Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Duck for cover

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014




………….. I carefully put the dress and things back into the box as Joey put his head round the door.


“Okay guys we’re ready for you” He smiled.


“Awesome” Alfie was out the door like a shot Kerion stopped and waited for me. I walked over to him and smiled


“Your thinking of Dimi? I can tell” Pete walked round us and caught up with Alfie


“No, I’m thinking about how much fun we’re about to have seeing the world” I linked his arm “I’m trying not to think of Dimitri” I admitted, we walked onto the stage and took the next hour to sound check having fun with Joey as he made sure everything was perfect for us, there was a different kind of buzz in the arena. Lukas had told everyone we were going to be staying on till the tour was done and from the congratulations and smiles we were getting from people it was welcomed with open arms.


I stepped off the stage and that security blanket  disappeared, It wasn’t I didn’t want to think of Dimitri, I was half scared what he was going to say and how he was going to react when I told him all in all I’d be gone for twelve months.  The four of us walked back to the hotel the guys all talking about a going out tonight, I opened my door and looked at them “Hey guys I’m going to go to the gym” I pulled my workout stuff from my case.


“You mind if we don’t” Alfie called as Pete called for room service “We already went this morning” he frowned, Alfie hated working out but it was something we had to do because of the stamina required to do the shows


“No it’s fine I’ll be better on my own I think” I nodded. I changed and picked up my phone and my head phones and walked out of the room to the hotel’s gym. I dialed Dimitri I knew he was about to leave for school but I had to talk to him I couldn’t carry on the rest of the day worrying about this.



Dimi * ??, ???????? (hey beautiful)

Me * okay you’re killing me with the Russian

Dimi * I know what it does to you and what I’m missing doing with you

Me * okay I’m now blushing

Dimi * good so how’s things going? How’s Paris?


He sounded different from the other day a lot happier and more relaxed maybe I was worrying for nothing


Me * Paris is good… your Mom’s spoiling all of us right now because we’re going out after the gig tonight to party

Dimi * Party?


Okay that was a little snappy


Me * yeah I need to talk to you…  I know your Mom’s going to fill you in as well but this needs to come from me

Dimi * you’re not running off with some French guy are you?

Me * what...! Hell no… We had a meeting this morning

Dimi * with who?

Me * us, your Mom, Lukas, and Nickelback

Dimi * okay so what happened?


There was now hesitation in his voice



Me * I’m not coming home in two weeks

Dimi * what? What do you mean you’re not coming home in two weeks?


The agitation and anger in his voice was all too apparent


Me * okay stop getting mad and hear me out


The silence was deafening


Me * Dimitri

Dimi * I’m trying to keep my mouth shut so you can finish

Me * Fine


I was irritated and this wasn’t going as I hoped it would


Me * we’ve been asked to stay on with the band

Dimi * for how long another month

Me *no… till the end of the tour

Dimi * what? Wait that’s months

Me * ten more months to be precise

Dimi * are you kidding me… you’re going to be gone for a year… do you give a damn about us?

Me * you know I do

Dimi * really… great way to show it by running all over the damn world with a bunch of band kids… Damn if I’d have known you’d be this into yourself I’d take Abby up on her offer


Wow this was going downhill at a great rate of knots


Me * and what’s that supposed to mean… Dimitri this is a chance in a million and we’re good enough to be part of something huge and it could be my life for a while to come and it’s not just me it’s Alfie, Pete and Kerion as well

Dimi * like I said Chris how into yourself are you it’s all what you want

Me * and like I said it could be my life, my career for a long time to come, would you want me to give up college if we went there together so I could be waiting when you got in every night with your dinner waiting

Dimi * that’s not what I want you know that


I felt my eyebrows try to reach for the roof


Me * really you could have fooled me Dimitri hell your Mom has a career so what’s wrong with me having one

Dimi * we’re not together we don’t see each other, and you’re not on my arm

Me * I’m sorry but I will resent you if I have to give this up… do you not understand that this sort of thing doesn’t happen normally I cannot and will not let this opportunity go Dimi”

Dimi * I need to go to school.

Me * running out on me… or running to Abby


Oh I didn’t mean to come out with that one



Dimi * well you’ve pushed me in to making choices Chris remember that it’s not my fault


The phone went dead and I felt the anger raise in me as my phone bounced off of the wall making one of the guys using the gym duck for cover from the weight bench. How can your life be so goods and so in the crapper at the same time……………..



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