Angel's Watch

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Out of Place

Submitted: October 14, 2010

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Submitted: October 14, 2010



…………………… “Looks like it’s going to be a loud Friday night” Kent groaned as a group of about 15 guys walked in laughing and messing around I looked at Nick who got off of his stool and walked behind the bar to help me while Kelly was still talking to the Pastor and his wife.
“Remember check the I.D’s” Nick said walking behind me
“I know” I rolled my eyes at him. the local police chief was also Nicks brother so normally you’d see him in her at some point every night and I wasn’t about to get busted for serving under aged guys because then I’d lose my job and I’d already found in a town this size news spreads like a wildfire in mid August. I but on my best smile and walked over to the first in the line of guys “I need I.D’s before I can serve you guys”
“Sure hun” One of them grinned a huge wide toothy smile as there was a flurry of driver’s licenses held up to me “But just so you know he’s the only one that’s not 21 and he’s our DD” He pointed to a guy already racking up the pool balls.
‘Well in that case we give the designated driver free soda all night”
“Nice touch” another one of the guys nodded.
“Now are you talking about me or the giving of the soda” I chuckled, I’d learned a little bit of niceness and flirting goes a long way to increasing the tips I got. He paused for a minute and then shook his head a little.
“I’d have to say both”
“Okay I can deal with that, Now what can I get you?”
“Well I think we’ll take four pitchers of Miller and a can of Dew for a start” he put a fifty on the bar. I pushed it back at him.
“Give the money to your driver and I’ll start you a tab it’s easier that way”
“Are you always this helpful?”
“Hell yeah son” Kent chimed in as he pushed his chew into his mouth “Rhia will help you out with anything”
“Okay old man shush, watch the game and drink your beer or I’m calling your wife” I teased as I filled the first of the pitchers.
“See what I mean she’ll call my cab for me” he started to laugh as I put the pitcher down and high fived him across the bar. Kelly had come back behind the bar and was talking and laughing with another group of the guys that had come in while Nick went to do the fish fry.
“I’ll bring the other pitchers over to you guys as soon as they’re full” I said walking back and picking up a second Pitcher.
“Thanks” the guy walked away to his buddies as the sound of 4 different games of pool interrupted the noisy chatter and laughter and it was only going to get louder. I picked up two more pitchers and a stack of cups and walked out from behind the bar and over to the table where the other pitcher was.
“I forgot to give you the cups” I said watching as one of the guys took a shot sinking the ball before doing a happy dance and getting heckled.
“Thanks again” the guy that had ordered the beer smiled “So what else is there to do in this Podunk little town?” He asked pouring a beer
“Depends on what you like to do” I shrugged “there’s always the high school basket ball game tomorrow… or you can go freeze your ass of ice fishing” I shuddered at the thought of that “Or you can rent snowmobiles and go have fun in the snow”
“Wow how do you survive?” he shook his head and wrinkled his nose.
“I’ve done the big city living and I prefer this for right now…let me know when you guys need anything else” I walked away and went back to stocking the fridges with bottles.
“I think you’re getting hit on” Walt Smirked at me.
“Yeah part of the job” I winked at him
“Hey Rhia” Nick called out as he came from the kitchen with the meals he’d made “You can take your break now while everyone feed and watered” I nodded and grabbed my purse and my jacket and headed for the door. it opened as I reached for the handle as a guy walked in wearing an expensive looking suit.
“Oh sorry” He smiled as he apologized to me.
“It’s okay” I stepped back so he could come in.
“Oh Ladies first” He held the door.
“Hey she ain’t no lady” I heard Walt holler across the bar
“Hey Do I need to make the call to Edna” I shouted back pointing at him.
“Yeah Gramps Grandma will kick your butt talking like that to a girl” I looked at the guy again
“Walt’s your Grandpa?”
“Oh yeah, all his charm and wisdom skipped him actually and ended up with me”
“Greydin get your fancily dressed ass in the damn bar and close the door before we all freeze” Kent shouted I chuckled and walked out and into the parking lot hearing the door click closed behind me.
“Well who’d have thought Walt would have had a hot grandson like that” Kelly laughed as she joined me as I lit a cigarette and offered her one.
“He looks a little out of place here dressed like that” I zipped up my jacket against the January chill.
“That has to be his car” Kelly hurried over to the shiny Mercedes parked next to Walt’s battered old pick “Damn we don’t see too many cars like that round here”
“He’s probably some hot shot Lawyer” I smiled leaning on the wall getting a little shelter from the snow that was falling lightly “With a fancy law practice in the city… long lunches and expensive clothes and arm candy a guy like that has to be seen with the perfectly manicured girl” I was slipping into my people watching mode trying to work out what they were.
“Hey I’d be his arm candy any day” Kelly chuckled as she took my lighter to light her cigarette and leant next to me “Mind you the guys that have come in here tonight aren’t to shabby either”
“Holy hell Kelly is that all you think about” I nudged her.
“No I’m trying to think when the last time was you had a date or even had your pipes serviced.”
“OMG KEL” I shook my head and threw what was left from my cigarette into the sand and snow filled bucket next to the door.
“What? Have you even kissed a guy since getting settled here?” she asked
“Yes and just because you don’t see me with a guy doesn’t mean I haven’t…” the door opened
“Okay I’m getting swamped in here” Nick groaned.
“I’m coming” I smiled I walked in leaving the conversation and Kelly hanging…………………….

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