Angel's Watch

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Hoodie and hatred

Submitted: November 10, 2010

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Submitted: November 10, 2010



............... I made sure I kept busy trying to avoid Levi. I felt uncomfortable that someone I’d only just met had seen me at a breaking point that no one should ever have to see anyone. The bar slowly began to empty I walked round collecting the glasses Evan and Kelly were talking at the bar as Levi was racking up the pool balls. I reached for his bottle at the same time that he did his hand closing over the top of mine.
“You okay?” he smiled his blue eyes searching my face “You seem to be trying to avoid me at all costs” I felt my face flush slightly my hand felt like ice under his. “Did I offend you?” I sighed and shook my head.
“It’s not you” I still couldn’t look at him.
“Oh come on throw me a bone” he chuckled
“Why are you back in the middle of butt-fuck-nowhere?”
“Because I met someone… some people I liked and I wanted to see them again” he said correcting himself mid sentence.
“But you have school”
“Yeah I have work I can do here and I’m in front with classes so I’m…”
A bit of a nerd” Evan said walking behind him laughing
“No just good at what I do” Levi laughed I looked round as I saw Kelly locking the doors and pulling the blinds closed his fingers lessened the grip on my hand letting me pull it away.
“Hey you boys want another drink?” Kelly asked walking back behind the bar.
“Hell yeah” Evan nodded
“I’ll take one” Levi looked at her and smiled
“Oh no I’m going to put on the coffee pot and grab a cigarette” I shook my head and walked over to the coffee pot and filled it before grabbing my cigarettes and lighter. And heading for the back door I leant on the wall the icy air swirling the smoke into the night sky as I exhaled my first cigarette in 24 hours.
“So are you’re not avoiding me then?” I looked round as Levi walked out of the door.
“Yes and no” I shrugged “look Levi things are hard and complicated and…”
“And nothing Rhia I came back to make sure that you are ok” He moved in front of me his words coming out as clouds of white air with the cold “I couldn’t concentrate on anything in school. I didn’t know if I came back this weekend if you’d still be around”
“I’m going to be here” I ran and hand up and down my arm trying to stave off the chill for a minute. “I have people that I think would duct tape me to a chair if I tried to leave and I swear Evan has done something to my car so it won’t go anywhere” I smiled at him his eye brows were knitted together with worry as he looked at me.
“Here” Evan pulled off his hoodie his t-shirt riding up showing his washboard stomach “Give me that” he took the cigarette from my hand pulling a face as he did and handed me the hoodie “I was raised a gentleman” I pulled on the hoodie and pushed the sleeves up so my hands finally poked out of the ends. “Warmer”
“Yes thank you but you’ll freeze”
“I know but it’s okay” he held the cigarette back out to me I took it and threw it in the snow bank in front of his SUV.
“I don’t want to smoke up your top” I smiled weakly as I inhaled the warm smell of him from the hoodie.
“It can be washed” he tipped his head “So how’s the hangover and do you remember what you said to me when I spoke to you last night?” my eyes got wide I spoke to him when I was three sheets to the wind oh that can’t be good. I opened my mouth to say something when the door opened and Kelly put her head round.
“Er… sorry to interrupt you but you have a call Rhia” she held up my phone I narrowed my eyes at her.
“Who” I mouthed.
“Some girl named Laura” she shrugged.
“Jeez” I shook my head and took the phone from Kelly and walked back in the bar closely followed by Levi.
Me * why are you calling me?
Laura * because I wanted to tell you that Ian just asked me how I got pregnant when he was overseas on business
I started to laugh
Me * karma’s a bitch Laur isn’t it?
Laura * you told him?
Me * nope I asked a question and it looks like he’s worked it out I mean come on it’s so obvious Reece doesn’t look like Ian and not a whole lot like you either he has jet black hair and dark eyes he’s looking more native American than Sitting Bull and you and Ian are blonde haired and blue eyed… maybe you’ll get off your damn high horse and face facts Laura you and Ian are idiots.
Evan looked at Kelly and Levi as they watched me go off on the phone.
Laura * you’re a bitch and I’m sorry I ever reached out to you. I’m glad that Ethan never made it and Kai you should be a lonely miserable cow for the rest of your life.
I felt like I’d been slammed by a ten ton weight. I gripped the stool in front of me.
Me * I hope you rot in hell you and him together as you caused it and blamed me so people thought I was the bad one, I’d already had to deal with Mom and Dad and then you stole everything else and I can never ever forgive you for it and if I ever see you I will kill you” I ended the call and threw my phone across the bar watching as it broke apart I put my head down and took deep breath fighting the urge to scream and break down………………….

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