Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 89 (v.1) - What nurses outfit?

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Submitted: February 01, 2011



........................ I was at the edge of the pool looking across the white sand beach below a small path wound down from the villa to the private beach below the waves lapping gently against the sand.
“I was wondering where you were” Chad’s hands slid round me under the water “The bed is huge when you’re on your own” he tucked his thumbs into the string at the side of my bikini bottoms
“I know but I want to try to get this picture firmly in here” I tapped my head “It’s my new happy place” I turned in his arms and wrapped my legs round his waist and leant on the edge of the wall.
“And he was me thinking that was in your McLaren” he kissed my neck “Or in the shower at home” he kissed it again “Or on the plane before” he moved to my jaw bone “Or the tub anywhere we are”
“Okay I have a lot of happy places thanks to you” I looked at him “Are you sure…?” I trailed off
“Sure about what?” he narrowed his eyes.
“What about us?”
“You can have any one you want… why me?” I went to move my legs but he held them there
“You want me to list why?”
“No I mean… oh I don’t know what I mean but Mari was beautiful and I’m… I’m just…”
“Beautiful, sexy, intelligent, hot, fun, loving, vulnerable, did I mention sexy” he smiled “Yes she was pretty but she was shallow, she wanted superficial things thinking it was going to make her happy your still grounded and down to earth” he moved a hand and stroked my cheek “You know I fell for you a long time before I ever admitted it to myself. As long as you don’t care about the age thing then screw what anyone else thinks I want you Chris I love you” he paused “Unless it’s you that doesn’t want this and then I won’t try to make you stay with me” he swallowed hard “I won’t be one of those guys that used you and hurt you” I closed my eyes and rested my forehead against his. “Chris”
“I’m sorry I asked” I pulled back and looked at him “I just look at you and think damn I’m here with Chad Kroeger… I’m in bed with Chad Kroeger” he smiled “I swear it’s a dream and I’m going to wake up at some point”
“No dream” he moved me away from the wall still supporting me “Admittedly being in a place like this you do begin to question reality with how it looks so perfect but I can assure you I’m in love with you Christine Sommers” he kissed me.
“I hope so because you’re stuck with me” I laughed as I felt the ties undone on my bikini bottoms
“That’s okay I was planning on you being round for a long time to come” he threw the bottoms on to the side of the pool
“Chad they’re setting up a table for dinner” I groaned making sure he was between me and the guy setting a table on the deck overlooking the ocean “And you almost hit him with my bikini bottoms” I flinched and Chads’ fingers moved under the water a wry smirk on his lips as I arched against him. “Oh that’s wrong” I groaned into his neck
“No it’s not” he chuckled “risky but not wrong”
‘Sir telephone call for you” the house manager called from the side of the pool
“Thank you I’ll be there in a minute” Chad looked at him trying not to laugh I swatted him wait there I’ll throw them back to you” he let go of me
“I thought we said no phones” I grumbled as he moved away
“We did but Lukas said he’s be calling we need to see if she’s filed a report with the police” he got out of the water and picked up my bottoms and threw them back to me I quickly tied them and sawn to the edge of the pool a girl appeared and held out a towel for me I took it and smiled my thanks and walked into the house.
Lukas * so you guys are all holed up then
Chad * yep and dude you did good with this place
Lukas * I always do good come on
Chad * so any shit last night?
Lukas * no she was gone when we got to the hotel and no one said anything so hopefully she got the message
Me * I’m not holding my breath on that
Lukas * you’ll be fine Chris all of the others are in the island as well now I’m on a flight to Sydney
Me * what?
Lukas * all the guys are on the island but don’t worry you’re all miles apart and I have all the cell phones and believe me trying to explain having 9 cell phones and 11 laptops was a challenge at security in Tokyo
Chad * well I guess we’ll see you in a few days
Lukas * yep and guys relax have fun and Dude good luck
I looked at Chad who just shrugged
Chad * have fun with the Kangaroos
Lukas * hey hitting a bar without dragging you guys will be a nice changes a quiet drink a hot girl
Me * okay I haven’t eaten and you’re putting me off my dinner
Lukas * yeah right Chris… any way see you guys
The phone clicked Chad lifted the receiver and put it back down and looked at me.
“You want a shower and then get ready for dinner?” He took my hand
“Sure” I nodded “oh I have that box to open” I smiled “And I have to wear it tonight apparently”
“I hope it’s that nurses outfit I asked them to get” Chad teased
“If it is I won’t be wearing that to dinner” I shook my head. “Hey what nurses outfit?”
‘Well I’ll tell you what” He backed me into the bedroom ignoring the question “We’ll shower and I’ll leave you to get ready on your own so whatever it is they’ve sent you will be a surprise for me” he pulled the tie at the back of my neck “and then if it is the nurses outfit and you don’t wear it I can’t be too disappointed”
“You’re a kinky son of a bitch aren’t you?” I bit the side of his neck
“No I just like some of the images you’ve given me with the stage costumes right down to the sexy Pirate”
“It wasn’t a pirate” I groaned
“Yeah whatever” he laughed “and what we do behind closed doors is our business right”
“Yep” I nodded as I felt the stream of water from the shower hit my back “well that and the guy that’s installing the pole in our room at home”……………………………….

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