Angel's Watch

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Ian's big mouth

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Submitted: November 09, 2010



…………….. I rolled over and opened my eyes groaning at the dim light that filtered through the edges of the drapes I pushed back the covers and tried to sit up.
“Oooo not good” I muttered as the room spun and some crazy drum band took up residence in my head. I put my feet on the floor and closed my eyes for a minute to see if I could at least make things stop going round.
“You think you could do with some Advil and coffee” Kelly chuckled making me open my eyes.
“No a saw to cut off my head would do better” my throat was sore and scratchy.
“Well maybe you’ll think twice about trying to match Evan two drinks against his one” she walked over the smell of the coffee in her hand made me feel sick I gagged a little. “Oh Whoa” Kelly thrust a bucket in to my hands “in the bucket girl” I took a few deep breaths and shook my head slowly.
“What the hell was I drinking last night?”
“Well you sank 4 pitchers of beer and I think almost ¾ of a bottle of Jaeger to yourself” Evan’s voice called for another room. I groaned “Oh and puked a lot”
“Here” Kelly handed me some Advil and a bottle of water I took them and looked at her.
“I’m sorry for…”
“Will you stop saying sorry for stuff” she got up and walked to the doorway “We all need to blow off steam and escape from life every now and then” she smiled “We’re just happy that you stayed and didn’t do it alone. Now get your ass back into bed and back to sleep, Evan’s already called the store and told them you weren’t feeling to good” Kelly didn’t give me time to answer before she closed the door behind her. I slid back into bed and lay down, how much had I said last night? Did Kelly and Evan know my past? A tear rolled from the edge of my eye and into my hairline. I curled into a ball and silently cried the weight of my life was like a pressure bearing down on me and I wasn’t prepared to have people judging me………
…………… Kelly sat on the couch and looked at Evan.
“So did you tell her Levi’s coming back up here today?” He asked absently flicking through the TV channels.
“No. I think the hangover is kicking her ass a little too much to have her worrying how she looks for him” Kelly giggled
“You think he likes her like that?”
“Oh come on he must want something or why wouldn’t he have run a damn mile with all the drama that’s happened in the past few days” Kelly took a drink of her coffee.
“What about Greydin?” Evan turned his head and narrowed his eyes and looked at Kelly. Kelly immediately flushed and fidgeted under his stare “I mean he stayed the two nights in your apartment”
“What are you jealous?” she snapped a little too much. Evan smirked and looked back to the TV screen.
“Just want you to make the best choice for you that’s all?’ He pushed his tongue into the side of his cheek making Kelly huff in annoyance. The silence was only punctuated by the sound of the TV until my phone rang Evan grabbed it and looked at it.
Evan * hello.
Ian * er…. I was hoping to talk to a Rhiannon Tate
Evan * Sorry she’s asleep right now I can take a message.
Ian * are you her boyfriend?
Evan * I’m sorry who are you?
Ian * family she’s my Sister-in-law
Evan * Ahhh so you’re the douche that tried it on with her at a funeral
Ian * She was begging for it.
Evan * that’s not what Rhia said
Ian well the one thing you’ll learn about Rhiannon is she lies. She was on her knees faster than anyone I’ve ever known Giving the best hea…
Evan * Dude shut the fuck up we know she’s not a liar we know shes a little lost but with a fucked up family we’re beginning to realize WHY SHE’S LIKE IT. 
Evans’ voice rose at the end with anger making Kelly look at him.
Ian * so you know about the wreck and about what happened with Kai and Ethan?
Evan * Of course we know about it now unless you want me to hunt you down and severally kick your sorry ass then you’d better stop calling Rhia.
Ian * yeah big shot I’m scared
Evan * oh you should be I don’t let the people I care about get hurt
Evan turned the phone off and looked at a worried Kelly.
“Well I think whatever Rhia is hiding is something huge”…………………………………..

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