Angel's Watch

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Devious plan

Submitted: October 20, 2010

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Submitted: October 20, 2010



……………….. No matter where I moved behind the bar I could feel Evan and Levi watching me and it was starting to irritate and wear on me. I walked by them to get a fresh bar towel.
“Hey” Evan called out I looked at him. “Don’t be pissy with us… we’re trying to help”
“I don’t need help Evan I need people to stop prying into things that don’t concern them and when I tell them it’s none of their business then they need to respect it” I put my hands on the bar and faced both of them.
“That’s not how friendship works” Levi sighed running his finger round the rim of his glass.
“Who said I need friends” I pushed off the bar and walked away. They worst thing was I did need friends and I knew it but every time I trusted people it never turned out to be as good as I’d hoped and either I’d get burned or like with Kelly I’d hurt them. I crouched down to restock the fridges with the bottles Nick had just brought in. the sound of people walking in followed by an icy blast from the door hit me I glanced u as I heard Levi’s name a=called out by Fred. It was going to be another long night I could feel it.
“Hey Beautiful” Fred laughed as I stood up some of the guys already racking up the pool balls.
“How was snowmobiling?” I asked putting on a smile
“Oh it was awesome you guys have some of the best trails in the state” He nodded “You think we can book them again for next weekend… a few of us want to come back” I shot a look at Levi who was sitting watching me. I kept my eyes on him as I answered Fred.
“Well you’ll have to call in the week to pre book them as they have your details on file” I sighed finally looking back at him
“Can you do it for me?” he gave me puppy dog eyes
‘I could but I don’t work there anymore” I put the first of the pitchers on the bar in front of him “Mrs. Jenks will help you though”
“Dude what have you done to upset the poor girl” Fred teased obviously Levi had said nothing to any of them about what had happened that afternoon.
“Nothing” Levi shrugged.
“Rhia ignore the resident meat head” Fred chuckled nodding in the direction of Levi “If he’s bothering you I apologize” I had to smile as Meat head covered the description of half of the guys they were with including himself.
“It’s not him so don’t worry about it it’s just time for a change” I put another pitcher down. “I’ll bring you over the rest and some menus”. Tonight was hurting like a knife wound with salt in it…
… “We need to stop her from leaving” Evan Muttered
“To right you do” Levi nodded “I have to be in school this week I have finals to take”
“Can I ask you something?” Evan turned in his seat and looked directly art Levi
“What is it you want from her because if it’s just to get laid then I think you’re going after the wrong girl” Levi raised his eye brows
“After you got into her pants last night I think the last thing you need to think about is the next guy to want to do that”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Yes I want to see her naked” Levi looked at me as I served Kent and Walt ‘Damn who wouldn’t, ask any of those guys over there” he jerked his thumb over his shoulder at his friends playing pool “But that’s not my main objective” He punched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and fore finger “I go to a school where to a lot of people it’s Party first girls next and then study… I’m sorry I like to do both of those things but only when I’ve done what I need to do to graduate. I’ve been there done that with girls that I’m sorry for want of a better choice of words are just throw always”
“Wow I should have gone to School” Evan smiled
“I’m not looking for another one night stand” Levi sighed “I’m not looking for anything but I liked Rhia she made me laugh and not in the Bartender working the customers for tips way” I looked over to me again “I don’t know I sort of just took to her”
“She has that effect on people” Evan nodded “We need a plan so you can see her again” Evan chewed the inside of his cheek while he thought before he got off his stool and walked over to Nick.”Hey has Rhia said anything to you about quitting?” Nick looked shocked “Okay that answers that”
“She wants to leave… she can’t my wife is about to have a baby and I need her and Kelly to run the bar for me” Nick Spluttered
“I know I think you need to go talk to her because she won’t listen to me or anyone else right now” Evan said innocently Nick nodded, Evan walked back over to Levi.
“Okay if Nick can’t get her to stop I’m going to do something to her car so she can’t leave till the repair shop gets a part for it”
“I like the deviousness of your mind” Levi clinked his glass with Evan………….

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