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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Three Amigos

Submitted: October 28, 2010

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Submitted: October 28, 2010



……………. Every time I woke in the night I was always wrapped in Levi’s arms, his steady breathing sending me almost immediately back to sleep. The sound of the door knocking woke me the dim gray light of morning visible through the window. Levi moved and stretched before getting off the bed and tiptoeing out of the door. I heard him talking with Evan I looked at the clock, it showed a little after 7. I got off the bed my entire body hurt I walked over to the dresser and lifted the lid on the wooden box taking out the insert tray to reveal a layer with notes and photos the only photos that I had to be precise and my prized possession in the world I lifted the photo from the bottom of the pile, the pain was almost unbearable as I looked at the figures on the glossy paper in my hands, my life as it should have been, my one chance of being happy that had gone in a split second. I put the picture back as the door opened to my room and Evan and Levi both walked in I closed the lid quickly and turned to look at them.
“Hey” Levi smiled “I thought you were still asleep”
“I heard the door” I walked back over to my bed
“How you doing this morning?” Evan walked over to me while Levi leant against the door frame “And before you answer that I’m sorry for dragging Kelly and the douche up here last night”
“I’m the one that should be apologizing for the way I acted” I couldn’t look at either of them especially Levi as he was the one that stopped me from taking a handful of pills.
“Okay we can do this all day going round in circles talking about who’s the most sorry” Levi butted in “why don’t we just say that were all sorry and move on” I felt the bed move with Evan as he laughed. “So I make mean waffles if you have the stuff to make them with” he offered.
“I’m not hungry but the stuff is there to make them with” I nodded
“Well you’re going to eat” Evan patted my leg “When you don’t have to cook a meal for yourself them take the chance”
“I’m going to go take a shower” I got up and saw the exchange of glances between Evan and Levi “Don’t worry I promise there is nothing in the medicine cabinet other than toothpaste and make up… but you can feel free to go and check”
“We trust you” Evan smiled but his eyes told a different story
“Please one of you go and check because the last think I need is you walking in when I’m in the shower” Levi pushed his body off of the door frame and walked into the bathroom and checked it out.
“You’re good to go but don’t be too long hot waffles will be waiting” he winked at me as I walked by him………………..
…………….. “So what do you think she’s hiding from us?” Evan asked “Do you think she’s on the run from the cops?”
“No” Levi shrugged “Well I don’t think so, but one thing that I keep thinking back to is that she was staring at the wooden box she has on the dresser”
“She put something in it when we walked in the bedroom” Evan put down his coffee “You think we should go take a look?”
“We can’t” The hesitation all too clear in Levi’s voice the draw was a little too tempting “Can we?”
“We can be quick” Evan was off his chair and heading for my room Levi nodded and turned down the waffle iron Evan had his hand on the box as they heard the bathroom door unlock. “Shit” they sprinted for the kitchen as I opened the door.
“Why are you both running round?’ I asked pulling my hair in to a pony tail.
“We thought we saw a mouse” Evan gabbled/
“Well it’s winter and they tend to find their way inside” I looked into my room the box was twisted on the dresser “But it has to be a big mouse to move that” I could feel anger and panic rising in me.
“We’re worried about you” Levi sighed as Evan shot him the Dude really look.
“So you take it on yourselves to snoop round” the tears stung my eyes “Get out both of you”
“Rhia we care”
“I don’t now get the hell out of my home I need to pack my shit and get out of here” the front door knocked and opened and Kelly walked in. “Don’t worry Kelly you can have everything and have your town back” I looked at her “I’m done” I walked into my room and grabbed the case from the closet and started to pack things into it. Taking care to make sure the first thing was my jewelry box.
“Rhia please” I looked over my shoulder at Kelly who was standing in the doorway “I need my friend and I need to make it up to you”
“You have friends Kel, all I did was hurt you” I went back to putting thing in the case “You need to open your eyes and see the amazing guy you had in Evan and he still loves you”
“Rhia stay we want to help you beat whatever demons are chasing you” Evan sighed resting his hands on Kelly’s shoulders.
“I’m not worth it… I’m being punished for something I did, You shouldn’t have stopped me last night” I looked as Levi stood behind Evan “I wouldn’t feel the pain anymore if…” Levi crossed the room in two strides and slapped my face stunning me into silence the gasp from Evan and Kelly was loud.
“Stop right now” he snapped “No one deserves to feel like you do when you have the offer fo people to help hell I met you two days ago and I don’t want to go back to Madison because I’m scared of what will happen while I’m gone” he voice calmed down “Rhia please you cried in your sleep most of the night. This has way more to do with you and Evan sleeping together”…………………….

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