Angel's Watch

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - A Mystery

Submitted: October 20, 2010

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Submitted: October 20, 2010



…………………… Evan and Levi Sat at the bar talking between themselves for the most part except when they were bugging the hell out of me, while Nick and I ran the bar. Saturday nights were always busy even when there was three of us working we were always rushed till around 9 when the families that were int here eating drifted away leaving just the bar crowd.
I walked by as Levi’s phone rang on the bar and a picture of a blonde displayed itself on the screen I glanced at him and caught the smile on his face as he got off the stool taking his phone and walking out of the door with it. I picked up the empty glass from in front of Evan.
“He’s a decent guy” Evan smiled looking at me
“You want another beer?” I didn’t want to go there right now.
“Yes and stop changing the subject and stop beating yourself up over Kelly” he groaned, I turned and started to fill his glass.
“I wasn’t and I’m not” I put the beer back in front of him “I’m pissed she left me and nick in the shit tonight here” Evan pushed his tongue in his cheek for a moment
“Okay so back to Levi”
“Evan Madeson you can stop right now” I pulled a face “I stepped over the line last night and I got an ass kicking for it I think I’m done thinking or looking at guys for a while”
“So I spoilt you for all other guys” Evan laughed out loud I bounced as dish rag off his head.
“Yeah right you were good but you weren’t that good” I smiled for the first time since the doo doo had hit the ceiling fan.
“Ow below the belt” he pouted as Nick walked behind me.
“It’s gone quiet for a while go take a quick break”
“Thanks I could do with some fresh air” I grabbed my cigarettes from my purse and my jacket and walked outside. Levi was leaning against the wall still on his phone.
“Okay I will and I love you too” he ended the call and pushed his phone into his pocket he turned to go inside and jumped as he saw me. “Oh hey” the lop sided smile was on his lips again in a split second “You know that’s a bad habit” he pointed to the cigarette.
“Oh yeah but I think after what I’ve had to deal with today I deserve a bad habit” I lit the cigarette. There was a slightly awkward silence between us.
“So why do you want to leave town?” I looked at him wide eyed
“Evan has a big mouth” I grumbled “And so what if I do?” I snapped
“Nothing… apart from I wouldn’t get to see you next week” Levi shrugged
“Well you wouldn’t any way. I have no plans on going to the city” I stubbed out the half smoked cigarette in the fresh snow.
“I wasn’t meaning that I’ve booked the hotel next weekend for me to come back because I didn’t get to go snowmobiling like I wanted to” he cocked his head
“Whose fault was that/” I reached for the door handle the same time that he did.
“Well actually yours” I pulled my had from under his
“Mine how was it my fault”
“Well if you hadn’t been you I wouldn’t have wanted to stay behind and get to know you” he let go of the door handle and folded his arms over his chest
“Okay now you’re talking crap” I reached round him and opened the door “I’m bad news, I screw up and I’m screwed up Levi… Yes you’re hot, yes I’ve wondered especially since this afternoon what you’d be like to touch and kiss you, but I’m not worth it I’m more hassle than you need. So cancel your room for next week and go back to college because I won’t be here after tonight”
 I pulled open the door half of my brain screaming What the hell are you doing girl and the other remembering the crap from the past 3 years since I left home. I walked behind the bar Evan opened his mouth to say something I just looked at him shutting him up instantly as Levi came in his expression confused and pained. I picked up a galls and poured a shot into it and sank it before walking to the far side of the bar to take care of the customers.
“Dude what the hell did you say to her?” Evan asked watching me slam around.
‘I asked her why she was wanting to leave town and that I wanted to see her again next weekend and she went off on me” He looked over and shook his head “So what the hell is her story?”
‘You know I have no idea and I don’t even think Kelly knows much vut all we know is she came from a city and left home when she was 18” evan shrugged “she showed up here just over 6 months agon and fitted in she never talks about family and she has no photos anywhere she has a few numbers in her cell but it’s maily work and people from round here nothing else”
“You think she’s on the run?”
“Nope we’ve checked her out” Nick said looking at the guys ‘Handy knowing the cops so well” he smiled “Rhia is a Mystery to all of us”………………………

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