Angel's Watch

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - More pain

Submitted: October 26, 2010

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Submitted: October 26, 2010



……. I jumped as the bathroom door knocked making half the pills spill from my hand into the bottom of the sink. The door knocked again and then opened slightly and Levi put his head round the door.
“I was wondering if you wan… What the hell?” he saw the pills in my hand the empty container on the side of the vanity and the few in the sink.
“Go away” I snapped. He pushed the rest of the way into the tiny space and grabbed my wrist firmly but without hurting.
“Rhia” the horror all to obvious on his face “What are you thinking”
“Get out” I pushed him with my free hand flat on his chest. He didn’t move or even sway with the force I used. “Leave me alone”
“Like hell I will” He growled shaking the last of the pills from my hand and turned on a fgst stream of water washing them all down the drain
“You son of a bitch” I lifted my hand to slap him, he reacted quickly and caught my other wrist.
“What were you about to do?” he demanded “Rhia what were you about to do?” he shook me a little
“Escape” I bit at him trying to pull from his hold “No one would miss me… what’s the point of being around when I  screw everything up”
“People would miss you hell of a lot” he sighed “and all this because you’re human and had fun for the night with Evan” I looked at him
“Hurting Kelly in the process” I pointed out sharply.
“What was she doing last night… what’s she doing tonight?” he snapped, he didn’t give me a chance to answer “She’s fucking that rich guy that came in the bar last night… she wants her damn cake and eat it from what I can see well it sucks because life ain’t like that” he was on a roll now “Rhia you’re allowed to do what you want with who you want and you don’t owe people an explanation”
“That’s not how I see it” I tugged at my hands again “I’m done Levi… get out of my house and leave me alone”
“No way in hell, am I walking out of here after I found you with a shit load of pills” He tipped his head to look at me “One thing I refuse to have on my conscious is walking out of here when you need a friend”
“I don’t need…” he cut me off with a look
“We’re going to go out in the living room and I’m going to put on a pot of coffee” He still didn’t let go of my hand until I was out of the bathroom he dropped my left wrist and moved to link his fingers with my right hand. I sat on the couch and put my head in my hands as he walked away into the kitchen. “here” he handed me a coffee and sat next to me on the couch. “Would you have done it?” I looked up at him
“Like I said no one would miss me and I have no one so why worry about it” I wrapped my hands round the hot cup thankful of the heat as I was shaking inside.
“What happened to your family?”
“I don’t have a family” I ran my finger round the top of the cup
“But you have to have come from somewhere?” I looked at him
“You ask a lot of questions for someone who I only just met”
“Well I think you owe me after I found you about to take a handful of pills”
“See I owe you now” I put the cup down “Levi go and find someone else to worry about” I walked to my room and shut the door making sure this time I locked the door. I picked up my cell and dialed a number I knew but had only ever called once, it rang twice a man’s voice answered. A voice I hadn’t heard since my parents funeral.
Ian * hello
I didn’t know what to say
Ian * Hello….
I heard my sisters voice in the background and a crying baby, I hung up the phone and turned it off. My head was spinning and I had a guy in the living room that I had known for 48 hours that had shown more interest in me than most people for a long time but it wasn’t worth letting him get close… because there were somethings that I wasn’t ready to tell anyone… things that I hated myself enough for so I hated to think what others reactions would be………………

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