Always Faithful (Marines part 7)

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**The 8th book in the Marine Series***
Breana and Flynn are Seniors in Lejeune High like the rest of the Family fiercely Loyal to the Marine Corps and the Marine way of life, But the Twins are going to have to face some tough times ahead to see if the horrid curse that seems to trail the women of the family will carry on with Breana or if it ended with Morgan... one thing they do know is they have the strength of their Family and Friends and the values they were raised with to help them get through everything thrown at them and who knows they might find the People they are supposed to be with when they least expect it.....................

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Always Faithful

Submitted: June 24, 2010

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Submitted: June 24, 2010



................ “Miss Richardson you’re late” The teacher snapped as I literally fell through the door to the classroom tripping over my laces my books flew across the floor. The class started to laugh as I hauled myself to my feet.
“I have a note” I groaned handing her the piece of paper “My family were deploying” the room went quiet every single person in that room understood the reason for being late. I walked to the table where Riley was sitting I pulled out the stool and sat down. She put her hand over mine.
“Your Uncle?” she whispered as Mr. Johnson droned on about some math fact I nodded. Riley had only said bye to her Uncle the week before and she was as close to him as I was to my Uncle Logan. Sometimes life as a Marine kid really sucked.
My Family and Riley’s had been Marine Corps born and raised going back to our great grandparents and it seemed like every guy born in my family and there were a lot of them were born to be a U.S. Marine. We’d moved around a lot as we grew up until Dad got assigned back to Lejeune the same place that my Grandpa Ben was now the Base Commander of. I loved it here more than when we were even in Hawaii and England.
“So what are we going to do with ourselves tonight?” Riley asked as we walked down the hallway “I know you don’t have to work and neither do I”
“I have the family in because of Uncle Logan leaving” I sighed flicking the combination on my locker and tugging the door open “But I guess we could hit the beach I hear there’s a party happening” I flashed her a broad smile.
“How did you hear that?” she asked
“Well I started the idea” I closed my locker door.
“You know I knew there was a reason we were friends” she linked my arm. “So I heard there were a whole heap of hot new recruits at the island this time”
“Hang on slap a guy in a set of camo or a set of blues and they’re always hot” I giggled.
“Breana Jacklyn Richardson” I ground to a halt as the familiar voice echoed down the hallway. I turned round as Grandpa walked down the hallway. The kids parting the ways for him as he stood 6ft 1 and was still built like a brick… well you know…
“Gramps really” I groaned as he started to laugh.
“What can’t I come and see my granddaughter in school” his Brown eyes glinted still full of mischief.
“Not when you yell my full name out like I’m about to be arrested” I shook my head he dropped a kiss on my cheek before doing the same to Riley.
“How’s your Uncle doing have you heard?”
“No sir not yet” she shrugged “but you know how it is when they first get somewhere” Grandpa nodded he was concerned about Riley’s Uncle Troy as he was his god son.
“So what pulled you away from the desk” I asked linking his arm.
“I wanted to come see you”
“You saw me 4 hours ago when LJ left” I stopped walking and narrowed my eyes to look at him
“Your Grandma wants you at home for dinner tonight I was told to remind you” he chuckled
“I wasn’t going to be late” I smiled shaking my head “I was going to find Flynn and come home”
“Oh okay” he shrugged as his phone rang.
“Col I think you should get back to work” I teased “You know the base can’t function with you not there”
“Okay young lady no more sass” he kissed my cheek “Riley if you talk to Troy tell him I said Hi”
“I will” she nodded as he walked away talking on the phone.
“Sometimes it’s more than a little embarrassing having the Col related to you” I moaned pushing open the door to the weight room “Hey dummy we’re supposed to go home” I called out the 5 guys in there all looked round.
“B you not working out with us?” Kenny laughed.
“Nope all you do is stare at my ass and then he gets pissed with you” I smiled pointing to my already 6ft2 brother who was bench pressing easily my body weight. Flynn was the one that had gotten the height from Dad and his frame from my grandpa he was broader than Dad was but he had the same sweet smile and hazel eyes “Flynn we need to go”
“I’m almost done” he said pushing the weights once more before getting up and wiping his face on a towel “And she’s right Dude… after the last time she worked out in here I wanted to rip you a new one” he playfully punched Kenny on the arm.
“Hey you shouldn’t have the hot twin sister should you” Kenny smiled draping his arm round me.
“I blame the parents for having them” Riley butted in making us laugh.
“Oh now that I’d pay to see… you two” Kenny put his other arm round Riley hugging us both to him “Damn shame it wasn’t you two that were the twins that would make one good dream” he got Gibbs slaps rained down on him.
“And you wonder where no girl will say yes when you ask them on a date” Flynn laughed pulling on his Gym shirt and grabbing his bag “See you guys later”
“10 on the beach right” Alex called over.
“Yep” both Flynn and I answered at the same time Riley walked out first followed by me. The three of us went to the parking lot.
“Hey Riley you need a ride tonight?” Flynn asked unlocking the truck.
“Sure if you’re offering” she smiled ‘Save me driving”
“You bringing Tom?”
“You really want me to bring my little brother?” she moaned as she thought of her brother who was a sophomore.
“Well I have to bring my little sister” Flynn laughed I pulled a face and gave him the finger.
“We’ll be at your house by 9.30” I said pulling open the door and climbing in she waved and got into her car. Flynn got in and started the engine.
“You okay after this morning?” he asked
“Yeah… it’s not like it was Dad leaving” I rested my head against the seat. “I keep wondering what it’s going to be like when it’s you”
“Oh thanks Sis” he laughed but it was a nervous laugh.
Flynn and I were only 2 minutes apart and we’d always been together through everything the longest we’d been apart our entire lives was over night a few times. We tended to finish each other sentences and instinctively knew when there was something wrong with the other twin Him becoming a Marine was going to be rough for both of us……………………….


Here's Flynn BTW


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