Angel's Watch

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - No one would notice

Submitted: October 22, 2010

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Submitted: October 22, 2010



………………. “Rhia can I talk to you?” Nick asked quietly as he walked over to me.
“Sure” I closed the door on the fridge and looked at him.
“So when are you planning on leaving town?” my head shot round in the direction of Evan and Levi, Who both quickly picked up their drinks and slid off the stools and beat a hasty escape to the pool tables.
“As soon as I ca,. I was going to talk to you later” I looked back at Nick
“Why? You know I need you to look after this place when the baby comes” he sighed
“Get someone to help Kelly and she can do it” I looked away from him I didn’t do well with guilt trips.
“Yeah really I think Kelly has shown he responsibility level tonight by leaving us shorthanded without so much as a text” He held out his hands
“Well you can thank me for that” I ran my fingers through my hair
“You want to elaborate on that?” His hands fell to his hips.
“I slept with Evan last night and when I told her today she lost it with me” I walked over to the bar to refill a glass for a customer I glanced back over my shoulder at Nick “So I’m the last person she wants to see”
“You and Evan” a few people looked at us and then round at Evan who was now shooting pool
“Shhhh” I hissed I pulled him to the back of the bar “Yes I don’t know why we did but we did it and I can’t do something like that and then lie to a friend”
“But didn’t she go off with Walt’s grandson?” I nodded
“He was at her apartment last night and you know how much can be heard through the walls in there you used to live in one of them” he smiled and nodded “She knew I’d been with someone and friends like to know what other friends are up to and with who”
“She shouldn’t have snapped at you” Nick rubbed my arms
“Oh come on it’s the world wired code you don’t screw with your best friends ex or current guy… and I did”
‘So why the hell should you leave town?”
“I wasn’t born and raised here I have no ties here other than my work and my apartment”
‘What about the people who care about you” his voice was full of caring like a big brother “A lot of people here think a lot of you Rhia”
“You like the Rhia you get… the Rhia I let people see” I was on the verge of tears right now “You wouldn’t like the real version Nick you’d run me the hell out of town” a single tear rolled down my cheek I roughly wiped it away “I’m sorry I can give you a week to find someone else if you don’t want Kelly to do it but this time next week I’m gone” I picked up my cigarettes and walked quickly outside not letting him get a chance to say anything I lit my cigarette with a shaking hand before crouching down and sobbing like a baby. I felt the cigarette get taken from my fingers before arms wrapped round me I tired to pull away but the arms held me tightly I gave up struggling and cried into the soft blue cotton of Levi’s shirt.
“You remember where she lives?” Evan murmured
“Yeah the white apartments on the edge of town” I felt the vibration of Levi talking through his chest.
“I’ll help out Nick behind the bar and come there after we’re done if you don’t mind taking her home”
“No it’s fine ask Fred to call me later will you”
“Sure” lips pressed against my hair and Evan moved away Levi tried to move me but I was routed to the spot in one swift movement he had me cradled in his arms and was carefully walking across the parking lot to the big SUV he had had the day before. Levi didn’t say a word as he managed somehow to hold my weigth and open the door. He slid me into the seat and fastented the seat belt before he gently stroked his thumb over my cheek. He pulled away and closed the door the darkness enveloping me.
I don’t know why I was breaking down like this why I was hurting so damn much. I’d moved on four times since leaving home and the thought of moving had never made me feel so scared before… alone yes but not scared… wary yes but never afraid… and empty well I had felt that emptiness for the past 18 months. I blinked a couple of times as I realized we were at my apartment the Mercedes was parked outside next to Kelly’s car making a stab of guilt hit me I looked down as Levi turned off the engine.
“You want me to carry you again?” he asked quietly.
“No… thank you” I whispered “I can take it from here”
“That I don’t doubt but I’m not going to be leaving you tonight after you having a breakdown like that” he opened the door and got out and waited patiently at the front of the SUV for me. I wanted to be alone so I could leave when no one was around I didn’t want to have to face people. I got out and walked in front of him up the steps and opened the door.
“There’s beer in the fridge” I motioned to the kitchen as I walked to the bathroom. I closed the door and opened the medicine cabinet and picked up the valium I had in there something I hadn’t taken since I arrived here in town because… well things had seemed to be working out right for a change. I took the lid off the bottle and tipped out the remaining pills and quickly counted the 25 of them before looking in the mirror, no one would miss me, no one would notice a loner disappearing I closed my eyes as I felt tears splash on the back of my hands I reached for a cup and filled it with water………………..

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