Angel's Watch

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Two against one

Submitted: October 19, 2010

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Submitted: October 19, 2010



………………….. I hauled myself into the shower, my stomach was sore and my chest ached from all the crying I’d done. I started to get ready for work puling on black jeans and a red tank while it was -25 outside it was always hot in the bar I reached for my boots and put them and and looked in the mirror. I’d tried to cover the puffiness of my bloodshot eyes and fail miserably, maybe tonight Nick would turn the lights down more in the bar. I picked up my Jacket and stepped out of the front door. Greydin’s car was gone and there was no lights on in Kelly’s apartment. I groaned as I looked for my car and realzied I’d told Evan to leave it at work as I was riding in with Kelly. I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialed Evan.
Evan * you told her did’t you?
Me * I told you I was going to.
Evan * shes chewed me a new one on the voice mail she left for me
Me * be thankful you didn’t have to face her because I got a slap round the face.
Evan * Where are you?
Me * home I’m supposed to be at the bar in 10 minutes and I don’t have my car because obviously I’m not getting a ride from Kelly.
Evan * Okay I’ll come get you and drop you at work because I have to go finish up some stuff on the farm before I go out later
Me* if you have stuff to do I can walk
Evan * rhia it’s -25 degrees out there and silppy as alll heck I can stop what I’m doing to take you to work as it is my fault you don’t have your own car.
Me * thanks
Evan hung up I pulled my hat on and turned my face from the biting north wind and waited till he pulled up. I got in the warm cab and looked at him
“Damn What’s wrong with your eyes?” he asked reversing away
“Rough afternoon like I told you” I bit more than I really wanted to, Evan didn’t say anything “I’m sorry I shouldn’t take iot out on you”
“You should that’s the whole thing I could have stopped last night and you and Kelly would still be friend s and I wouldn’t be watching my back” He smiled.
“Evan a frieght train couldn’t have stopped either of us last night” I shot him a look “and she still loves you and was trying to make you jealous with all the guys shes been seeing”
‘So it’s okay for her to scrw guys but I sleep with one girl and it’s so wrong” he shook his head
‘I’m not any girl though she saw me as her best friend and no matter what we say I seduced you into bed is the way she sees it” I shrugged “I’ll make rent and then go check out other towns to live in”
“Runaway from the sounds of it you keep doing that” He said stopping outside of the bar.
“I’m not running away its stopping hurting people” I opened the door “thanks for the ride” I colsed the door and walkedinside theheat of the already packed bar hitting me as I pulled off my jacket.
“Thank god yuou’ve arrived” Nick groaned as I slipped bahind the bar “Kelly hasn’t shown up and Walt said he saw his grandson and her heading out of town”
“We can manage just stop getting flustered and breath” I sighed as I saw him narrow his eyes to look at me “And we’ll talk about it later” I turned away from him and took a drink order from the nearest customer I was kept busy for the next hour runing the bar while Nick took food orders.
“Hey you think I could get a beer?” My heart jumped into my throat as the sound of Levi’s voice lifted above the hum in the bar I turned around and looked at him.
“Sure a glass or a pitcher?”
“Just a glass is fine the others are still gettting ready to go out” he sat down on one of the stools and put $10 on the bar “You want a shot?”
“Not right now thanks” I smiled “Because I think if I start drinking tonight I ain’t going to stop” I stepped to the side to take a drink order.
“I’ve been worried about you all afternoon”
“I’ll survive I always do and I was in the wrong” I shrugged I turned to put the money in the register.
“No she’s not” Evan’s voice butted in I groaned not wanting to look round.
“I know that” Levi added I coukd here the smile in hs voice “Hey Rhia can I get a beer for Evan” I looked round to see Evan sitting next to Levi I walked to the tap and poured a beer and put it in front of Evan.
“Okay if you two are going to give me crap all night I’m done to the pint of explosion right now and I will get nick to throw you out” I snapped “Pleaase”
“Stop beating yourself up about being a normal 21 year old girl” Levi scoffed “Hell if I’d have had the chance to go home with you last night I would have taken it and so would half of the guys I was in here with” Evan smiled.
“Rhia has this thing she doesn’t think she’s good enough” Evan said looking at me and then at Levi “I’ve seen guys hit on her when other girls were drooling over them and shes turned them down”
“I’m not a slut” I hissed
“Going on a date doesn’t make you a slut” Levi laughed “you don’t have to sleep with them”
“It’s easier not to have to deal with it” I walked away to take out some food.
“We need to do something with her” Levi sighed chewing the inside of hi cheek as he and Evan watched me “Unless you and her” Evan held up his hands and shook his head
“No we’re friends last nioght was one of those things that’s all” Evan picked up his drink “shes talking of skipping town”
“She can’t do that I’ve made plans to come back up here next weeekend” Levi spluttered……………..

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