Angel's Watch

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Panic rising

Submitted: November 03, 2010

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Submitted: November 03, 2010



************** I know it's short  but at least i got something up today******
………………… Kelly looked at me.
Ian * Rhia… Rhiannon I recognize your voice
Me * how did you get the number?
Ian * you called here a few days ago the number was on the phone Laura called a few times and got the voicemail so we knew it was you… Where are you?
Me * nowhere forget you got the number
My voice was shaking and my head felt like it was spinning at the sound of his voice,
Ian * come on you know you miss the family
Me * like hell I miss the family
Ian * okay you miss me
Me * I’d rather die than see you again you son of a bitch
Evan and Kelly walked over. Kelly sat next to me while Evan rested his hands on my shoulders
Ian * Now, now you don’t mean that
Me * you tried to get me drunk and into my underwear at my own parents funerals while your wife was 7 months pregnant
Ian * so you were always the hotter sister and your sister is a bit of an ice queen between the sheets… so come on tell me where you are and I can come get you.
Me * go to hell Ian you and Laura deserve each other and by the way did you ever wonder how your wife got pregnant while you were working away.
I hung up and turned off my phone. The feeling of wanting to be sick built in my stomach making me lurch off the couch and head for the bathroom. Evan held back my hair as the memories mad me sick as a dog. I moved back and took the wet cold compress that Kelly offered me and wiped my face.
“You want to head to the bar and get steaming drunk?” Evan chuckled.
“Evan” Kelly chastised him
“What it seems like Rhia needs a blow out that’s all”
“Hey do you mind not talking about me like I’m not here” I groaned
“Sorry” Kelly sat on the floor opposite me and cocked her head to the side “Did I here right your brother-in-law hit on you at a funeral” I nodded and put the compress on the back of my neck.
“Is he the reason you’re running  from shit?” Evan asked bluntly getting a punch in the thigh from Kelly for his troubles.
“Partly” I used the vanity to pull myself to my feet and ran the water and splashed it on my face. “I think the suggestion of the bar sounds good” I walked back to my room and changed into jeans and a hoodie and grabbed my boots Evan and Kelly were looking t me as I walked out. “What”
“Well I didn’t think you’d be up for going out after what’s happened” Kelly shrugged
“I’m not I just want to get steam boated to help numb the feelings I have right now” I grabbed my purse and my phone turning it back on. It started to beep with the missed messages and text I pushed it into my pocket. Evan looked at Kelly and sighed they both followed me out…………….

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