Angel's Watch

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - getting ready

Submitted: November 11, 2010

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Submitted: November 11, 2010



……………. No one said a word as I fought with myself trying not to be an emotional cripple again. I looked up slowly and took a deep breath.
“Are we going to shoot pool?” I asked my voice shaking a little as I reached for a pool cue.
“Sure or we can discuss what the hell was that” Kelly walked over to the broken mess that used to be my cell phone and picked it up.
“Pool sounds better” I walked over to the table and took a shot Levi and Evan looking at each other.
“Honey you have to let us take some of the pressure off of you” Kelly put the pieces of my phone on the bar “This is going to kill you”
“You’re shot Evan” I leant on the table “No I was stopped before I took it that far” I didn’t look at her but caught a sideways glance at Levi who closed his eyes and shook his head.
“What happened to make you and your sister so distant other than the fact her husband hit on you?” Kelly pushed. I ignored her.
“Levi you’re up” Evan said avoiding any conflict.
“I’ll get a coffee” I walked away from the table and back behind the bar filling a mug with coffee. My hand shaking as the words rattled round in my head that Laura had said to me.
“Please let us help you” Kelly was standing behind me I slowly started to shake my head “Rhia if you carry on like this you’re going to end up having a breakdown. You can’t go through everything on your own”
“I have to” I murmured.
“What will it take to make you understand that we love you for god sake Levi must feel something for you to come back here” I looked over at where he and Evan were deep in conversation leaning against the pool table. Something made me realize that I wasn’t the person in the wrong even though I had been given the blame by my own sister.
“I want to go home” I looked at Kelly “I can try to tell you some of what’s happened before you hear the wrong side to the story” Kelly nodded and hurried over to where Evan and Levi were, I turned and walked up to the apartment over the bar to grab my things………….
…………. “We’re leaving” Kelly said looking round at my disappearing back ‘I think I made a break through with her”
“You mean shes going to open up to us?” Evan asked in shock
“She said she was going to” Kelly nodded
“Wow I think we’ll need some beer for tonight” Evan whistled.
“Hey can you bring Rhia back to her place” Kelly looked at Levi “We’ll go and grab some pizzas and get there as soon as we can”
“Sure” Levi nodded Rhia and Evan walked out as I can back down in to the bar. “They went to get some food”
“I’ll shut everything down in here” I couldn’t look at him as I checked the switches and the locks and turned off everything that needed to be turned off. I walked over to the door and waited for Levi. “Are we waiting for them?”
“No I’ll take you home” he put a hand lightly in the middle of my back as he steered me over to his SUV and opened the door for me I got in and waited while he walked round to the drivers side and got in.
“I thought this was a rental” I started a conversation not wanting to think about what I was about to do.
“Nope all mine” he said turning down the radio “Well my parents are paying for it as long as I graduate school this year with flying colors” he chuckled turning up the heater as snow began to fall again “But the minute my grades drop then it’s pulled”
“Good motivation” I couldn’t stop shivering inside I was terrified now I was going to face up to my nightmares and let people in. We pulled up at the apartments and Levi turned in his seat to look at me as he turned off the engine.
“I didn’t have a chance to make a reservation at a hotel any chance that I can use your couch?” he asked a smile on his lips.
“Sure but you might change your mind in a while” I nodded. I opened the door and got out and headed to the stairs to the apartment and started up them Levi just steps behind me I left the door open for him. I walked into my bedroom and closed the door and changed into P.J. pants leaving Levi’s hoodie on something about the smell and feel of it made me feel safe for once I heard talking in the other room and Evan laughing, I walked over to the wooden box on the dresser and picked it up I felt literally sick at what I was about to go and do………………

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