Angel's Watch

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - HELL

Submitted: November 11, 2010

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Submitted: November 11, 2010



..................... “You were going to get married” Evan spluttered.
“Well that was the idea until we had a little twist thrown into the mix” I felt the lump come to my throat “I thought I had stomach flu and after a week of not keeping anything down Ethan made me go see the doctor and we found out we were expecting a baby” Levi started to choke on his beer as he sat down. “I was terrified that Ethan would bail but I’ve never seen someone quite that happy in my life” A tear rolled down my cheek as I chewed the inside of my cheek “Ethan didn’t want the baby to grow up not knowing my side of the family as he had grew up raised by his grandmother alone so I got in touch with Laura and Ian again and we visited them when I was 8 months pregnant and it was a little strained but Ian backed off because well Ethan had the same build as you” I pointed to Levi “And he doesn’t like confrontation”
“So I have to ask this what happened to the baby” Ethan gabbled “We’ve known you almost 7 months and…” I dropped my head
“I had a perfect little boy he was beautiful dimples on his cheeks from the minute he was born” my voice began to crack “Kai Ethan Owens” I reached for the wooden box and opened it and pulled out the picture and handed it to Kelly. Levi stood behind her looking over her shoulder at the Photo of Ethan cradling Kai in his arms with Kai looking up at him. ‘That was taken at Laura house when he was 2 months old”
“He’s beautiful Rhia” Kelly murmured handing the photo off to Evan “But…”
“One night we were there Kai wouldn’t settle and Ethan always took him for a ride in the car when he got that way” I put my head in my hands “I should have been there, I should have gone with them” my shoulders shook with sobs.
“What happened?” Levi asked a crack in his own voice
“Our car was blocked in by Ian’s so Ian said to take his and he handed Ethan the keys while I slept and Laura was at the store” the tears burned like acid as they stung my eyes “I woke up to Laura arguing with Ian, I went down to the kitchen as the door knocked to the sheriff” I swallowed huge gulps of air. “A Semi had pulled out of it’s lane without indicating and Ethan had tried to brake and there was nothing and he’d slammed into the back of the semi killing him out right, they tried to revive Kai but there was a huge head injury that the coroner said killed him instantly. In the space of an hour I’d lost my world” I broke down sobbing Levi came back round as Kelly held my hands and Evan rubbed my back Levi Stroked my hair.
“It wasn’t your fault?’ He sighed
“I should have been there I was his Mommy and I never got to say goodbye” I sniffed “I overheard Ian and the Sheriff and he told him that he’d not used his car and he’d warned us that the brakes were faulty and Ethan or I had ignored what he’d said” I l,ooked round at them “Ethan wasn’t an idiot he’d have never risked Kai like that but some how I ended up with the blame and my fiancée and my two month old son dead in a morgue miles from our home” I lost it at that moment the raw anger, pain and emotion was released and I collapsed in near hysterics and I wept for the ones I loved………………………

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