Angel's Watch

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Is it Cheating????

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Submitted: November 12, 2010



………………… My body ached from the anger and the hurt. I felt hands lift my face from where I had it buried in the sleeves of the hoodie.
“How long have you kept this bottled up?” Levi asked his own eyes damp with tears.
“It happened 14 months ago on Sunday” I sniffed trying to regain some form of control. “And it hurts as much now as it did then” I put my head back down “I miss them”
“honey it’s natural that you miss them” I felt Kelly wrap her arms round me
“Why the hell would you think we’d hate you if you told us about this?”
“I’m almost 22 I was almost Married and I had a baby and trying to explain they are dead my mother killed my father and my brother-in-law wanted to get me in bed I sound like a mess and crazy” my head was reeling as all the reasons I once thought were good enough seemed stupid I looked up and lifted the lid to the box and took out the top tray, I heard the breath catch in Kelly’s throat as I lifted out the tiny bracelet that had been put on Kai after he was born, I could literally feel the cracks in my heart as I held it. “I’m sorry guys” I got up and moved away from them and walked to my room and closed the door I crawled under the comforter and wrapped my arms round myself holding on as tightly as I could…………
……………. Levi, Evan and Kelly sat in stunned silence Kelly took the photo and placed it back inside the box.
“Wow. How does she even get out of bed in the morning?” Evan said running his hands through his hair “Damn”
“I want to go rip the throat out of that Ian guy” Levi paced the floor “How can you let a guy take out a car that you know the brakes are dodgy especially when he’s got a baby with him” Levi almost yelled
“You don’t need to stay if you think it’s too much” Kelly said getting up and moving the box on to the counter top out of the way. “I mean you like her right that’s’ why you came back so fast but this is something that not everyone can handle” Levi stopped pacing.
“Excuse me”
“Well I mean if you…”
“Kelly I have a backbone, and yes first I thought hell Rhia would be one hell of a weekend stand I’ll admit it” He glared at Kelly “But seeing her at the point of breaking, seeing her with a handful of pills ready to end it all made me want to be there for her and I don’t know why?” He sat on the chair and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand.
“Rhia has that sort of personality” Evan added “people like her because she’s Rhia now it’s our turn to let her need us”
“Amen to that” Kelly nodded “Levi… I’m sorry”
“It’s okay” he took a deep breath “You think it’ll be okay if I go check on her”
“One of us should” Kelly nodded curling up on the couch in Evan’s arms Levi knocked the door and waited for a minute before opening the door. He walked over to the bed.
“Hey?” he sat on the edge I looked up at him “I wanted to make sure you were okay”
“I’m numb” I croaked “I don’t know if I’ll ever be okay” I admitted.
“I know it probably would seem so wrong to say this right now but how about if I got in bed with you and just held you” he stroked my hair “You shouldn’t be alone right now”
“I half expected you to be gone’
“It’s going to take a lot more than that to make me run for the hills” he smiled a warm friendly smile “So are you going to let me do what I can tonight?” I nodded. Levi stood up and pulled off his t-shirt and jeans and walked round to the other side of the bed and climbed in. He wrapped his body around mine drawing me back against him his arm over me holding me securely as he laid his head next to mine on the pillow, I felt a slight pang of guilty as I lay there thinking about Ethan as I was in another guys arms my body was dry of tears and myt throat ached, when I had been with Evan a few nights before I had managed to push thoughts from my mind and give into what my body wanted and needed but right now I felt like I was cheating on the one man I had loved……….

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