Angel's Watch

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - He's Back

Submitted: November 10, 2010

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Submitted: November 10, 2010



.................. I showered the pain in my heart overtook everything the hangover was throwing at me I’d lost everything and I honestly didn’t know where to turn.
By the time I got out of the shower my clean clothes were on the vanity along with Advil and a coffee I dried myself and took the pills and the coffee before I brushed my hair and put on the bare minimum amount of make up on” I walked down the stairs and pushed open the door to the bar the usual sounds of the pool balls clicking together as well as the music from the jukebox filtered through my ears as I lifted up the flap at the end of the bart and walked behind it.
“And we thought you’d be dead after drinking as much as you did last night” Walt Chuckled pushing his empty beer glass at me. “Damn girl you put it away last night”
“Sometimes Walt we all need to forget some crap and where better than in the bottom of a pitcher” I smiled and turned away to refill his glass.
“Thanks for coming down” Kelly whispered in my ear as she reached for the bottle of Jack from the shelf.
‘It’s okay I need to suck it up and put on the big girl panties for a while” I tried to smile
“Well don’t bring out those just yet I think the sexy stuff needs to me on show when you have a hot guy after you” she started to laugh as she poured the whiskey into a glass as I turned off the beer tap and pulled a face at her.
“What are you talking about? And by the way how did Evan get a hickey on his neck?” I smiled catching sight of Evan leaning on the wall with a pool cue in his hand as he waited to take a shot. “Did it have anything to do with you?” I watched Kelly blush “Are you two back together?”
“I think Walt wants his beer” she winked and walked away I turned and put the beer in front of Walt.
“Thanks honey” he smiled as his wife walked in.
“Rhia I’m glad you’re here tonight” she sat next to her husband “Here’s the pie I promised you?” she put down a still steaming apple pie on the bar.
“Ellen you are the best” I smiled sniffing the pie hoping I wouldn’t pull a face and puke at the smell.
“Ew… sweetie Walt told me things were rough last night for you” I looked at Walt who picked up his beer and looked at the TV.
“I’m okay it was one of those days” I patted her hand and took the pie and put it behind the bar “You staying for a beer?”
“Oh yeah date night” she dropped a kiss on the weather beaten cheek of her husband he blushed and smiled giving his wife a knowing wink.
“Okay you two get a room” I laughed putting down the beer in front of Ellen. I walked over to Kelly “are we okay now?” she looked at me
“As long as you don’t attempt to run away or get my boyfriend in to bed” she giggled
“So you are back together” she nodded a little
“We’re testing the water and going slow, but I missed him and seeing him after he and you had slept with each other” she rubbed my arm “I saw the caring side come out in him that I hadn’t seen for a long time, he was the Evan I went to high school with the Evan I fell in love with” she grinned “And I mean how can anyone resist that piece of ass?” she fanned herself as he walked up to the bar with two empty beer bottles.
“Crazy” I sighed
“Wow you look almost human” Evan teased as Kelly handed him two beers
“It’s amazing what a shower can do” I smiled walking over to the bar.
“So why were you crying when I put your clothes it the bathroom” he tipped his head Kelly was watching me intently
“Guys please” I shook my head. “I don’t want to go through this right now I can’t handle much more so please don’t push”
‘We won’t” Kelly hugged me “But we can help you with whatever it is you’ve been through”
“Maybe” I muttered
“Hey okay on a good note” Kelly smiled moving back from me “I think we try to close the bar early and play pool after a while”
“Oh I’m not going to play third wheel” I shook my head
“You won’t be and I think you and I could take on Kelly and Evan” I jumped at the sound of Levi’s voice I looked round at him as he walked to the bar from the restroom.
“You are supposed to be in Madison, what are you doing up here?”
“I forgot my jacket at the hotel and wanted to go get it and I thought I’d stop here for a drink” Levi smiled leaning on the bar. I looked at Kelly who was grinning at me.
“Excuse me a minute” I grabbed Kelly’s hand and pulled her to the back of the bar. “Did you get him back up here?”
“No he called to say he was coming” she shrugged “I thought you’d be happy to see him?”
“Okay I’ve been a basket case in front of him and he’s back”
“Well doesn’t that show that he likes you basket case and everything” she nudged me with her elbow I glanced over at him he was laughing with Evan but his eyes were on me and Kelly………………………

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