Angel's Watch

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Disrespect

Submitted: November 10, 2010

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Submitted: November 10, 2010



……………… I walked out of the bedroom on Jello legs I still felt drunk from the night before.
“You done throwing up?” Evan smiled looking round from where he sat on the couch.
“Shouldn’t you be on the farm?” I groaned sitting down and cradling the bottle of water I had in my hand.
“Nope my Brother offered to take over after I told him about the state you got in last night and Kelly went into the store to cover for you so one of us had to look after you” I closed my eyes.
“I’m sorry for getting trashed last night”
“Don’t be sorry, you needed it” he smiled “I answered you’re phone earlier” I opened one eye and looked at him “It was your brother-in-law” I groaned again and put my head in my hands.
“Please don’t tell me you told him where I was”
“No but he wanted to let me know you were the one begging for it at your parents funeral”
“What? And you believed him” I snapped ignoring the throbbing in my head “I didn’t I wouldn’t my damn sister was pregnant at the time”
“Hey calm down I defended you” Evan got up and crouched on the floor by me.
“I hated Ian from the minute my sister brought him home” I ran my hand over my face. “You know when you meet someone and there’s just something about them you can’t stand” I turned my head to look at Evan “That was how I felt… OMG is that a hicky” I pointed to the side of his neck “Evan that wasn’t there yesterday”
“Er… we’re getting off the subject of Ian”
“So… where did you get that from?”
“Rhia” he blushed his phone started to ring “Thank god for that”
Evan * hey
Kelly * is she up yet?
Evan * just and giving me shit
I poked the hickey on his neck
Kelly * well I just go in downstairs and Nick’s had to leave his wife’s in labor so if the drunken ass is up to it then I think she needs to come and help me behind the bar.
Evan * I’ll pass on the message.
Kelly * and Levi is sitting at the bar
Evan * I won’t say that but I’ll try to make sure she comes down.
Evan hung up the phone.
“You up to work tonight?”
“Only if I have to” I sighed.
“Well Nicks at the hospital with his wife and Kelly will be swamped with the post second shift hit soon” I got up slowly
“I have a spare set of clothes in my car can you go get them while I go shower”
“Sure and I still haven’t finished telling you what Ian said” I looked at Evan and watched as he walked away I grabbed my phone from the table and headed for the bathroom and turned on the water. My hands shook as I dialed
Laura * hello
I took a deep breath.
Laura * hello
Me 8 what the hell did your idiot husband tell my friend
Laura * Rhia… where are you? Ian and I are worried about you… you up and leave and then when you get in touch it’s because you were getting mar…
Me * shut up Laur I want to know what he told my friend on the damn phone
Laura * Ian’s worried that you’re going to hurt yourself again and go off the rails.
Laura * a man isn’t it a little bit disrespectful…
Me * it’s been over a year and he’s a friend now where is the douche bag you married?
Laura * why won’t you come here and we can help you
Me * what you want me to be a glorified nanny to the brat like kids you’re raising while your husband wants to screw me because you’re a frigid bitch.
Laura * don’t start that again he’d never look at you twice we feel sorry for you
Me * Laura I want to know how much he’s told my friend
Laura * you still hiding things from people you’ll never become a normal person as long as you don’t trust people
Me * forget it
I hung up and looked at the blurred reflection in the condensation covered mirror I was losing control, was I being disrespectful? How could I be a normal person after everything?

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