Angel's Watch

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Beginning of it all

Submitted: November 11, 2010

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Submitted: November 11, 2010



................. I opened the door to the smell of pizza and Kelly laughing at Levi throwing a piece of hot pizza from one hand to the next.
“You want some?” Evan asked looking at me and them nervously at the wooden box in my hands.
“No thank you” I shook my head I hadn’t eaten in two days but the nerves had my stomach in total knots I put the box down on the table in the living room and sat on the couch.
“I stopped in to my place and did what you did” Kelly smiled pointing to the Funky monkey fleecy pants she had on. “I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night”
“You might be leaving soon and I might be packing up my stuff still leaving town” I ran my hand through my hair. As Evan sat on the recliner and pulled Kelly on to his lap Levi sat on the end of the couch. I looked at the three of them and almost lost it right there and then. I curled up my legs and nervously wrung my hands together.
“It’s okay Rhia whenever you’re ready” Evan said gently.
“Well… you all know both of my parents are dead” I began “I had it all growing up the clothes, the house, the family, the cheer lessons, the soccer, the volleyball the dance classes from the outside and even the inside I had the everything” I pulled my hands inside the sleeves of the hoodie and looked down at them. ‘I was getting ready to leave for college I was going to go to Madison” I glanced up at Levi and smiled weakly He winked at me “Dad walked in after work while Mom was trying to sort out the baby shower for my sister”
“The one that you were yelling at?’ Levi asked I nodded
“Dad put down his laptop and calmly told Mom that he wanted a divorce and he was going to go traveling with his 20 year old tight assed blonde secretary and that he’d cleaned out their joint accounts” I swear you could have heard a pin drop in the apartment
“Wow how long had they been married?” Evan whistled.
“24 years” I looked at him “I was in shock and I waited for mom to break down but…” I took a deep breath and shook my head “But she laughed she actually laughed and then proceeded to tell him that for the past 8 years she’d been having a affair with the guy that lived down the block”
“Damn” Levi choked on his slice of pizza. “Everything I believed in was stomped all over in the matter of 5 minutes I went and packed a bag I just wanted and needed to get out of there for a while they were screaming at each other and didn’t notice that I left” I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms round myself “I’d just opened the door to my car and was about to get in when there was a gunshot followed by another, when the cops got there I was sitting on the floor covered in the blood of both of my parents the gun still smoking in my Mom’s hand both of them dead” the tears pushed through my eyelashes and splashed onto my sleeves “She’d killed him before putting the gun to her head and pulling the trigger” I sobbed strong arms wrapped round me and held me tight.
‘Oh my god” Kelly got off of Evan’s lap and sat on the table in front of me while Evan moved to my other side “Why keep that in, you weren’t to blame?”
“That’s just where all the bad stuff started” I sat up, Levi beat me to my tears and wiped them away with his thumbs “You all know what Ian tried to do to me after the funeral”
“Yeah I’d like to have a few words with that guy in my barn” Evan muttered.
“I left home that night I gave up on going to college I cut ties with my family because I didn’t’ want to have to deal with the bullshit people were bickering over the wills and I was done” I  leant my head back on the couch “I ended up waitressing in different places and moved every few moths trying I guess to find myself” Levi’s hand was on the back of my neck rubbing gently “after 6 months I was in Eau Clair waitressing and loving it”
“So how come you end up here?” Kelly pulled a face.
“I meet a guy” I smiled and got a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach “He was Fire fighter hot as all hell” Kelly grinned at me Evan and Levi shot each other a look “He had the greenest eyes and cutest smile and I resisted him asking me to go out for diner for 3 days”
“Wow lot of resisting” Evan teased
“He turned up with the firetruck and his buddies and refused to leave until I agreed to go for dinner with him”
“Nice beats a tractor” Kelly nudged Evan’s leg
“Hey I did it once”
“It was prom I was expecting a Limo”
“He wouldn’t be Evan if he wasn’t the farm boy” I reminded her
“True” she nodded “So does the Firefighter have a name?”
“Ethan, by the third date I was in love” Levi slowly withdrew his hand from my neck “He was awesome after 4 months together I was living with him”
“Damn” Kelly giggled.
“He turned up to meet me from work one night and took me for a midnight picnic down by the lake and he asked me to marry him” I watched as Levi got up and went and got a beer. I knew he wouldn’t like what I was going to say and as I predicted he was already feeling like the wrong thing to do was have come back here…………………….

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