Angel's Watch

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Almost not quite

Submitted: November 07, 2010

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Submitted: November 07, 2010



………………….. I sat at the bar downing shot after shot and beer after beer until the whole bar seemed to be revolving, I stood up and immediately fell on the floor and started to laugh as Kelly was behind the bar filling Nick in on some of the things that had happened in the past 36 hours.
“Okay I think you’re done” Evan laughed putting his hands under my arms and lifting me to my feet
“I’ll tell you when I’m done” I slurred, I could feel the alcohol churning in my stomach that hadn’t had food in it for almost 2 days “And I need to pee that’s all” I wobbled in his hands.
“Er… Hey Kel I think she’s all yours for this one” he called over. Kelly walked round the bar and held onto me and steered me to the bathroom, helping me out the way girls do.
“Hmmm” She sat on the vanity while I was in the stall.
“I’m shorry” I hiccupped
“Sorry for what?” she jumped down as I literally stumbled out.
“Everything” I slid down the wall “Shleeping with Evan, by the way why did you give up that he’s hot” I hiccupped again Kelly groaned and sat down on the floor next to me.
“Truthfully I was stupid” she sighed “He wanted to get married and have babies and…” she ran her hand through her hair “I was scared I was missing out on something”
“Dumbass” I blinked slowly and looked at her.
“Okay I’ll admit I’m a dumbass if you give me a break and tell me what’s killing you in here” she pointed to my heart.
“I’m a fuck up that bad things happen to” I shrugged the nauseous feeling was rising in my throat I took a deep breath fighting the urge to throw up.
“Honey no you’re not”
“I had it all and I lost it every time” I closed my eyes to try to stop the bathroom spinning
“Like what?” Kelly pushed.
“Family and guy and…” I scrabbled as fast as I could to the toilet and the feeling of wanting to throw up changed to actual throw up Kelly rushed in behind me as I groaned she held back my hair “I’m sorry” I whined as the next wave came.
“Hey you’ve held my hair when we’ve had too much to drink before now” she chuckled. “Will you be okay if I go ask Nick if you can stay in the apartment upstairs tonight” I just waved my hand at her I pulled off some toilet roll and wiped my mouth my stomach hurt like a bitch, my phone was vibrating. I pulled it from my pocket.
Me * Ian fuck off you ass *hiccup* ow hole
Levi * wow what a way to be greeted
Me * who is this *hiccup* Ow damn it oh I want to throw up
Levi * okay I think I called at a bad time
ME * I don’t know who you *hic* ow are but you sound hot *Hic*
I dropped my phone on the floor and hugged the toilet again
Levi * Rhia
Me * what? I can hear voices
I took a couple of deep breaths and looked round for the sound of the talking spotting my phone I picked it up
ME * Hello
Levi * Rhia have you been drinking?
ME * I think I might have had one *hic* ow or two. Did I mention you’re hot?
Levi * you said I sounded it
Me * well you are a hot piece of ass
The bathroom door opened and Kelly and Evan both walked in
“Oh hell no you’re not drunk dialing are you” Kelly took the phone off me
“Nope” I groaned hiccupping again my already tight stomach protesting at the movement “It’s that really hot dude that needs a… * Hic*…  a really good Blow…”
“Okay let’s get your drunken ass up stairs to bed” Evan picked me up without a problem.
“No I’ve had you and you… *hic* ow… Need to show her * hic* that farm boys… *hic* damn it… are better than picks in mercs … *hic*” I rested my head against his shoulder as Kelly held the door for him to carry me out “Oooo tell Mr. hot ass I love him” I giggled pointing to the phone in her hand before literally passing out in Evan’s arms. Kelly put the phone to her ear.
Kelly * hello
Levi * okay what’s going on?
Kelly * Er… well we sort of managed to get Rhia to stay here but then she took a call from her douche of a brother-in-law and Evan suggested we can out for a drink
Levi * that sounds like a few more than a drink
Kelly * Levi right now we don’t want to upset her so that she’d bolt whatever it takes we’re going to help her out
Levi * I understand… Hey has she said any more about her past to you
Kelly * well I think she was about to spill her guts until she literally spilled her guts… Are you going to come back up here because if you’re wasting her time and mine them don’t bother.
Levi * I’m going to head back up there tomorrow I’m in front with my assignments and all I really have to do is study for finals, my professor’s have given me stuff to work on and I’ve told them there’s a family problem.
Kelly * okay I was just making sure
Levi * make sure she’s okay will you
Kelly * I will and I’ll talk to you tomorrow
Levi * sounds good
Kelly hung up the phone and sighed she’d almost got out of me what my secret was she’d have to just try harder………………….

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