at him as he looked at the fresh tattoo running from the base of my neck down my spine between my shoulder blades


“Did I tell you that you have a photo shoot tomorrow” I looked at him


“No you left that out for what the next single?” I sighed


“Er…” he rubbed the back of his neck




“It’s the next one for the underwear campaign only with Mount Fuji in the background” he grinned “Kellan’s flight gets in at 9am”


“Nice Lu nice” I sighed “Does Chad know?”


“Yeah he’s coming with us”


“Really” I felt my eye brow raise, this was the first time I’d seen Kellan since Chad and I had gotten together and I was going to have him all over me in just our underwear. I swallowed hard “Is it the same photographer” Lukas nodded “Okay” I chewed my lip for a minute running ideas in my head “I think I have an idea” I grinned and turned back to the stage as the guys took their last bow and walked off


“I thought you were gone” Chad smiled taking the towel he was offered


“I was… but I’m back and have something to show you”


“And on that note we’ll leave you too it” Dan smiled walking passed us laughing


“Sounds intriguing” Chad looked at me “So lets see” I kissed him and then stepped back and turned round….





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