Angel's Watch

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Rhiannon Tate always thought there was something more to herself but until the day her Mother took her Fathers life she wasn't sure what so see leaves everything to make her own way and find herself

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I love People Watching

Submitted: October 14, 2010

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Submitted: October 14, 2010



.................. You have to love people watching… I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it… While I love working at the bar sometimes I seem to slip into watching the people that come in, from the old guys that were regulars to the groups of friends out for a good night. I try to work out what the story is to people’s lives, probably because they look like they are having hell of a lot more fun with their lives that I am with mine.
At 21 your life should be all about having fun working hard and playing hard, going to school and setting yourself up for the rest of your life, but life doesn’t always pan out as you’d hope for. Take mine for instance everything was normal till the day My dad came home when I had just graduated High school and told us he’d closed his business and he was going off on a travel experience round the world with his 20 year old secretary and that he’d cleaned out the bank accounts because my Mother had been a lousy wife and a crappy mother and deserved nothing. I expected my Mom to crumple like a fall leaf but she threw it back in his face that she’d been banging the guy from down the block since I was 10. I remember sitting on the couch watching it play out in front of me like a bad soap opera. My older Sister was already married and had moved to Montana with her husband and all but cut ties with us because her husband was a crazy control freak. No one had noticed that I had gotten up and left the room as the screaming and yelling continued. I’d packed my bags and left the house and left my life I felt betrayed by the two people I thought were my rocks but everything they’d been doing was a lie the sound of a gunshot had stopped me as I had gotten to my car making me turn and head back to the house only to hear a second shot ring out and then silence. By the time the cops got there I was covered in the blood of my parents the smoking gun still in the hand of my Mother. I’d stood by their grave side surround by family that were trying to get their heads round why this had happened. I knew I wasn’t going to be the one to tell them that my parents were liars and adulterers. My Brother-in-law had actually hit on me at the wake asking me to come live with him and my sister where he could take care of me as his hand had slid under my shirt and his lips had pressed themselves to my neck. Needless to say He’d ended up clutching his manhood while crumpled in to a heap in the hallway of my parents’ house. I wanted away from the falseness of everything that I knew, I wanted a new start, I made my excuses to people and walked away pulling my packed bags from under a tarp in the garage and putting them in the trunk of my car. I got in and I drove.
 I left Milwaukee behind me and headed north .I drove till I had next to nothing in my gas tank forcing me to stop in a town that well after being born and raised in the city it seemed really tiny. But this is where I decided to hang around for a while. I worked two jobs to make rent and to live, during the day I worked at one of the small stores that specialized in repairing farm stuff not that I knew a thing about tractors and harvesters but the old couple that owned the place seemed to like my work ethic to the point that now after 6 months I’ve literally taken over 80% of the office stuff leaving the mechanical stuff to the Neanderthals that work there harmless but still rough as a bears asses, and then at night 6 nights a week was spent in a bar on the edge of town that was according to one old timer ‘the place to escape from the wife’. Four pool tables filled one end while the bar curved its way round along the back high tables filling the rest of the space. This is where I get to people watch and I love it…..
‘Hey cutie can we get a round of beers” I got a $20 waved in my face snapping me back to reality.
“Okay Kent” I took his money and tucked it into my cleavage while I got the beers making the old man smile
“Girl you need to stop doing things like that or these old guys will fall off the stools” Nick smiled. Nick was the owner of the Bar and was more than happy to sit back while I worked since he’d taken on me and another girl as bar tenders we were busy every night of the week.
‘Aw Nick you leave her alone she ain’t doing no harm” Kent called out as I opened the bottles and put them down in front of him.
“Exactly Nick” I smiled walking to the register “This way I get better tips” I teased as I put Kent’s change on the bar and went back to restocking one of the fridges.
“You should get out more I have a grandson coming into town this weekend with his buddies” Walt smiled as Kent handed him a beer.
“Sure then who’d pay my rent” I chuckled “And I’m happy right now doing what I do!”
“I keep telling her she needs a roommate” Kelly grinned as she walked behind the bar. Kelly Aston was a girl that had tried to pick a fight with me the second night I was here when she thought I was hitting on her boyfriend only to then find him in a compromising position with a guy round behind the dumpster. Needless to say when she apologized to me and then burst into tears we’d become friends and got so drunk that night Nick had let us sleep on the pool tables.
“Yeah right I’m good on my own and you have the apartment down stairs” I threw a bottle cap at her.”And I heard the noises you were making when you took home that guy last week you think I want that in the same apartment” Kelly turned beet red as the guys started to laugh
“Rhiannon Tate I’m going to tell the next guy that walked through the door you phone number and that you want him” She hissed as the door opened the pastor and his wife walked in for their usual Friday evening Fish fry everyone crumpled into laughter I walked over and put my arm round Kelly’s shoulder.
“I don’t think he’d really appreciate my number” she looked at me and shook her head before she hugged me and walked away to take the Pastors order I took a deep breath of the icy blast that came in as the door opened again followed by a whole lot of noise…………………

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