Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 87 (v.1) - See red

Submitted: February 01, 2011

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Submitted: February 01, 2011



................... I walked up the stairs with Kerion he knew not to say anything to me with the look on my face.
“You need a hug?” Kerion nudged me I shook my head
“Would it be too much to ask for an easy life for just a little while? Just sing, do what we do and not have to deal with shit”
“I think shit comes with the territory” he sighed “But Chris we can all handle it and we can all help each other handle it” he put an arm round me.
‘Kerion I just had Chad’s Ex pinned against a wall and was ready to take her head off”
“So what you’re protecting what’s yours” he dropped a kiss on my cheek and pulled his drumsticks from his back pocket. “Kick ass girl” he stepped out I moved to step out Chad caught my hand.
“You haven’t gone on stage without a kiss since we got together” I looked at him “She’s gone, I promise you that as soon as we’re done tonight we’re leaving just the two of us…”
“Chad she has to be out there” The stage manager hissed at him
“I love you” he lent in and kissed me I moved away from him and stepped out everything else had to take a back seat for the next hour.  I lost myself in the music and came off the stage utterly exhausted I couched down to catch my breath.
“Hey” I looked up Chad offered me his hand I took it “What was that?” he nodded to the stage “That was none stop”
“I didn’t want time to think because if I had I would have regretted not punching her damn lights out” I held up my hands “Like I said to Kerion before  I would kill for a little bit of the easy life right now” Chad smiled at me.
“And you’re going to be getting it for just a few days” he pulled me to him  :No one but Lukas and the bands know where we’re going and no one is going to disturb us”
“Promise” I sighed
“I promise” he nodded.
“Now I packed my stuff while you were in the interview this afternoon you need to go get your stuff done and it’s going to be hot and sunny and we have a pool and a beach” he took the guitar that was handed to him
“Okay” I nodded
“I love you Chris” he kissed me
“I love you too” I let go of him as they headed for the stage I stood watching for a few minutes marveling in the performance. Chad turned and looked at me.
“You know sometimes life throws you some curve balls” he looked back out to the crowd “some things we can’t control like the people we end up loving” He looked back to me “But each days a gift not a given right” I smiled at him and nodded as they went into ‘If today was your last day’ I waited till the end of the song before I walked away and changed and headed back to the hotel to pack. Pete was sitting on the bed talking to me while I threw things into the case.
“I really don’t think you’ll need jeans” he laughed throwing them back out “Okay that dress” he got up and took over.
“What are you doing?”
“You have no idea and well Miranda knows where you’re going and has told me I have to help you pack” Alfie walked in with a box
“Okay this was at reception for you and it’s from Miranda and Heidi “ he dumped it on the bed and smiled he handed me the note with it.
Don’t open this till you get to the secret destination (LOL yes we know where you’re going and don’t call and ask becase we’ve been sworn to secrecy)
As we were saying don’t open this till you get where you’re going and you can only wear it on the first night (damn now you know it’s clothes) I have a spy so we’ll know if you open it before hand.
We love you and we’ll see you in a few weeks and can’t wait and Jess is getting really excited as well
Miranda and Heidi
 “what the hell are they up too?” I looked at the guys all of them shrugged. I closed my case and sat on the bed
“You look like you’re going to sleep the next four days away?” Kerion smiled handing me a coffee
“Partly” I grinned “Did you see his ex?”
“No but we heard you yelling at her” Alfie rubbed my shoulders “She’s got nothing on you apart from age”
“Jack ass” I laughed “okay I’m supposed to head back to the arena” I looked at my watch “they should be almost done”
“I’ll take your Bag and come with you I’m heading out with Dan tonight” Kerion got up and took the case I hugged Pete and Alfie and picked up the box and followed Kerion to the parking garage.
“You as tough without Chad having your back” I groaned as I went to step in to the limo.
“When will you just fuck off” I stood back up and faced Mari “You seriously have issues”
“I have issues what about you getting knocked around and latching on to Chad because you don’t have a father figure in your life” she laughed like some crazy person
“Excuse me”
“Oh I shared a flight with someone you know very well” she walked over with her hands on her hips and looked smug ‘He was telling me all about you’re past”
“I think you have me mixed up with someone else”
“Nikolai Carpov he’s been working as an intern for the company I own”
“Ah the bitter Russian brother” I tried to remain cool and calm while inside I was screaming “I’d take what he says with a pinch of salt”
“I did some digging and the rape trial they hick ex you’re Dad taking a job to keep him away from his family, your Mom damn he books really fill in the gaps about you” she laughed “I think Chad really should get tested because we really don’t know what you might have with all these guys”
“You’re insane and where everyone keeps getting I’ve slept with half of the world is blowing my mind because I’ve been with four guys Chad being one of them and the last one I intend on sleeping with for the foreseeable future”
“Bull shit you were still seeing Kellan what’s his name” she dug into her bag and waved a magazine with the new picture from the Japanese garden. I actually hadn’t seen the end picture and I caught sight of Kellan behind me his arms wrapped round me his mouth tugging on my ear not a bad one was the first thought “one extreme to the other isn’t it” that brought me crashing back to the real world “Wait till Chad sees these” there was a red flash as she said it and my fist connected with her jaw sending her sprawling I felt arms round me holding me back.
“You dumb bitch Chad was there when the pictures were taken he and Kellan are friends” I laughed
“I’ll sue you”
“Bring it and prove I did anything”
“Chris leave it” Kerion hissed in my ear pulling me to the limo and literally throwing me into it. He shouted something to the driver and we pulled away. “What the hell’s got into you?”
“She was asking for it” I gasped “Damn” I took a deep breath as we headed t the arena Kerion already talking fast into his phone to Lukas…………………….

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