Angel's Watch

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Suprising defender

Submitted: October 28, 2010

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Submitted: October 28, 2010



………………….. I curled into a ball on my bed the tears falling and soaking the comforter under me. I heard the sound of a truck and then my front door knock, but I was becoming catatonic and wasn’t going to get up and see who it was. The sounds of voices filtered through the thin walls even though they were hushed Evan and Levi really couldn’t talk quietly……
…… “I didn’t think you’d get here so soon” Levi said closing the door after Evan.
“Nick called in his brother and his wife to run the bar with him tonight he was more concerned about the state that Rhia was in he saw you carrying her to your Truck” Evan took off his boots and jacket “How is she?”
“Well she was in pieces as you know but she seemed to calm down on the ride over here…” Levi walked to the fridge and pulled out a beer and handed it to Evan “I think I pushed her a little too much about her family and her past” Evan cocked one eyebrow “I found her in the bathroom with a handful of damn Valium”
“I stopped her and ran the rest of the pills down the drain” Levi rubbed his hand over his face “Evan I know I’ve been here two days and I don’t know you or her all that well but there’s seriously something wrong”
“Where is she now?”
“In her room”
“and you left her god only knows what she’s got in there” Evan put down the beer and both of them hurried to my door before knocking on it. “Hey Rhia” I hadn’t got the strength in me to answer I just stared at the wooden jewelry box on my dresser. The door knocked again only harder.
“Rhia please unlock the door”
“Rhia Damn it I’m going to bust it down” Evan sounded pissed. There was a couple of thuds before the door popped open.
“Rhia” Levi knelt on the floor next to the bed and stroked my hair “Hey baby please tell me you haven’t done anything stupid” Evan was scurrying around looking of empty pill bottles. “Rhia”
“Nothing” Evan sighed with relief as he sat behind me on the bed. “Hey you” I blinked a couple of times and carried on staring at the wooden box “Rhiannon, Come on what’s going on in there” he lightly tapped my head with his finger. “We’re here and nothing you can say is going to make us run away”
“He’s right” Levi smiled as his gaze tried to break my stare on the box. “I’m sorry if I upset you but you have to know you have friends”
“You don’t need a friend like me” I murmured “You’re both better to have your own simple lives” they both looked at each other as I spoke my eyes still focused on the box.
“Hey don’t tell us what we should do we want to be here” Evan snapped a little “and if this is just because of what happened with us and with you and Kelly then you’re being stupid letting it gt to you like this”
“Evan” Levi bit at him
“I hurt a person who trusted me for what a night in sex” I broke my stare and looked over my shoulder to Evan
“Right” Evan got up and stormed out.
“Did you take anything?” Levi asked again
“No” I looked back at the box
“Do you think you could do with someone to hug?” I half shrugged I felt him move and in one movement he had me pulled next to him wrapped in his arms. He smelt good nothing to overpowering just clean and fresh and warm, my mind and body was losing control and I was slipping into a comforted protected sleep in his arms. The sounds of Evan and Kelly arguing perforated every now and then by Greydin’s voice came in the door.
“I don’t give a damn what you think” Evan spat “Look at the state your supposed best friend is in because you think you can have everything you damn well please”
“Hey Leave Kelly alone you were the one fucking Rhia last night”
“Dude… you need to shut up or I sill knock up out and put your ass in the trunk of that fancy assed car you have parked outside” Evan growled.
“Why don’t all of you shut up” Levi butted in I was shaking at the sound of the voices “Evan go and calm down, You rich boy go get a shirt on and get in the car and get back to where ever it is you came from”
“Are you trying to tell me what to do?” Greydin scoffed
“Dude I can easily let him go off on you or I can” I felt Levi unwrap himself from me and sit up, “Kelly as a friend you really suck I don’t give a damn what you do in your bed at night but giving her crap for a weak moment is rough and not knowing a friend like a friend is supposed to has no excuse what so ever” the room was silent as Levi spoke calmly but sternly. “Out now” Levi got off the bed and corralled them out into the living room “The last thing she needs is to have to deal with all of you”
“But…” Evan held out his hands
“Do you plan on having a relationship with Rhia other than as a friend again?”
“Well No” Evan shook his head
“Are you using her to get you end away while you have a weekend out of the city?” Levi demanded looking at Greydin while pointing to Kelly. Greydin fidgeted from one foot to the other.
“DO you really think she slept with him just to piss you off?” Kelly shook her head “Right now get out I’ll stay with her tonight and don’t even think about coming back here till you’re rational and you want to help out Rhia” Levi walked back to my room and closed the door and climbed back on the bed and cradled me against him again………………………..

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