Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 82 (v.1) - Innocent comment

Submitted: January 28, 2011

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Submitted: January 28, 2011




…………………. “Isn’t that my hand writing” I felt Chad’s fingers on my shoulder blades
“Yep Lukas found the paper you’d hand written it on in the files he had” I looked over my shoulder at him “You’re okay with me using it aren’t you?”
“I’m just thinking how sexy it looks” He looked from the tattoo to me “and I think like the one on your leg I might need royalties” he turned me round putting his hands on my butt and pulling me against him
“I think we tag it onto the same payment plan we already have” my fingers slid under his t-shirt.
“I like that plan” he nodded “Come on lets go and show the others he reached for my hand tugging on the ring again pulling it off before he started laughing and running
“Okay so not funny”……………….
……………. I pulled on my jeans.
“You look nervous?” Chad leant on the bathroom door frame “Sexy as hell right now but nervous”
“I’m going to spend a chunk of today half naked out in public” I looked through the mirror at him and I’m trying to work out if you’re really okay with me doing the shoot with Kellan” I chewed the inside of my cheek.
“Baby are you serious?” He walked over to me “Yes you and he had fun should we say but he’s a good guy and we talk a lot you know that” I nodded “If it was some other built young hot guy then hell yes I might be a little more ‘hey Dude hands off the ass that’s my girlfriend’” he grinned “Kellan I’m good with it he’s a friend right” I nodded “You sleep in my bed every night, you’re moving in with me still right”
“Of course” I nodded
“So you’re doing a photo shoot with a friend that I’m sorry if this sounds gay” he pulled a face “Has one hell of a body” I started to laugh “He and you make those pictures that and don’t forget I’ve seen the contract make you a heap of money”
“I don’t care about the money I just need to know it’s okay”
“It’s okay” He kissed me. The door knocked “Get a shirt on and lets get going” I grabbed my tank from the bed and put it on while he answered the door.
“You ready?” Lukas asked
“Already” I picked up my purse and the ring from the side and put in on. We headed for a Japanese garden with a view of Mt. Fuji. I was listening to another new song that Alfie had written while Chad and Lukas went over some paperwork. Chad looked at me and then at Lukas
“Did you get it booked?”
“Yes you have a private villa on the beach with 24 hour security from Sunday” Lukas nodded “In fact I think we’ve booked most of the Villa’s on the Island I’m flying in Heidi for Alfie and Kerion and Pete are heading actually for some Jungle trek thing they wanted to do in the mountains there”
“We really need to find them girlfriends” Chad laughed
“Are you sure?” Chad looked at him
“What about?”
“The break?”
“Okay if you ask me that again I’ll have to kick your ass” Chad smiled
“Okay” Lukas held up his hands “Hey Chris” he nudged me I pulled out the earphones “We’re here and hows the new song”
“Okay I think he was drunk when he wrote it” I laughed “But I think me singing about what happens in the back seat of a Limo…okay forget that” I groaned as both Chad and Lukas started to laugh the driver opened the door Chad Stepped out and offered me his hand
“Dude” We looked round as Kellan walked over a steaming coffee in his hands
“Hey” Chad hugged him “You know the song next contestant”
“Ha ha funny” Kellan laughed looking at me “Hey you” he put the coffee on the roof of the limo and picked me up in a bear hug “Looking good”
“It’s all the Sex” Lukas teased turning me bright red
“Oh Jeez” I groaned
“Christine” I looked up as Julia and Damian walked toward us
“Thank god someone to save me” I laughed
“You go get sorted” Lukas looked at me I nodded Chad kissed me.
“I love you”
“Love you too” He grinned as I walked away
“Damn you look like a love sick puppy” Kellan laughed elbowing Chad
“Dude I feel like it”
“You’re okay with me and Chris doing the…” Kellan started as they walked toward the garden
“Don’t you start I’ve had Chris asking e that since this morning” Chad laughed “Who was it that told me to go for it with her”
“Me” Kelland shrugged
“Exactly you could have easily made it work with the two of you” they both sat down “Don’t pretend you couldn’t” Kellna rubbed his hand over his jaw.
“True and I really liked… sorry like Chris, but there’s something almost like a wall that I don’t think she was going to let down around me” he leant on the table “Something that was really hurting her but I wasn’t the right person for her to trust that with” he looked at Chad “and I saw the two of you together the looks that said everything like you wanted to make sure she was safe and you were in love with her” Kellan sat back and shrugged “I’m happy to be her friend and yours and good luck to both of you”
“That means a lot Dude I still can’t believe I have her” Chad sighed as Lukas walked over to them
“You’re a rockstar don’t girls normally throw them selves at you” Kellan grinned
“Yeah but I have to deal with guys hitting on her as well” Chad groaned “but we handle it”
“You  handle what?”  I walked over
“Shit Baby” Chad whistled
“Looking smoking Chris” Kellan got up “I’ll go get ready” he walked over Chad stood up
“Do we get to keep these?” he smiled I nodded “Damn”
“Come with me” I took his hand
“Chris you have a photo shot to do we can’t” I looked at him
“Take your shirt off”
“Excuse me” he raised an eye brow
“Come on while I’m waiting for Kellan Michael has agreed to take some shots of us” I looked to where the photographer was sorting out his camera.
“Seriously” I nodded Chad pulled off his shirt and pulled me to him “You planned this?”
“Yep from when Lukas told me about today My arms circled his neck as his mouth found the soft spot below my ear my back arching in to him my eyes closing. I was in the arms of the man who’d made everything bad seem to go away and I loved him so much right now it actually hurt. He pulled me up to him resting his forehead against mine his fingers my hand flat on his chest his in the small of my back.
“I got the shots guys” Michael called out “Chad you’re a natural”
“Now that’s a hot couple” Kellan laughed “Nice Tattoo Chris… Hey Chad you after my job” Chad laughed and looked up
“No you can have it I’ll stick to singing” He looked at me “I love you”
“No don’t run” Kellan walked over to us “Michael take on with the three of us” Kellan Put me against Chad and he stood behind me Chad was trying not to laugh “Dude come on something you can show your kids the guy Mommy let go of” My breath caught in my throat. I felt Chad tense up
“I think you guys need to get done what you need to do” Chad swallowed “I’ve done my modeling thing for the day” He kissed me “He doesn’t know remember” I nodded trying to control the sick feeling I had………………..


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