Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 88 (v.1) - Paradise

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Submitted: February 01, 2011



.................. We pulled up and Lukas was waiting he opened the door and looked at me as I got out.
“You punched Mari?”
“She was in my face” I walked past him “Nikolai’s opening his mouth to her of all people” I looked round at him “He’s working as an Intern for her” I walked up the steps that lead backstage as the roadies were taking down the set I knocked on the door to the guys dressing room Ryan opened it and shook his head. “Don’t you give me crap” I sighed as he stepped back for me to walk in. Chad was just fastening his belt he looked up at me.
“You hit her?”
“Yeah and be thankful Kerion was there or she’d be needing a feeding tube” I leant on the wall
“What did she say to you to push you so far?” Dan asked sitting down
“She thought she had some crap on me because she has Niko working for her and has got some info about me out of him” I shrugged “and then she thought that I was still screwing Kellan while I was with you” I looked at Chad “ her idea of evidence was the last set of magazine ad’s we did”
“But I was there”
“That’s what I told her while she was trying to get up off the floor” Mike started to laugh
“Dude you have to hang on to her she’s priceless” he looked at Chad and then at me “Chris I bow to you being able to floor her because I’ve wanted to do that for so long after she left” he walked up to me and hugged me.
“I think you two had better get to the airport before Mari makes a police report” Lukas walked in Chad handed over his cell phone Lukas looked at me and held out his hand I reached into my purse and handed over mine as well “I’ll be arriving there with the others tomorrow I’ll call the villa” Chad nodded grabbing his jacket “The plane is waiting and will be ready to take off when you get there”
“Thanks” Chad looked at me and reached for my hand “Come on Tyson… see you guys in Australia”
“Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t” Mike called after us. Chad slid into the limo next to me as the driver closed the door.
“You’re pissed” I sighed
“No I’m mad that she came after you” he looked at me and reached for my hand spinning the ring on my finger “I’m pissed because I wasn’t there to stop her”
“I think I managed that” I giggled a little “I just saw red and I think if Kerion hadn’t been there like I said I would have carried on”
“I’m glad you didn’t because you look beautiful tonight” he smiled playing with the edge of the short silk dress I had on.
“I’m not going to ask if you’ve joined the mile high club already” I put my head on his shoulder “But I know I wouldn’t mind being a member”……………..
……………. The plane touched down as the sun was coming up. I looked at the terminal building as we taxied along the run way.
“Bali as in Bali Indonesia… white beaches… perfect blue sea” I squeaked making Chad laugh
“Yes” he nodded “we have four days here just the two of us” he got up and pulled me to my feet “Come on” we stepped off the plane the smell of the ocean washing over us on the warm morning breeze we were showen through customs and out to a waiting car Chad watched as they put in the luggage “Okay what’s in the box?” he looked at me
“Something Miranda and Heidi sent because from the sound of it they knew where we were going” I narrowed my eyes and looked at him he pushed his tongue into his cheek “Are you calling my friends behind my back?”
“I had to ask then something that’s all” he smiled “and Miranda is always hysterical when I call because she gets flustered”
“Yeah well we sort of had this who would you do chart” I smiled
“Okay” he turned in the seat and looked at me
“You were on mine… hers and Heidi’s but don’t tell Alfie” I laughed remembering the one night we’d had a girls night in all crammed in my room
“You never told me this”
“I know there were other people on the list as well”
“Like who”
“you really want to know?”
“Oh yeah” he nodded
“Kellan was on my list and Miranda’s while Heidi was more the Jackson Rathbone kinda girl and yes we were twilight obsessed at one point”
“So you struck off both on your list” Chad smiled I nodded and looked out of the window “There was more?”
“Hey we were high school girls with dreams” I laughed “come on you have to have if I could list”
“Not since meeting you” he bent his head and kissed me
“Bull shit there’s the look wish but don’t touch list”
“I don’t k now probably some hot stripper I saw when we last toured that was he moved his hands in the shape of a woman’s figure” I raised my eye brows at him “Sorry but I’ve felt the silicone and the saline and I have to say the real ones are better” he kissed my neck
“TMI baby” I shook my head
‘Yeah I just thought how that sounded” he laughed as we stopped outside a huge villa and the door was opened for us a guy hurried over and bowed
“Welcome to Bali and the cliff top villa” he said quickly “If you’ll follow me we have everything ready for you” Chad took my hand and we followed the guy up the steps into the coolness of the house the picture windows over looked a huge infinity pool with ocean views I looked round at Chad.
“You weren’t wrong about me not being able to beat you” he put his arm round me
“I wasn’t talking about his place” he pressed his lips to my temple as we followed the house manager to the huge bamboo lined master bedroom with a claw fotted tub on the deck outside that had a view of the mountaisn and the ocean the huge bed was draped with a mosquito net that just made it look romantic.
“Dinner will be at 7 as per the request” the manager smiled at both of us “and there will be no staff tonight after dinner has been served”
“Thank you” Chad nodded The Manager bowed deeply and backed out of the room closing the doors behind him.
“We get to be here almone for four days?” I smiled
“Yep just us as I promised” Chad laughed
“Wow this is the sort of place I’d go to for a honey moon” I walked out onto the deck and took a deep breath
“Well I’ll have to remember that one” Chad Chuckled “Now Miss. Sommers I think there is a pool that needs swimming in”
“Really Mr. Kroeger because I see a bed that needs…” I couldn’t finish the sentence because he was kissing me like the first time in the shower…………………………….

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