Angel's Watch

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Walk

Submitted: November 12, 2010

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Submitted: November 12, 2010



………………. I watched the clock the lighted numbers seeming to take forever to make the night end. I couldn’t tell if Levi was sleeping as his breathing didn’t change from the time he first held me. I stretched a little feeling the ache in my limbs like I’d taken a beating with a tree limb.
“You want me to get you a drink?” I jumped a little at the softness in Levi’s voice.
“I can go” I sat up the small hospital bracelet still in my hand I uncurled my stiff fingers and looked down at it.
“I’ll be back in a minute” he got off the bed and walked out of the room my wooden box was back in its place on the dresser I must have fallen asleep at some point last night because I didn’t remember seeing Levi bring it back in with him. I got out of bed and put the bracelet to my lips before tucking it safely away with my other keepsakes. “Coffee?” I looked round as Levi stood at the foot of the bed two mugs in his hands both steaming away and smelling amazing.
“Thanks” my voice was raspy and hoarse from the emotion I sat on the bed he walked round and sat on the other side facing me, the hot coffee soothing my throat.
“Evan and Kelly are sleeping in the living room on the couch” he put his coffee down on the nightstand “I know this is a lame thing to ask but how do you feel?” I half shrugged before looking at him
“Like I need some fresh air”
“Well you haven’t eaten for coming up on 3 days now so how about I take you the get some breakfast?”
“I don’t’ know If I can make it without becoming a wreck again” I ran my hand through my hair.
“Okay but you’re going to end up in the hospital if you don’t eat soon”.
“can we go of a walk?”
“Sure” he nodded I grabbed my jeans and underwear from the dresser and went to the bathroom I slipped off the hoodie I had been wearing and pulled on one of my own that I knew would fit under my jacket. Levi was dressed and waiting for me in the kitchen Evan’s deep rough snore filing the apartment. I picked up my keys and looked at the broken remains of my cell.
“You ready?” Levi prompted I nodded and led the way out into the early dawn air I shivered a little as we walked past his SUV and down the sidewalk. “Can I ask you something?”
“Yeah” I nodded
“Where are Kai and Ethan?”
“I had a funeral in Eau Clair for them both with him being a firefighter there’s things they tend to do a little like the military” I kept my head down a little the guilty of spending the night with Levi in my bed after thinking about Ethan was hurting the hell out of me. “They’re buried together” my voice cracked slightly “They let me have it so that Kai was lay on his Daddies chest just the way he liked to go to sleep and Ethan had one of his hands resting n his little back”
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked” Levi stopped walking and pulled me to him “Rhia I don’t know how you function everyday having to deal with that much pain and loss”
“I guess it’s not my time to be with them” I looked at him “the night you caught me in the bathroom with the pills wasn’t the first time I’d done something like that” he tipped his head to the side as I pulled back from him and carried on walking. He quickly caught up with me as I moved to cross the street.
“You’d tried to do it before?”
“Yeah twice” I nodded “See I’m a total basket case with suicidal tendencies” I looked at him expecting to see the OH SHIT GET ME AWAY FROM THE CRAZY LADY look but instead saw pain and fear and it took me back a little.
“What happened?”
“The first time was a week after I lost them” I couldn’t believe I was talking to him like this. “I tried to" I lifted my arms and showed him the faint white lines on my wrists he turned me to face him and held my hands gently rubbing the scars with his thumbs but My sister of all people found me and called for the ambulance” I looked at him “the second time was on Kai’s first birthday I was alone here in fact and I didn’t know people and it was hard so hard to deal with” the tears rolled down my cheeks “I took a handful of pills and lay down to sleep but I ended up getting sick and threw them all up” Levi listened to me ‘and then the other night you were the one that stopped me”
“Does it get that hard that you really think it would be better if you were dead?” he asked
“Sometimes all I want is to be with them again imagine never being able to touch see or hear the one person you love more than anything, Imagine having something that is part of you and that person and losing it before getting really to know it” Levi looked down “I don’t know if I can ever get to have a normal life again like I had with them”
“That sounds like a slight warning” he looked at me
“Levi. I’m truly messed up in here” I pointed to my heart “if you are wanting to get just a quick thing then I’m the wrong girl and you deserve way better anyway, if you want to be my friend then you have to understand how hard my life is” Levi narrowed his eyes at me.
“I told Kelly this last night I don’t know what it is about you but I saw you needed something more than what you had and I want to be part of your life and after what you told us I’m not someone that lets their friend go it alone on anything? He tipped my head forward and kissed my forehead “Anytime you need to cry scream yell or you feel like…’ he hesitated “well you know I want you to call me at least”
“Wow, I really thought people would hate me for my life and you’re actually shocking me…” I stopped and felt suddenly sick “My phone” I stammered
“You bust it last night”
“It was… I had” I was struggling “It had a voice mail on it from Ethan and pictures of Kai” I took off running. How the hell could I have been so stupid to break the only sound I had left of him…………………..

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