Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 90 (v.1) - I can't beat this

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Submitted: February 02, 2011



……………… Chad leant down and kissed the back of my neck as I pinned up my hair.
“I’ll go and get a drink and wait out by the pool for you” he looked at me through the mirror.
“Okay I’ll be 10 minutes” he walked out of the room. I pushed a lotus blossom flower into my hair and got up and walked over to the box that was sitting on the couch at the foot of the bed. “Right I’ll so kill you both if it’s a nurses outfit” I smiled thinking about Miranda and Heidi. I opened the box and pulled out a pair of strappy sliver heels “Okay so not nurses shoes” I murmured putting them to the side and picking up a note that was on top of the tissue paper covering whatever I was supposed to wear.
Okay girl this is it, if you’re reading this then you must be soaking up the sun.
We were asked to find something sexy and classy for you (Xander and Jackson laughed when Classy was included) and Heidi actually wanted to get the pink version but she was shot down as we know you have a pepto phobia.
So rock this like we know that you can and blow Chad out of the water.
We love you guys hug Chad for us and as soon as you can we want you to call us
Miranda & Heidi
I put the note down with the shoes and pulled back the layers of tissue paper and lifted the cream colored log strapless dress from the box
“Wow” Miranda lived and breathed clothes this had to be more her doing than any ones.
I let the soft material run through my fingers I put it on the bed and slipped off my robe and put on the dress and walked over to the full length mirror the material was gathered at my right hip. It looked like some gown that would have been in an old 40’s black and white movie. I put on the shoes the dress still pooling a little at my feet I opened my jewelry box and pulled out some black pearl earrings and necklace and put them on. I took one last look in the mirror and walked out of the room. Chad was leaning on the rail on the deck where the table was set up for dinner.
“Well it wasn’t the nurses outfit” He turned round.
“Damn” I watched him swallow hard as he looked at me “That’s… wow… well” He took my hand and turned me round “Damn”
“I think you said that once” I chuckled.
“You look beautiful” He shook his head as he looked me over again “Way better than a nurses outfit” he smiled “come on” He lead me to the table and pulled out the chair for me.
“Okay so that’s a first” I laughed
“Yeah right” he walked round and sat down across the table from me.
“Did you have anything to do with this?” I pointed to the dress.
“Maybe” he shrugged “I might have asked for them to find something for you for this vacation”
“How am I going to out do you?” I looked at him “I’m wracking my brains trying to find something I can do?”
“You don’t have to do anything you know that”
“Yeah it feels like all I’m doing is taking from you”
“Don’t be silly I’m giving you’re not asking for stuff” he sat back “it’s not a competition”
“Oh it is” I smirked “I would suggest a new car but you’re somewhat attached to your Lamborghini”
“Okay would you give up your new McLaren for a different car?”
“Hell no”
“Exactly” He reached for my hand “Hey what’s wrong with you?” I looked at him and shook my head “Where’s your ring?”
“I took if off when I went swimming and put it on the dresser” I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t seen it wheni was getting ready. I got up from the table “Damn”
“Hey don’t worry?” Chad caught my hand
“Don’t worry”
“But what if I lost it” the panic was rising in me “What if someone took it”
“Okay no one has been in the room since we went swimming” he pulled me to him it’s going to be in there”
“But nothing Chris you don’t need it tonight”
“No you’ve pointed it out I’m missing it” I sighed putting my hands against his chest.
“Put it on tomorrow. Come on the sunset from here is supposed to be amazing” he moved with me to the rail as the sun began dipping toward the ocean. His fingers trailed over the words on my back. “Do you love me?” he murmured kissing my shoulder.
“Yes” I nodded
“You still want to live with me when the tour is done?”
“Yes” I looked back at him over my shoulder “didn’t we have this conversation… sort of in the pool?”
“Yes but if I’m going to do this” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a box and brought it round in front of me as he kept his head on my shoulder.
“So What?” I almost choked on the words
“Make it a little more than just us moving in” he said quietly “Call me crazy, call me whatever, all I know is this isn’t for your right hand” he opened the box. I heard the gasp come from me as I looked at the square cut diamond with diamonds edging the band “you know I love watching your face when I play with the other ring taking it off and putting it back on again” he brushed his lips on my shoulder “But this one I want it to stay on when I ask you if you’ll consider marrying a certain Canadian” I opened my mouth to say something but nothing happened nothing came out so I closed it again. “Okay silence isn’t good” he chuckled nervously I looked at the sky as it streaked with deep purples and deep oranges with the odd little star glinting. I nodded “Was that a yes?”
“Yes” I croaked… was this happening right now this had to be a dream. Chad moved round and pulled the ring from the box and lifted my left hand
“We’ve done this for fun to mess with people” he swallowed “this isn’t messing”
“I know” I nodded and watched as he slid the ring on to my finger. I looked at him “I can’t beat this” I smiled
“I’m not asking you to” He brushed his fingers down my cheek before he kissed me my arms circling up round his neck as he held me against him………………………..

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